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Terrinald Screed
Terrinald Screed, Imperial Admiral Cyborg - By: David Ogilvie
Terrinald Screed, Imperial Admiral Cyborg - By: David Ogilvie
Vital statistics
Position Imperial Admiral of the Empire
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Terrinald Screed was an officer within judicial forces serving Old Galactic Republic during the last years, and he was a ally of Sheev Palpatine. As a young officer, he lost his left eye in a pirate siege, and had replaced it with a cybernetic. In a Clone War, he served in the navy, and, alongside Jan Dodonna, had won a battle against enemy forces which had earned him the rank of Admiral and a position as a commander of Coruscant Home Fleet. After the rise of the new Empire, Screed became one of the first Admirals in the Empire Navy and acted as one of Palpatine's right-hand men. Terrinald had commanded the Imperial forces that defeated Separatist holdouts in the Outer Rim Territories and served alongside with Wilhuff Tarkin in the campaign in Western Reaches. Though his career declined in the following years, after the demise of the Galactic Emperor, Screed became one of many fighting for Imperial dominance.


Early Career

Terrinald Screed was born in the last decades of an Galactic Republic. He studied at both a Prefsbelt Naval Academy and the Caridan Military Academy, and after he had graduated he pursued a career as in the Republic's Judicial Forces. Screed achieved the rank for Commander, and was decorated for his leading the fleet that broke a pirate siege on Niele. During the battle, he lost one of his eyes to an vibro-ax, leaving Terrinald scarred. Screed decided instead of an standard prosthetic to have a advanced cybernetic replacement fitted in place of an eye lost. During Screed's early career, he was convinced that the Republic was decaying from within, but found a like mind in an Senator Palpatine, and became one of his earliest allies.

Duration of the Clone Wars

By the end of the Separatist Crisis, Screed was a father and then a established figure of Republic’s Judicial Department, often acting as a spokesman for the body. Terrinald Screed became increasingly concerned about this growing threat of the Separatist Alliance, believing that the Jedi and various planetary forces were insufficient to protect the Republic, and that an unified military force was needed. Therefore, when Military Creation Act, proposing the creation of a Grand Army of the Republic, was put before the Galactic Senate, Terrinald became one of its most outspoken supporters, and spoke passionately on the subject to HoloNet News. When a tension between the Republic and an Confederacy eventually led to a outbreak of the Clone Wars, he saw the war as an opportunity for "house-cleaning" to put an end to the decadence of the Republic. During the war, Screed played an active role in the Republic's war effort. Nearing the second year of the war, he had been promoted to an captain and was given command of one of the two task forces that made up a original fleet of Victory I-Class Star Destroyers, another being commanded by another rising commander, Captain Jan Dodonna.

After achieving the great victory against Confederate forces within Galactic Core, Screed and Jan returned to the capital Coruscant as heroes, with Terrinald receiving the promotion to Admiral and given co-command of their Coruscant Home Fleet alongside officer Honor Salima by the now Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, with complete authority over the capital world defenses. Still suffering from his injuries, Screed had to be supported by his friend throughout the ceremony, while the assignment he had received allowed him time to recover from his injuries. With the demise of the Separatists leaders shortly after the Battle of Coruscant, the Clone Wars came to an end. In a speech shortly after the end of the Clone War, Palpatine announced that the Republic was to be reorganized into the first Galactic Empire with him as its Emperor, and blamed many of the Republic's troubles on the Jedi, who were declared enemies of their Empire. Screed became one of the first officers appointed to the upper echelons of an new Imperial Navy. Instated as a Admiral in the Imperial Navy, he became one of Palpatine's right-hand men, charged with seeking out new opportunities for the Empire in the Outer Rim.

