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The female known as Lumiya was an Force-sensitive female born on the Galactic Empire capital-Planet Coruscant during the height of Sheev Palpatine's reign as an emperor over the galaxy. Taken from her family as a young baby, she was then raised to be an dedicated member within the New order, she displayed a set of skills that would interest this Sith Emperor Palpatine's chief enforcer, Darth Vader. Dark-Lord Vader had then gradually accelerated her educational-advancements in several programs such as her enrollment in Carida Academy. After she graduated from Imperial-Academy with top honors, Darth Vader gave her an highly-classified mission to infiltrate the Rebel Alliance and target a Rebellion-Pilot hero who was responsible for the destruction of an original Death Star. The events that followed this Rebellion infiltration left her horribly disfigured and near death, but she was saved by Lord Vader who had remade her with the-cybernetics much like his own.

After she was rebuilt as the reborn Lumiya, she started to be trained in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force, secretly under the tutelage of Vader himself. While Lumiya studied in secret as Lord Vader's student, she also served as a Hand of the Emperor, elite warriors of the highest degree loyal only to Palpatine himself. Lumiya embarked on a pilgrimage of sorts to ancient Sith worlds, at which time Lumiya crafted her own pair of personal weapons. While absent from the ranks of the Empire, both Palpatine and Darth Vader perished, and yet despite her unofficial training, she called herself Dark Lady of the Sith, legacy of the Order of the Sith Lords. Purpose-driven toward revenge against Luke Skywalker and and the newly established New Republic for the deaths of the last true Sith, Lumiya has allied herself with multiple cults of Dark Side worshipers including a recreation of the Sith Order.


Service to the Empire

Raised in the Dark Side

The Human female who would be known as Shira Elan Colla Brie to the rebellion and Lumiya to the Empire, would be born on the planet Coruscant, or as it was then known Imperial Center due to the planet being the capital of Palpatine's Empire. Discovered by operatives of COMPNOR to be Force-Sensitive not long after her birth, the girl was taken from her birth family by agents of the Emperor, so that she may be raised as a practitioner of the Dark Side of the Force. Ever since she was an infant, she would was raised and trained under the Inquisitorius, where even as child she possessed a strong connection to the Force, a connection that quickly made her one of the most premier students among her fellow adolescents. One of the many steps of her training was learning to endure an extraordinary amount of pain, using it to fuel her connection to the Dark Side of the force. Her incredible abilities and dedication to the New Order garnered the interest of Palpatine's chief enforcer, Darth Vader, who knowing that with the number of Jedi sightings decreasing rather significantly that the Inquisitors would soon be rendered pointless, recommended her to be trained as an operative of Imperial Intelligence following the end of the Inquisitorius. Shortly before the Inquisitors were dissolved, the girl was enrolled at the Imperial Academy on the planet of Carida, where she would receive the name Lumiya, while she never actually knowing what her birth name and was only prior to that addressed by her title as a sister of the Inquisitorius.

Imperial Training Academy

There, Brie and her classmates participated in one term of boot camp, followed by a further two terms consisting of strategy, survival, and tactics. Lumiya would prove able to excel in all aspects of her training such as her proficiency in nearly all exotic martial arts, and upon being enlisted in the pilots program would rise to the top of the class while often putting in extra practice time in the flight simulators. In addition to her work at the academy during the daytime, Lumiya received some of her teachings from Darth Vader in the utmost secrecy at night, teachings which would leave Lumiya wearied but able to maintain her position as the star pupil, earning consistent high marks from her military superiors and developing new powers under the Dark Lord's tutelage, which continued to affect her psyche. Her time training at the academy as an Imperial cadet among other light hearted people her age became one of the few instances in the young Force-Sensitive's life that she felt others truly cared for her well-being. After Lumiya graduated the Academy with top honors and completed her training, she swore an oath of loyalty to the Empire, to which she attached great importance. With her skills mastered, Lord Vader arranged that the young Force-Sensitive be sent on various missions, proving to be a valued asset on every mission. Often tied to Imperial Intelligence and COMPNOR, Vader along with Director Ysanne Isard arranged for Lumiya to be dispatched on missions to aid their attempts to rid themselves of the Rebel Alliance.

