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Savage Opress
Savage Opress - By: KONAMI (Edit By: Maximus Supremo)
Savage Opress - By: KONAMI (Edit By: Maximus Supremo)
Vital statistics
Position Dark Lord of the (Order of Sith)
Age 35
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 2.18 Meters
Weight 145 Kilograms

Savage Opress was once common Dathomirian Nightbrother Zabrak born on the planet of Dathomir to a Clan Mother Talzin alongside brothers Darth Maul and Feral. Savage Opress had been chosen by Lady Asajj Ventress to become her mate and servant following her grueling tests of selection, as part quest for vengeance against her former master, Dark Lord Dooku. In accordance with the plot against the Count Dooku, Talzin and her fellow witches employed the dark magick to grant Opress fearsome abilities, placing him under their control. Turned into a monstrous warrior of the Nightsisters, Savage Opress would become Dooku's new assassin and his secret Sith apprentice. Though he had entered the Clone Wars as the Count Dooku's enforcer of the Separatists, his allegiance was to Nightsisters.

He had executed missions against the Republic at Devaron's Temple of Eedit and on Affa, slaying his first Jedi, Halsey and his apprentice Knox in the former battle. Ventress invoked the spells binding Savage to the Nightsisters, and together joined forces in an effort to kill Dooku. In the battle, he'd break away from both Force users, rejecting the efforts to control him. He returned to Talzin, who gave Savage a quest of finding his lost brother, Darth Maul, who had survived his apparent death and was living in exile in the Outer Rim. Savage located Maul and became his brother’s right hand as the Sith created a Shadow Collective and tried to take control of the galaxy’s underworld of crime. But Savage had fallen in the duel with Darth Sidious, and as he died his body had reverted back to its natural form.


Early Life

Selected to be an Apprentice

A Force-Sensitive Dathomirian Zabrak male, Savage Opress was born on the planet Dathomir to Mother Talzin over fifty years before the Battle of Yavin. Opress eventually became the elder to his two brothers, Maul and Feral. During infancy, Savage Opress and Maul underwent rituals to be consecrated as initiates in Dathomir's Nightbrothers, a clan of warriors subservient only to the matriarchal Nightsisters, who kept them for their breeding and the warfare. However, Opress had never learned of his relationship to Maul or even that he existed until years later, thus he grew up only knowing Feral, the brother whom he vowed to watch over in their Nightbrothers' dangerous ways of life. Initially part of the same clan, Feral and Opress grew up in the Nightbrothers' village in an isolated region of Dathomir, which was headed by Brother Viscus. Nightsisters often came to the village for the Selection, a ritual series of tests in which the witches claimed servants and also their mates from the formidable tribal heads, with death awaiting the ones who'd failed during the challenging tests.

Because Nightsisters had made periodic, unpredictable visits to their village, Opress and the other brothers were forced to stay in their fierce fighting shape. Savage often sparred with Feral in his free time, and he'd learned much of cruelty in his early life. By the time of the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Separatist Alliance, both Opress and Feral became tribal heads within the Nightbrother village. Around twenty-one years before the Battle of Yavin, two years into the war, the Nightbrothers became host to Asajj Ventress, a powerful Nightsister in search of a slave from their male Zabrak warriors. Formerly a Separatist-allied Dark Acolyte of the Order of the Sith Lords, this Nightsisters witch Ventress was betrayed recently by her Master, Count Dooku, and sought to acquire an adept servant for a plot to gain revenge on an former old master. Personally selected by Asajj in a grueling process that pitted nine of the mightiest warriors against the others, Savage and the brother, Feral, were the only ones to survive Asajj's tests, with Savage being deemed worthy.

Apprentice of the Sith

Servant of a Order of the Sith

Opress was brought to Mother Talzin, who served as a leader and shaman of their coven of witches. After she examined Opress and sensing the hate and power coursing through his veins, Talzin put him into an enchanted sleep and had him brought to the altar known as the Font. In an ancient ceremony heavily rooted in the Dark Side, Talzin and a full coven of her spellcasters bound together, channeling spirit ichor and the rawest hatred to make Savage an avatar of primal anger for Ventress's plan for vengeance. Subjected to a dark magick, Opress was granted greater height and size, a full crown of vestigial horns, and fearsome power and he gained even more brutality, an unmatched ferocity, as well as heightened physical potential and Force abilities. In addition, the sister witches put him under their control so Ventress could dictate his actions through a spell of loyalty. Talzin, being the expert of dark magick, to secretly ensure Savage was loyal to her. 