Imperial Service

In the same year as the founding of the Empire, Imperial forces stages a major push to bring order to the lawless worlds of the Outer Rim. Separatist forces had fled from Muunilinst and Mygeeto then joined forces with pirates and Thalassian slavers in the Ciutric Sector. Based out of Axxila, Screed's fleet formed part of a command charged with eliminating this threat, achieving victories in the Kanz, Tragan, Ciutric, Nijune, Sprizen and Quelii sectors. Terrinald Screed eliminated an Confederacy fleet, but while he was engaged at Bimmiel, pirate and Mandalorian forces driven from Salin Corridor by an Empire task force overcame his rear guard on Botajef. Acting on intelligence from an pirate captain, he'd intercepted the Separatists at Vardoss and finally defeated them, a victory that saw him again celebrated as a hero in the Galactic Core. During the final days of the Clone Wars, the remnants of Confederacy General Grievous's forces had fled to the Western Reaches. Palpatine tasked Moff Wilhuff Tarkin with pacifying the region. In response to the Moff Tarkin's request for their significant military resources, the Imperial Navy Admiral Terrinald Screed were given joint command of their naval forces.

Their operations of the Western Reaches had captured the imagination of the Imperial citizenry, with battles taking place on Ord Vaug, Halm, Pendaxa and Ichtor becoming famous throughout their Empire. After some of the leading personnel had been killed and or injured during a pirate ambush at Bryndar, Screed's forces defeated the pirates at Fanha. Admiral Screed's career peaked with the Western Reaches Operation. The New Order saw the rise of a Human High Culture and an increase in non-Human slavery. For a short time Screed took on an Twi'lek manservant, until an dark Inquisitor calling himself by Jerec discovered the slave was a Force-Sensitive and had demanded that officer Screed hand him over to be executed. He was also known for having owned at least two more other Twi'lek slaves in his lifetime, and recommended the species as good slaves in a report on slavery for the ISB years later. Terrinald was regularly invited to appear at fetes in the Core but rarely spoke in public. Instead, Terrinald spent increasingly amount of time on his flagship, the Gladiator-Class Star Destroyer a Demolisher, devising increasingly corrupt economic plots in the Outer Rim to increase his wealth.

Nevertheless, at the time of the fifth year following the end of the Clone War conflict and the transition into their Galactic Empire, the Vice Admiral Screed had joined the Naval Intelligence Agency, occupying a high position in its hierarchy and stood as an important figure within their Empire. He was present alongside other Imperial officers, including fellow Naval Intelligence officer Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit on Coruscant when their Moff Wilhuff Tarkin arrived to give his report about an attack on Sentinel Base. Along with Rancit, he'd requested a meeting of their Empire's Joint Chiefs following another rebel attack on an Galidraan Station, and argued that the rebel cell posed a much more serious threat than was believed by a ISB Deputy Director Harus Ison. However, he was proven wrong in his prediction that the next target would be Nam Chorios, instead of Lucazec. Screed was again duped when it was discovered by Moff Wilhuff Tarkin and a Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader that the colleague Vice Admiral Dodd Rancit had been the traitor cooperating with rebels the whole time, having fooled both him and Ison, although this intel was kept secret from Terrinald and others in Naval Intelligence.

Later Career and Demise

At some point, after Terrinald Screed was promoted to rank of Admiral, he led forces of their Empire Navy in driving Iska pirates from Fanha before defeating them at Tosste. This feat was remarkable enough that it became mandated learning in their Imperial Academies, including the one on Arkanis. However by the final years of the Galactic Empire, his position in the Imperials hierarchy faltered, with him falling behind their various Moffs and Admirals in the Emperor's favor, but he continued to serve as a Admiral in the Imperial Navy. Just months after the Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star II at the Battle of Yavin, Screed was working with the Imperial Security Bureau on Imperial Center. In the fourth year after the Battle of Yavin, the Emperor set a trap for the Rebel Alliance, using his presence aboard the second Death Star II while it underwent construction over the forest Moon of Endor as bait. Screed was among the commanders who participated in the Battle of Endor. However, the battle went against the Empire and Death Star II was destroyed and Galactic Emperor was killed. After their Emperor's death, Screed became one of many people who used an subsequent power vacuum to attempt to carve his own personal Imperial territory. At some time after Endor, he'd been killed by pirates off Iktari Circle.