Infiltrating the Rebel Alliance

Several months following the Empire's devastating loss to the Rebel Alliance during the Battle of Yavin, which saw the destruction of the first Death Star, Lumiya was given a new assignment by Darth Vader. Vader who recently learned the truth that the rebel who destroyed the Death Star was his son Luke Skywalker, began making plans for how he might capture and turn him to the Dark Side. To this end, Vader assigned Lumiya who was both one of Vader's most skilled and most trusted assets, with the mission of installing herself as a counterspy within the rebellion with instructions to capture Luke alive, and bring him to only Vader himself. In addition to the order of capturing Luke Skywalker alive, Vader also provided Lumiya with a strategy that might bring Skywalker to their side of his own free will, if his reputation were to be so severely tarnished that he would be discredited in the eyes of his fellow rebels, then he it would be more easy for him to embrace the Dark Side. To that end, a plausible backstory was fabricated for Lumiya, which stated her real name was Shira Elan Colla Brie and that she was from a planet in the Outer Rim Territories that had been ravaged by war. Brie, purportedly a little girl at the time, was able to escape the massive slaughter which left her family dead and was left to survive into adulthood by her own faculties. It would be many years before she learned the "truth" of the loss of her home, that the Empire were the ones responsible for the massacre, claiming they were members of the rebellion.

After the Battle of Yavin resulting in the fall of the Death Star, Brie saw the Empire as a force that can be defeated at last, driving her to seek out the Rebel Alliance to enlist in their cause. The verisimilitude of her cover story was bolstered when Vader ordered the razing of the planet in question, which had previously displayed resistance to Imperial rule. Brie posed as a refugee, and managed to successfully infiltrate the Alliance, due in part to their losing of pilots following many battles against the Empire. Brie eventually earned the rank of Lieutenant and engaged in several rebellion sorties. Shira was eventually assigned to Rogue Squadron, during which time she would met and befriend her superior, flight commander Luke Skywalker. Brie often offered to accompany Skywalker on a number of assignments as his wingmate, all the while displaying congenial demeanor and an obvious affection for him. Soon enough, Luke also seemed willing to pursue a relationship with Brie, given her intelligence and beauty. She often called Luke "Ace", that being the nickname she chose to call him. During a mission in the Outer Rim, pilots of Rogue Squadron such as Luke, Shira, and two others were ambushed by Imperials, an attack which would have cost them their lives if Shira had not gotten past the enemy to her X-Wing and piloted it back to the scene of the battle, saving their lives. Due to her heroics, Leia Organa presented Brie with an award for her bravery and promoted her to Captain, with many rebels in attendance at the ceremony.

Shortly after Brie's commendation Shira requested personal leave to her homeworld so that she may pay tribute to her lost family, who she said died during an attack on her home. Her request was allowed and Shira was permitted a short leave of absence away from the rebellion, but in reality she was traveling to the Imperial planet of Mustafar, the planet where Darth Vader's personal fortress was stationed. After her arrival, Lumiya then reported to her master the status of the mission of bringing Skywalker over to their side, expressing the belief that she can make him embrace the Dark Side willingly. Vader placed faith in Lumiya's abilities, but warned her that should she fail, she would face a fate worst than death. Most in the rebellion considered Shira to be tremendously popular with her comrades as a great motivator and dependable friend, traits which, along with her feminine wiles, earned the respect, adoration, and friendship of many. However, when Organa was near Shira she could fell something of a chill in the air, that sense of cold being the Dark Side of the Force which made Leia want to keep a close eye on her. Questioning Brie's intentions, Leia with assistance from Han Solo and Chewbacca secretly began an investigation into Brie's past, slowly uncovering the truth of her true identity. Just prior to departing on one of her final missions with the rebels, Brie related to Luke her apprehension about the task set before her, and also made obvious her deep affection for him with a kiss which greatly surprised Skywalker.

