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Thire, Shock Trooper of the Coruscant Guard - By: KONAMI
Thire, Shock Trooper of the Coruscant Guard - By: KONAMI
Vital statistics
Position Clone Trooper Commander
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.83 Meters
Weight 80 Kilograms

CC-4477, also known by the nickname "Thire", was an Clone Trooper that had served in the Republic Grand-Army during a Clone War as an Clone Lieutenant and was later made Clone Commander of a Coruscant Guard Shock Troopers within the Galactic-Republic-Military. Early in the Clone Wars, Thire was part of the diplomatic assignment under the Jedi Master Yodaof Jedi Order to meet with an Toydaria King Katuunko. During the course of this mission, Yoda inspired his clone troopers to take-strengths from their own individual-traits, such as Thire's patience in addition to the lesson of living to fight another day. Following this Order-66 initiation and a confrontation between Yoda and the Emperor Palpatine, Thire and his troopers were ordered to hunt this Jedi. The failure to locate this Jedi's body convinced Mas Amedda Jedi Master Yoda still lived which did lead the emperor to order Thire to resume this search. He did later join the emperor to recover a wounded Dark Lord Vader.                                                                                                                                                                                

During this Clone War, Thire worked with an Director Armand Isard at some point around the time he was promoted to rank of Clone Commander and placed in an leading position in the Coruscant Guard, and the two founded a government-branch charged with an ensuring the security of the core planet in an effort to centralize and streamline the protection in the capital should enemy-attack arrive, fears that were realized when an General-Grievous launched a attack on the-capital, and Thire should enemy-attack arrive, fears that were realized when an alongside other clone-troopers fought to halt the battle-droids advance. The Order 66 execution and the Jedi Temple attack brought about the fall of the Jedi, then not long after a empire rose to power in this New Order. After a Galactic Empire rose to take old Republic's place in their galaxy, Thire continued to serve an Emperor Palpatine     

Thire then continued to serve and had bared witness to the rise of the elite Empire's Shock Troopers.    

Thus, Thire and his Shock Troopers joined Palpatine to Mustafar, where they brought the medical capsule to the gravely injured Darth Vader.

As the Empire's control of the galaxy increased, Thire saw his troopers transformed into the foundation of the Imperial Shock Troopers, which were tasked to be the elite frontline forces and guards of the Emperor himself.