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The Symbol of the New Jedi Order - By: swmand4

The New Jedi Order was the restored and reformed Jedi Order, in the wake of an Great Jedi Purge and subsequent fall of the Galactic Empire. The Jedi Knights, reduced in number to a level of near extinction, had been then slowly restored, primarily under the vision, leadership, and guidance of Luke Skywalker, son of the former Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker.

First Incarnation

The first New Jedi Order was trained by the Jedi Master Luke Skywalker sometime after the end of Galactic Civil War, fulfilling the promise Skywalker made to Jedi Master Yoda to pass on what he had learned. Among Skywalker's students was his nephew Ben, who was the son of his sister Leia Organa and the famed smuggler Han Solo. Ben, however, was seduced by the dark side of the Force at the coaxing of Snoke, an enigmatic figure who spearheaded the Imperial-inspired First Order, and took on the name Kylo Ren, joining the ranks of the Knights of Ren.

The first New Jedi Order was betrayed and destroyed by Ren at their Jedi Temple, and Skywalker, feeling responsible, went into exile following the massacre. Skywalker disappeared from the galaxy and left only traces of his location on a star map, which eventually led the Resistance and the Force-sensitive Rey to the planet Ahch-To, where Luke had taken refuge in the first Jedi Temple.


Jedi Masters

Jedi Knights


  • Ben Solo
  • Dolph † (Formerly)
  • Desann † (Formerly)
  • Tionne Solusar
  • Numa Rar
  • Alema Rar (Formerly)
  • Jovan Drark †
  • Seyyerin Itoklo †
  • Eryl Besa †
  • Miko Reglia †
  • Swilja Fenn †
  • Eelysa †
  • Tekli †


  • PROXY (Swordsmanship Instructor)

Second Incarnation

After Rey had found Luke Skywalker, she realized that he was broken after losing nearly all of his students at the hands of the Dark Side and was hesitant about returning to the galaxy. However after being convinced that without him the galaxy would fall under Snoke's rule, Luke decided to attempt to rebuild the New Jedi Order, with Rey as his first apprentice. As time went by more and more Pre-Jedi survivors of the first New Jedi Order returned to train the new generation of Jedi to fight against the growing threats of the Dark Side.





  • To Be Added


  • PROXY (Swordsmanship Instructor)

Church of the Force

The Church of the Force was an underground faith made up of loosely affiliated worshipers of the Jedi ideals. Members of the faith believed that the Jedi Order would not only one day return, but that its return was essential in bringing balance to the Force.