Revelations and Horrific Injuries

Not long after, the rebellion had evidence found by Leia along with Han Solo and Chewbacca that detailed the nature of Brie's true Imperial allegiance. Knowing that her cover has been exposed to the Rebel Alliance and she was no longer a Captain in the rebellion, Shira had ultimately failed in her mission. In her attempt to escape the rebels, Shira stole an A-Wing Interceptor so that she may make her getaway. However, Shira was shot down in retaliation for her betrayal by the very person she was tasked with capturing, Luke Skywalker, an act that forced upon Skywalker depression over having killed the woman for whom he had developed strong feelings, but it would be something he would learn to live with. The rebellion thought that Shira Brie had died in her fighter's crash, but she survived only to be left to die in the vacuum of space inside her ruined A-Wing Interceptor, clinging to her anger and hatred as a source of strength to keep herself alive. She was discovered by Darth Vader and returned to his flagship, a Super Star Destroyer designated Executor, for evaluation, where it was discovered that she had suffered massive internal damage and system failure, bodily damage which made most want to show her mercy. Vader however still angry at Lumiya for failing in procuring his son, ordered she be kept alive and prepared for rehabilitation. Lumiya was sent to the Imperial capital of Coruscant, where in the Grand Medical Facility which specialized in advanced science, the procedures to save her life would then commence.

Mechanical Servant of the Sith

The process that saved her life was identical to the procedures performed to save the life of Darth Vader so many years before. Later in the procedures, Lumiya awoke on the operating table, much like the one Vader himself rested on during his transition into his armor. While conscious, Lumiya often screamed in agony as her transformation was underway, the only thing that kept her alive would from that day on bring her endless misery. The mechanical implants enhanced Brie's body through extensive prostheses and additional engineering that increased her strength, stamina, and pain threshold. After the transformation was done and she had been reborn, she was left more machine than woman. Knowing that his master would eventually see Lumiya as his apprentice if kept hidden, Darth Vader, presented the reborn Lumiya to the Emperor as an elite servant for consideration as an Emperor's Hand who were the secret agents of the Emperor whose sole purpose was to bring his will to fruition. While the two were at the Imperial Palace, Lumiya came across another elite operative of the Emperor, Mara Jade, the two women crossed paths with immediate and intense animosity toward one another. Palpatine accepted Lumiya into his service and although officially Lumiya served the Dark Lord of the Sith, she secretly served as an apprentice of Darth Vader, from whom she would learn the ancient ways of the Sith Order.

Even though Lumiya served the Dark Lord of the Sith, Vader was himself bound to the Rule of Two, a Sith law which forbade him to take an official student of his own so long as he remained under the tutelage of his master, the Galactic Emperor, Sheev Palpatine. Lumiya soon thereafter was sequestered by Darth Vader on Ziost, an ancient home of the Sith. Before the Battle of Endor, Lumiya would embark on a pilgrimage on the ancient Sith planet, where she discovered an archaic Sith tome that detailed the process required to craft rare weapons similar but more difficult to master than the traditional Lightsaber. With such ancient knowledge, she created a unique device with a hilt of nearly indestructible iron, with a "heart" made from shards of kyber crystal given to her by Vader. By the time her test on Ziost was done, the Empire suffered a great defeat at Endor at the hands of the Rebel Alliance. She returned to Imperial space and found that not only had the rebels successfully toppled the Emperor, but both he and Vader died in the destruction of Death Star II. Without Vader or Sidious to further her knowledge, yet still standing as the foremost of their students despite her incomplete training, Lumiya defaulted to Mistress of the Sith. Because Lumiya was not officially an heir of the Rule of Two, she was not a true Sith, yet with her knowledge of their ways stood as one of the closest things to a true Sith left.