Bigger and stronger than before, he killed Feral, his own brother, as part of his final test, and later became the Separatist Count Dooku's apprentice. But in reality, Opress was only pretending to serve him, as he'd still assists Ventress. Savage had proved himself to be a worthy warrior by killing clones and two Jedi on Devaron. Later on, Dooku trained Savage in the ways of the Dark Side, making his connection with his hate stronger. With Savage's first stages of training complete, Dooku sends him to Toydaria to bring back King Katuunko alive, and to kill all who interfered, Jedi included. Opress had arrived on Toydaria in one of Dooku's ships, and killed the Toydarian guards who got in his way. After rendering the King unconscious, he turned to leave, but Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi entered the throne room and fought a mutated dark Zabrak. As Katuunko woke up and tried to escape, he choked the King and crushed his throat, killing him.

Opress managed to get away from the two Jedi with the dead Kng in his hands, destroyed a Jedi shuttle with the Force, and then returned to his master. However, the Count was furiously angry with Opress for not brining him back alive. The Count tortured his Sith apprentice with Lightning, but Asajj enters the scene, making Dooku give Savage an opportunity to make amends for his grave mistake: by killing Asajj. But Ventress reminded Savage of his true loyalties, and he sided with Ventress to kill Dooku. Savage and Asajj fought the Count with all their might, but as Savage kept on getting struck by Dooku's lightning attacks, Ventress rebuked him as she fought Dooku. Angered at his skills being rejected by both of his own masters, Savage then betrayed both the Lord Tyranus and the Nightsister Ventress by force choking them into a brief submission, broken when the two fled through a escape hatches in the floor to persist in their duel from elsewhere.

Brother of Darth Maul

Forging a Syndicate of Crime

Abruptly Savage was now confronted by Anakin and Obi-Wan once more, as the two had managed to pursue him to the dreadnought. However, Lord Tyranus, after defeating Ventress and forced her to retreat, commanded his battle droids to kill Savage Opress, deeming him a traitor. However, Savage barely managed to escape the two Jedi and Dooku's battle droids, making his way to Dathomir in Dooku's stolen solar sailer. After Opress's attempt to kill Tyranus, he headed back to Mother Talzin wounded and exhausted, claiming that Ventress had betrayed him. Needing a new teacher, the Mother Talzin claimed that Savage had an surviving brother, Darth Maul, in the Outer Rim who was capable of training him ways of the Dark Side. Mother Talzin gave Opress an artifact before he left, allowing him to search for his brother, whom Talzin claimed was somewhere in the Outer Rim. Savage Opress would eventually find the fallen Dark Lord Darth Maul striving to live and survive by any and all means on junk planet of Lotho Minor located within the Outer Rim Territories of space. 

Savage's presence causes Maul to remember his downfall and resolves to have his revenge. Returning to Dathomir in a aftermath of the Nightsisters' slaughter by Lord Tyranus's forces, Savage takes Lord Maul to have his sanity restored by Talzin's magic. Savage then helped Maul extract revenge on Kenobi by luring him into a trap by attacking a small village, knowing that the Jedi will come to assist. However, Ventress's unexpected appearance to collect an high bounty placed on Savage thwarts Maul's plan. Ventress and Kenobi duel Savage and Maul in the cargo bay of Savage's stolen ship but soon realize that they are outmatched and are forced to flee via the cockpit escape vessel. Savage Opress is clarified by Maul that they stand as a master and apprentice and they will kill anyone standing in their way as they attempt to set up their own underworld of criminals. Needing followers, the Sith brothers travel to Florrum where they manage to convince an Weequay pirate Jiro and the several crew members join him and in turn against a lead pirate captain Hondo Ohnaka

