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Poggle the Lesser
Poggle the Lesser, Archduke of the Geonosians - By: KONAMI
Poggle the Lesser, Archduke of the Geonosians - By: KONAMI
Vital statistics
Position Archduke of the Geonosians
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 1.75 Meters
Weight 80 Kilograms

Poggle the Lesser was the Archduke of Geonosians during a time of the Clone Wars. Though subservient to a queen Karina the Great, he was nominally in control Stalgasin hive, and with his oversight of geonosian Baktoid droid factories, became an powerful figure in the Separatist Alliance. Poggle commanded a force of droid armies that fought against the Republic during the first and second battles at Geonosis, the latter of which he was caught and was brought into agalactic Republic custody. Incarcerated for two years at Coruscant, Poggle was recruited by the Republic Special Weapons group to aid in constructing a weapon Geonosians designed; however, later absconded to Separatist space after sabotaging the project. During the final stages of the wars, he and the rest of Separatist Council were relocated to Utapau and then Mustafar, where he met his end.


Geonosian Archduke

Ascension to Leadership

Poggle was originally a member in their Geonosis lower caste hence his surname "the Lesser". He'd sought an position held by a then-Archduke and organized a revolt against him, which seemed to be of little concern to this then-Archduke, who had easily dealt with the rebels. That was until the Dark Lord Darth Sidious came to Poggle's aid and secretly funded their rebels. Over time, Poggle's rebels at last seized power, and Poggle at last became an Archduke of the Stalgasin hive, a ruling hive of Geonosis, and the then Archduke was executed in their arena.

Association with the Sith

Once Poggle the Lesser was in power, Darth Sidious' intentions became clear: he wanted control of the Droid Factories to supply B1 Battle Droids to the Trade Federation for a invasion on Naboo. Poggle, grateful for Darth Sidious's help, he gladly struck an deal with the Trade Federation. The fact that Poggle and Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray disliked each other, but still worked together was a great testament to the influence of the Sith-Lord. Shortly after the Federation was defeated at the battle of Naboo, Poggle was approached by an rogue Jedi Count Dooku, revealing himself as Darth Tyranus, a new apprentice of Sidious. The Dark Sith-Lord Dooku formed a partnership with Poggle; the Archduke would ensure Geonosis was among the founding worlds of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and would supply a large amount of the Separatist Droid Army. In return, Poggle would be paid large sums of money for his trouble and Geonosis would earn a place on the high order of the new Confederacy. During the Confederate Crisis, Poggle was one of the first and most ardent supporter of its cause. Poggle then hosted a meeting of fellow Separatist conspirators on Geonosis, in which he pledged his people's army to an former Jedi Master turned an Dark Lord of the Sith, Count Dooku of Serenno.

Forming a Separatist Alliance

Poggle, Dooku, and other confederate conspirators then went to the petranaki arena to watch the executions of Padmé AmidalaObi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker. However, an Jedi Master Mace Windu and a team of 212 Jedi arrived to rescue Kenobi, Skywalker, and Amidala. As the battle droids overwhelmed the Jedi, they were then rescued by Clone Troopers under Master Yoda. Poggle and the rest of the separatist conspirators had went to a underground war room to oversee the battle. As the Republic Army forced the Droid Army to retreat, Poggle ordered his warriors to hide within the catacombs. He then gave Count Dooku plans for their ultimate weapon, who did assure that they'd be safe with his Sith Master Sidious. Poggle, with Trade Federation Senator Lott Dod, conspired with an Scipio senator Baron Rush Clovis to rebuild the primary droid foundry on Geonosis. When Clovis arrived on Cato Neimoidia at Lott Dod's palace, Poggle and Dod demanded greater share of the profits. When Clovis refused to change the terms, Poggle agreed with Dod's plan to poison Rush Clovis' companion, the Naboo senator Amidala. However, Rush Clovis helped the senator Amidala's guard get an cure for her. Poggle the Lesser and Lott Dod then confronted the Senator Rush Clovis about an missing holodisc.