Dark Lady of the Sith

Aftermath of the Emperor's Death

Lumiya proclaimed herself Dark Lady of the Sith and embarked on her own quest to progress her wisdom of the Dark Side, going first to a cell of the Acolytes of the Beyond, an organization with a historic allegiance to the ways of the Sith. Known to be in possession of many ancient secrets and artifacts, the Acolytes of the Beyond felt a sense of obligation to Lumiya, whom they felt bore an unnerving resemblance to the late Darth Vader. She was given access to many relics, and she was even allowed to take from them possession one of their most sacred treasures, a Sith Holocron. Shortly after the Battle of Endor, Lumiya used her Imperial connections to amass a naval fleet of Imperial starships in her efforts to consolidate power in preparation for retaliation against the Rebel Alliance. Details of the fragmentation of the Empire were still unclear to many Imperial servicemen, and Lumiya sought to keep the truth hidden by depriving her servants of certain intel, thus ensuring their complete loyalty to her and the endeavors she undertook. While in Sith Space, Lumiya came to realize a matter of great importance that presented a considerable problem manifested itself: the continued legacy of the Sith Order. Lumiya fully intended to carry on what the Order of the Sith Lords began, and thus began her search for beings who were in her eyes was worthy of being taught the ways of the ancient Dark Lords of the Sith.

Lumiya's fleet settled in the old space controlled by the ancient Sith Empire, where the soldiers were told that the fleet would remain until plans were made to undermine all that the rebels achieved in the wake of the Emperor Palpatine's death. Despite her best efforts, Lumiya's plans against the rebellions newly established New Republic resulted in utter failure, with her fleet being left in shambles. Thus the Dark Lady sought her former Imperial superior Ysanne Isard, who had taken a place over the Imperial Remnants of the Galactic Empire, to access sufficient resources to replenish her depleted forces. Isard considered Lumiya to be a threat to her dominion, and the Imperial stewardess surmised that compliance with the Lady of the Sith's demands would eliminate any problems that might arise between them. Isard's succor was not without conditions, however; in exchange for support, Isard had asked for Lumiya's services on several occasions. A new prospect arose, however, in the form of newly identified Force-Sensitives whom Lumiya had come across amongst those allotted to her by Ysanne Isard. The Dark Lady saw Force-Sensitives as the potential future and although the training would take long, the Sith would live on. Through the machinations of Imperials loyal to Palpatine's Galactic Empire, the Dark Lady used her powers to secretly manipulate the ruling class of the Empire's remnants.

A New Dawn for the Dark Side

Though exceptionally strong in the Force in her own right, Lumiya had not been Vader's only pupil. The Dark Lord had in mind several candidates who he thought could become his true apprentice, however most of these candidates were either unworthy or dead. Lumiya traveled to Vader's abandoned citadel on the planet Mustafar, where she recovered all that might help her achieve her rightful position of a Sith Master. Deciding to withdraw from the forefront of galactic events for the time being, Lumiya took up residence on the barren planet Moraband, where she began to plot her next course of action, while continuing to study the Sith Holocron from the Acolytes of the Beyond. Not long after her arrival on Moraband, Lumiya soon discovered not only was she was not the only inhabitant on the planet, but that she was not the only Force-Sensitive apprentice to continue the legacy of the Sith. Another practitioner of the old ways, former Jedi of the Old Republic Darth Krayt, had been a student of Sith teachings since before the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War. The ex-Jedi imparted his own ideals of the Sith to Lumiya, believing that to restore order and stability to the galaxy, they needed to abandon the Rule of Two and adopt a Rule of One, an new axiom of many Sith who operated as a single unit. Lumiya, a staunch adherent to Darth Bane's principles, rejected Hett's idea while calling him a false Dark Lord.

