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Snoke, Darksider and Supreme Leader of First Order - By: KONAMI
Snoke, Darksider and Supreme Leader of First Order - By: KONAMI
Vital statistics
Position Supreme Leader of First Order
Age 30+
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 2.18 Meters
Weight Unknown

Snoke, a mysterious Force-Sensitive humanoid male was a Supreme Leader in the First Order and a powerful master in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force, but despite the ability to call on the Darkness, Snoke was not affiliated with the Sith Order, who had been extinct for years. Snoke hailed from the Unknown Regions of space and in life he'd undergone a path shrouded in the Dark Side and mystery, one which led Snoke to become a Force-Master and seeker of arcane-lore. In the era of the last of the Dark Lords of the Sith, he would witness the rise then fall of the Galactic Empire. Despite the defeat of the Empire at the end of the Galactic Civil War former empire Officers, Nobles, Technologists, and other Imperial personnel fled to the Unknown Regions. In time, Snoke would rise to an position of leadership among the Empire Remnants acting as a guide to these former Imperials and helping to form an new and more evolved order, with himself as the Supreme Leader.

He rose to become Supreme Leader of the hermetic First Order, which was building a mighty war machine beyond the veil of the galactic frontier. He commands his forces from a mobile command post, among which were military forces of armored soldiers and Dark Side warriors of Snoke's Knights of Ren

Snoke is powerful with the dark side of the Force, and seduced Kylo Ren into abandoning the Jedi path to become his apprentice. But Snoke also commands General Hux and the technological war machine the First Order has engineered to destroy the New Republic and Leia Organa’s Resistance.



Snoke was a genetic creation of Emperor Palpatine, created prior to his demise at the Battle of Endor on the Sith planet of Exegol, with the help of his Sith Eternal followers. Utilizing pain as the "Scalpel of Creation," Palpatine was able to create Snoke in a vat of nutrient fluid, cloning the abomination from his own DNA, and though he was a failed clone, Snoke once looked like a somewhat normal human being. Snoke was not a member of the Sith, despite his origins, but his role was designed by the Sith Eternal and was intended by Sidious to be used as part of his contingency in the event of his demise. Besides himself, there were three other semi-identical genetic copies of Snoke, his clone "brothers," that were grown in incubation tanks and kept in a hibernated state.

Encounter with Vader

Shortly after his creation, Snoke was within his tank of birth when Darth Vader visited Exegol in an attempt to strike down his Sith Master and discover the source of his power with his secrets, and was passed by the Sith Lord. As he did, the sedated humanoid groaned at the dark warrior, and soon witnessed him face other specimens from the emperor's bioengineering research in combat, This left him with a deep respect for the Dark Lord that would manifest in the later years of his life and he matured.

Fall of the Empire

The humanoid eventually adopted the of "Snoke," as his identity of truth within the dark side of the Force.


Snoke died as the final test of Kylo Ren's training to be an heir worthy of the Sith legacy.

Powers and Abilities


  • The Force:  Snoke was extremely powerful and had an extremely strong connection to the Force, wielding unparalleled levels of knowledge and skill, Snoke's powers in the Force made him one of the most powerful Force-users in the history of the galaxy. He was able to overpower both Ben Solo and Rey individually, despite the two latters being exceptionally powerful Force-users in their own rights. Snoke's Force powers were surpassed only slightly, very slightly, by Sheev Palpatine, who was his creator, and was at least equal to Luke Skywalker at his peak, which explains why Snoke feared the last Jedi and saw him as a threat. Snoke was immensely powerful with the Dark-Side and as such has trained the Knights of Ren to follow him. He draws energy from the dark side, and because of this has the ability to conjure Force lightning from his fingertips, as well as Force choke someone from great distances.
    • Telekinesis: Snoke utilized Telekinesis for combative and utilitarian purposes, which he was known using to choke and throw his opponents. He was notably able to deactivate Rey's shackles from across a room, in a similar fashion to his creator, Sheev Palpatine.
      • Force Grip: Snoke utilized Force Grip to lift his opponents off the ground and into the air, sometimes by the neck, to immobilize them. His telekinetic grip allowed him to restrain his targets effortlessly and manipulate their movements. As demonstrated on both Rey and Hux, Snoke could make his targets glide along the floor or fly through the air while barely concentrating or exerting visible effort. His power in this regard is so strong that he doesn't even have to be in close proximity to his intended target, as he was capable of using his powers on General Hux even though they were not even on the same starship (or solar system, as his ship had not entered the same system yet at that point).
    • Telepathy: Snoke utilized Telepathy to mentally communicate over small or vast distances with other individuals. He and Sheev Palpatine were able to do this with Ben Solo throughout the latter's life, eventually leading to his corruption to the Dark Side. He could sense Ben's emotions and intentions, though he was only able to sense that Ben was about to kill "his true enemy", but assumed that it was Rey and not himself.
      • Mind Probe: Snoke possesses skill with the Mind Probe that was naturally superior to that of his apprentice, as he easily pried into the mind of Rey to discover Luke's location, which caused her extreme agony.
    • Force lightning: Snoke was able to use Force Lightning; which he blasted against the floor like a shockwave to knock his apprentice Ben off his feet.
    • Unknown ability: He had the ability to manipulate Ben and Rey's dyad connection.


  • High-Level Intellect/Master Tactician/Leader/Manipulator: Snoke is highly intelligent and wise. As the leader of the First Order, Snoke is a highly skilled tactician and a capable leader. Snoke's skill in manipulation is so strong that Snoke even managed to manipulate and deceive Ben Solo into becoming his apprentice, turning him against the New Jedi Order.