Overseeing Project Production

Poggle later returned to Geonosis and serve as the overseer of the Geonosis primary droid foundry. When the Galactic Republic invaded the planet, Poggle led both their Droid Army and the native Geonosians against the Republic from the foundry. As the Republic forces approached the foundry, Poggle and the Tactical Droid, TX-21 oversaw the construction of a super tanks. They'd then deployed ten garrisons of droids against Clone Troopers under the Republic Jedi generals Skywalker and Luminara Unduli. He and TX-21 then sent in the super tanks which were able to push the Clone Troopers back. Poggle was then informed that two Jedi had infiltrated the reactor room. Poggle and TX-21 then went with an pair of his soldiers and one of his super tanks. There, Poggle ordered his soldier to take the bombs and kill all the Jedi. After the foundry's destruction, Poggle took an AAT with pair of Battle Droids and his soldiers with him to the Progate Temple. Along the way, Poggle the Lesser dropped crates, leaving the trail for Unduli and Buzz to follow. When Luminara and the trooper entered the temple, Poggle and several un-dead Geonosians killed Buzz and captured General Luminara Unduli. Poggle then took Unduli into the catacombs of that temple and brought her before his queen, Karina the Great, as a gift.

Together, they did hope they could use the brain worms to control Unduli. However, Poggle and Karina had been found by the Jedi Obi-Wan and Skywalker. As they blinded the queen, Poggle was captured by Skywalker and Unduli. He was taken aboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer Resolute. On board the Resolute, Poggle was interrogated by Kenobi, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Unduli, but refused to answer their questions. When the worms were aboard his Padawan's supply ship, Skywalker interrogated Poggle alone. At first, Poggle refused but was then punched and Force-choked. He revealed the worms weakness to the cold. Poggle the Lesser was then transported to Coruscant, where he would be imprisoned in a cell at the Republic Center for Military Operations. Poggle would remain in Republic custody for thirteen months. During this time, he would be subjected to an routine interrogation by agents of Republic Intelligence. One of the main topics of the interrogations was the supposed deep-space mobile battle station project, the "Ultimate Weapon" designed by their hive, that was thought to be under construction by Separatists. However, he repeatedly denied Geonosians association, and feigned ignorance to this existence of station plans, which were in possession of Republic Special Weapons Group.

He was later approached by lieutenant commander Orson Krennic from the Special Weapons Group in another attempt to garner intel on the Confederacy's weapon. Krennic, who himself was attempting to spearhead that project to develop the station, was able to appeal to Poggle's loyalty to his people and had convinced him to provide this Geonosian drone population as the workforce for that battle station's construction. With this allegiance to the Republic, the Archduke was returned to his home on the eve of Meckgin, in which, amidst bloody celebrations, was able to convince the Geonosians to assist in the Republic's construction effort. However, Poggle had ulterior motives for providing such assistance to the Republic. Allotted with a private retinue of drones, Poggle secretly directed a massive uprising of the Geonosian soldiers servicing the battle station as a diversion for his own escape to their confederacy. In addition to sabotaging construction project, the Archduke, with his own modified personal shuttle, was able to slip through the Republic's flotilla in orbit and flee into hyperspace. After escaping from Geonosis and republic captivity, Poggle the Lesser did rejoin the Confederacy of Independent Systems as the three years of the bloody Clone wars conflict had then begun to draw to the conclusion. 

Execution of Separatist Leaders

Following a string of victories for the Galactic Republic, general Grievous had ordered all the members in the separatist Council, including Poggle, to remain under his protection. General Grievous hid them away on an planet of Utapau while he prepared an strike on Coruscant; following Count Dooku's death and Grievous's failure at Coruscant, Poggle and the other Separatist Council leadership members were sent to a fortified bunker on Mustafar by order of an Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious. Not long after departing Utapau, general Grievous was slain by an Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, and their council took control over the Separatist Alliance. As the members of the Separatist Council had arrived at Mustafar, they quickly settled into an dimly lit command center at the mountainside mining facility. Poggle and other leaders of the Confederacy of Independent Systems were pressed into work at that facility Command Center, supervising strategy and battle plans from their remote sanctuary. When Anakin Skywalker, now Darth Sidious's new Sith apprentice Darth Vader, arrived on Mustafar, the separatist leaders soon found that he wasn't sent to reward the council, but to execute them all. Poggle the Lesser had attempted to protect himself using his staff, to no avail, and was quickly sliced in half by the Sith.