Nevertheless, Krayt extended an invitation to explore with him on the truth behind the Sith ancestral home, and perhaps the Dark Side itself. The self-proclaimed Dark Lord explained his own origins in learning the ways of the Sith, and how he had learned the truth of how the galaxy really came under the rule of the Galactic Empire. It in this explanation that Lumiya was told the truth of why Darth Vader wanted her to bring him Luke Skywalker, because Luke was his son, and from there she realized that Vader wanted Luke to stand by his side as an apprentice. Krayt again offered to show her his vision of an order of many Sith unified in the power of the Dark Side of the Force, seeing that Darth Krayt had the knowledge needed to finish her training, Lumiya accepted his offer. During her time on Moraband alongside Darth Krayt, Lumiya completed her Sith training she had begun so long ago under Darth Vader, and she finally achieved full status as Dark Lady of the Sith in both name and wisdom. Given a new purpose through the lessons of the ancient Sith that came before her, Lumiya retired her own personal desires of power in service of a destiny that would ensure the legacy of the Sith whether she lived to see it or died ensuring its passing. Despite her power over the Dark Side, the Dark Lady of the Sith knew deep down that she could not restore order to the galaxy alone because her cybernetics limited her power. 

Coming of the Great Darkness

But through her time with these Sith-Lords under Krayt's New Sith Order, Lumiya had came to see through visions of the Dark Side of the Force a great time of darkness was approaching. The visions that the Sith had been experiencing, foretold the coming of a dark entity from the great Unknown Regions that will bring about the fall of both the New Republic as well as the New Jedi Order, and from the ashes of their fallen order the followers of the Dark Side would rise once more, stronger than before. This dark entity would serve as perhaps the most powerful wielder of the Dark Side in galactic history, one who would reign as a dictator and return peace and stability over a tumultuous galaxy so often plagued by war. These visions of a possible future guided Lumiya into the future where the darkness returned from extinction. Along with this dark messiah came a following of warriors that would serve as extensions of the dark entity's will. Lumiya began to seek out this greater darkness foretold by her visions, and in the final months of the Galactic Civil War, Lumiya began to consolidate the Imperial resources under her command for a collective military force to aid her in her crusade against the Republic. While working once again with what was left of the Empire, she worked with Imperial Intelligence and in doing found Force-Sensitives, beings that could be molded into future followers of the Dark Side.

Establishing contact with her old Imperial ally Ysanne Isard, both women came to an agreement that the Galactic Civil War would soon be lost, with the New Republic gaining more support from the galaxy and the leaders of the Empire being selectively executed as part of a contingency that Darth Sidious had orchestrated. After the fall of the Galactic Empire in the aftermath of the Battle of Jakku, what little remnant forces of the Empire Lumiya and Ysanne Isard had managed to gather followed Grand Admiral Rae Sloane's faction into the unknown. Lumiya's forces were incorporated into the Imperial Remnants being gathered in the Unknown Regions, and with them came the influence of the Dark Side into the ranks of the forming Imperial faction. As time went by the visions of the mysterious dark entity became clearer, visions that she would follow deeper into the unknown in the hopes of finding this dark entity. Her time in the Unknown Regions revealed that the Dark Side was exceptionally strong in this territory, and Lumiya frequently basked in its power. Lumiya's long search ended when she encountered the dark being in her visions, an individual calling himself Snoke. As the galaxy descend further into a state of chaos, Lumiya pledged herself into the service of the Supreme Leader Snoke service upon witnessing his plans for the galaxy and beyond, showing her the visions she had been seen were the truth.