While Darth Maul duels Kenobi, Savage fights Adi Gallia and eventually kills the female Jedi. After Opress's arm is sliced off by Kenobi, their ship gets damaged and the brothers escape in their escape pod. Opress and Maul are later founded by a Death Watch Mandalorians led by Pre Vizsla. After Vizsla gives Savage a new arm, the Sith brothers see this as the opportunity to get revenge on Kenobi. When Maul offers Vizsla the chance to reclaim Mandalore by creating the criminal syndicate Shadow Collective, one of the unsavory methods to recruit the Black Sun with Lord Savage Opress killing the Black Sun previous chain of command. After Maul duels Vizsla for leadership of the Death Watch and wins by killing Pre Vizsla, Savage stands with his brother as a Lord Darth Sidious arrives and faces the two Sith brothers in a duel. The Sith duel had ended with the Sith Savage Opress being slain by the Dark Lord of the Sith, and with his last dying breath said to his brother that he was not worthy of being his dark Sith apprentice and that he was not like him and never had been.

Powers and Abilities


The Force: Savage Opress was powerful in the Dark Side of the Force because of of his transformation by their witches of the Nightsister Clan and displayed deadly proficiency with Force Choke, which he used to kill King Katuunko and was able to use the Force Shockwave power instinctively. He was also known to use a powerful Force slam. Although less in skill when compared to Maul with a Lightsaber, he was stronger than his brother in the Force. Unfortunately, Savage did not have the chance to reach his full potential with the Dark Side as he was killed by the Dark Lord of Sith Darth Sidious.


Lightsaber Skills: Opress proved to be a powerful, albeit slightly clumsy, lightsaber duelist. His combat style had a little to no technique, only using extreme raw power to hammer away at the enemies. After further training, he proved strong enough to take on two lightsaber duelists at once, as seen when Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi confronted him down on Toydaria and Tyranus' ship. Yet he was unable to penetrate Tyranus' defenses when paired up with Asajj. Over time, his skill would grow, though still based on brute strength and physical force. It was, nonetheless, an improvement. Once he had joined Maul, Opress held his own against Jedi Council Master Plo Koon and rendered him helpless before Skywalker and Kenobi intervened on their starfighters. He was an incredibly fast learner, becoming lethal enough to slay another Councilor, Adi Gallia, in a duel after less than a year of training. His final duel was with his brother against Darth Sidious. He fought hard and was even able to throw Sidious off the balcony, but was eventually killed by a Dark Lord of the Sith when he was separated from his brother. In addition, Savage Opress was skilled in the use of the Saber Throw.

Martial Arts: Even before his transformation, an Nightbrother Savage Opress was a formidable opponent, being familiar and proficient with the use of the weapons in their Nightbrothers village. He was also a gifted hand-to-hand combatant, being able to fight nearly on par with Asajj Ventress. After his transformation, Opress became even more lethal. He used his pike in combination with hand to hand combat knowledge to become a dangerous opponent, and even more, due to the transformation of Mother Talzin, which gave him inhuman strength, agility, and endurance. Most blows would barely bothered him and he was agile enough to keep up with even a Darth Sidious, albeit only temporarily. He was capable of choking people to death with only one of his hands, as shown when he'd murdered his own blood brother Feral. Savage Opress retained his skill for unarmed combat after his transformation. When deprived of his own Lightsaber, Savage had been able to defend himself against a bounty hunter Embo and fight him with his own bare fists, which were able to put some larger dents into the Kyuzo warrior's large metallic hat, Savage even slammed his knee into hunter Embo's chest.



Double-Bladed Lightsaber: Savage Opress's Lightsaber was a double-bladed Lightsaber utilized by Savage Opress as a Dark Jedi and Sith-Lord during the Clone Wars. The weapon would see action on many fronts such as Toydaria, Lotho Minor, Florrum, Nal Hutta and Mandalore. This blade had closely resembled Darth Maul's Lightsaber, but also contained design features similar to Sith-Lord Tyranus's Lightsaber (notably the emitter guards on both ends). Compared to typical Lightsabers, this weapon had a unusual sound frequency where the ignition hiss sounded similar to a animal-like growl, while the idle hum had a much deeper resonance pitch. Also, the Lightsaber's blade length extended much further than the most other Lightsabers. During his last battle, he would later wield it against the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious, with the aid of his brother. It is here that Opress would meet his death at Sidious's hand, and his weapon fell to the floor.