Marka Ragnos
Visual Interpretation of Marka Ragnos, Dark Lord of the Sith - By: aliroku
Vital statistics
Position Dark Lord of the (Order of Sith)
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

The Dark Lord Marka Ragnos was an ancient Sith and one of the most legendary figures in Sith history. He had lived in the era of the Original Sith Empire, born thousands of years prior to the era of the Galactic Empire, and in the same era, dueled rivals for the rank of the Dark Sith Lord and the right to hold power over the Sith Empire. He defeated those who opposed this Sith reign, and beheaded them in battles with other aspiring Dark Lords. It is said that he'd lived well over a century, growing in power, pitting his rivals against others and ensuring that there were no threats to his rule. After his death, Dark Lords fought for this throne, hoping to become a worthy heir for inheriting the legacy. But the legacy of this Lord would live long after his death, with a tomb built at the Valley of the Dark Lords. Thousands of years after death an Dark Side cult had begun to worship lord Ragnos as a god.  

Biography Edit

Dark Lord of the Sith Edit

A Sith-Human hybrid, Marka Ragnos was a descendant of one of the original Lords who fled the Old Republic after an Hundred-Year Darkness, that lived thousands of years after the formation of Republic. Feared, obeyed, and admired by those among this Sith, he was considered to have been the greatest Dark Lord of the Sith of his era, and was born long before 5000 years before an Battle of Yavin. When previous Dark Lord of the Sith had died, Marka and another Sith lord rose up to take the mantle. As an formidable warrior, Marka dueled and defeated the rival in combat, proving himself as being worthy of the mantle Dark Lord. After gaining the title of the dark Lord, he led campaigns against enemies, pitting them against each other and ensuring no threat to his reign. 

Lord Ragnos' iron-fisted rule would last well over an century. Years after his rise to Dark Lord of the Sith, Marka Ragnos was encountered by a young boy who would one day rise to become the Emperor of an Sith Empire, though at the time was still young. The boy had come before Marka Ragnos, the Dark Lord of the Sith and the ruler of the Sith Council and Sith Empire during those times, hoping to gain training under Ragnos. When a Dark Lord Ragnos met this child, he was impressed by the youth's power and ambition, and named him the ruler of Medriaas, bestowing on him the rank of Sith-Lord and the name Vitiate. After years of his rule, Marka Ragnos passed away 5000 years before the Battle of Yavin. His death was marked as the end of a golden age of the Sith Empire, despite its reluctance to continue expansion. Ragnos' legacy lived after his death. During his funeral on Moraband, several Sith had fought to claim the throne Ragnos had left behind in a struggle for succession. This Dark Lord Marka Ragnos' presence in the galaxy existed longer than most Sith as a spirit, trapped within the confines of his tomb within the Valley of the Dark Lords on the Sith homeplanet Moraband.

Legacy and Disciples of Ragnos Edit

At some point in life, Darth Plagueis traveled to an Valley of the Dark Lords at Moraband. While there, Plagueis found no evidence that the spirits of Moraband were real, believing that those were mere diversions created for the credulous, but as Plagueis boarded his ship, he beheld a vision of Marka Ragnos. The apparition challenged Plagueis' claim to the Sith title, and railed against his plan to dismantle the traditions of Korriban. The vision however didn't answer Darth Plagueis' questions and inquiries. Instead, Marka snarled and had disappeared in a whirl of smoke. After the experience, Plagueis wrote that it was possible that the entire episode, simply played out within the mind. For thousands of years after Marka had died, the legacy of this Sith would inspire and give rise to many Empires spanning from the Empire of a Darth Vitiate to the Empire of Darth Sidious. After the fall of the Galactic Empire and the rise of the New Republic, though the old Sith Order would fall at the hands of Anakin Skywalker and his son Luke Skywalker, cults would strive to aspire to the legacy of their Sith Order, such as Disciples of Ragnos led by members of Church of the Dark Side and Acolytes of the Beyond.

In the era of an New Republic thousands of years after his death, worshipers of the Dark Side had come across ancient relics of the Original Sith Empire forged by Ragnos himself and were strong in the Dark Side of the Force, plotting to use the relics dark power against Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order and the Republic. The remnants of the Dark Lord's spirit were awakened when summoned by the Sith Cult the Disciples of Ragnos. With the use of an ancient specter wielded in life by Ragnos in life to drain residual Force energy, the disciples plotted to use collected energy to resurrect a Dark Lord Marka Ragnos. After tracking the Disciples of Ragnos across the galaxy, Luke alongside Kyle Katarn and the few among the New Jedi launched a campaign against the Sith Cult. During the campaign against their cult group, the disciples had awoken the dormant spirit remains of Marka Ragnos within artifacts inside his tomb, remains of Ragnos's sprit that were preserved through the dark arts. Ragnos's ghost was nearly restored and given his new physical form through one of his worshipers but his spirit was vanquished when the relics of Marka were destroyed and his followers were then defeated.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Force: Marka Ragnos was powerful, both physically and in the use of the Force, and was considered to be among the most powerful Sith and Force-users in Sith and Jedi history, leading the Sith Empire to a Golden Age of their existence, conducting brutal and ruthless campaigns against his Sith enemies. Ragnos had such knowledge about the Force, that even during his funeral, his presence was able to be felt by his underlings like Naga Sadow, thus putting into place an influence on the future fate of the Sith before his ultimate passing. According to ancient texts, he could also focus the darkness to make himself nearly unwoundable in battle.