Fulfilling her Destiny

Lumiya believed that order and stability could only be imposed through the will of a Dark Lord of the Sith, but while Snoke agreed that a supreme will of authority was essential he deemed that the time of the Sith's existence was over, but that the legacy of the dark order would live on through the new warriors of the Dark Side to come. Together they conspired to restore peace to the galaxy through the ascension of a new generation of Force-Sensitive beings loyal to the ideals of the Dark Side, with Lumiya ensuring the old ways of the Sith including customs and traditions made their way into the this new order. Lumiya soon discovered Snoke's plan to assign these forces of darkness a master to lead them in the coming conflict, eventually learning that it was Ben Solo, the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa, who Snoke intended to bring to his side for some time. After evaluating the young boy destined to become the master of the Darksiders to come, she came to believe that the ascendancy of the Dark Side could only be realized through the line of Anakin Skywalker, so she contrived to assist Snoke in bringing the Skywalker's Sith legacy full circle through Darth Vader's grandson. Snoke for years used his power to reach out to the boy and plant the seeds that even then was turning him into who he would become. In the early days of the First Order, a plan was enacted that would destroy the New Jedi Order and corrupt Ben.

Since the end of the Galactic Civil War, the galaxy had remained at relative peace, however the remnants of the Empire had been installing the seeds of conflict and instability. Tensions rose within the New Republic as some were made to see the ways of the old Empire as salvation to maintain peace and stability. Decades after the end of the Galactic Civil War, Luke Skywalker had attempted to build his Jedi Order to honor the wishes of his fallen mentors, though it was not meant to pass. With the successful seduction of Ben Solo to the Dark Side, he was reborn the dark warrior Kylo Ren, who would lead the dark warriors known as the Knights of Ren against the Jedi, slaughtering them all with the exception of Luke himself. With her part in ensuring the fall of the Jedi done, Lumiya took it upon herself to hunt for the final Jedi so as to ensure total victory for the First Order, but accepting the possibility of death at the hands of Skywalker, for her part in the plot had already been done. The fate of death was something she accepted, welcoming rest from the weariness that overtook her in the end, born a life spent in relentless pursuit of a Sith destiny. Feeling a great change in the Force after the death of many Jedi, Lumiya could sense the subtle yet telling shift in the Force. After these events, Lumiya had become satisfied that her vengeance ahd been cemented against her enemies in retaliation for the demise of the Sith.

When Lumiya came into contact with Luke for the last time while he searched the first Jedi Temple, she surrendered herself to death in combat against her long-time nemesis. With little left to say to one another, the Dark Lady of the Sith and Jedi Grand Master dueled for a final time, a short duel which ended with Skywalker taking her life out of despair and grief, something that drove him into grief and threatened to taint him with the Dark Side. Snoke himself didn't think of her demise as a great loss, for the Dark Lady of the Sith had lived out her usefulness to him, with whatever resources she possessed now in his control including artifacts of the Sith to be used by the Knights of Ren in their quest in the coming war. Her part in ensuring the dark prophesy with the rise of Snoke and a warrior strong in the Dark Side who could bring the darkness back into the galaxy, gave Lumiya a sense of peace in the end. Despite the peace and justice she claimed to desire through Solo's transformation, nothing short of total war followed in his wake as he became more determined to bring the galaxy to heel. The compound tragedies of the New Jedi Order's destruction, the Dark Lady's trickery, and the making of the Knights of Ren along with their master left both Luke and his sister Leia with tremendous grief in the years that followed, thus honoring Lumiya's decades-old vow of revenge against the Last Jedi and the Princess of Alderaan.

Powers and Abilities


The Force: Shira Brie was naturally strong in the Force, but her initial dark side training consisted of rudimentary Force applications, as her primary focus was Imperial intelligence.Upon her turning into Lumiya, Shira Brie's already advanced training reached new plateaus by way of Sith wisdom bestowed upon her by Darth Vader. However, while unlimited paths to power were made available to and explored by Lumiya, her requisite prosthetic enhancements considerably limited her ability to realize many of them. She nevertheless displayed a great mastery with mind tricks and with telekinetic powers, although she considered her own facility with the latter to be somewhat limited. A wealth of Sith knowledge by way of the ancient texts, Sith Holocrons, and other artifacts was at her disposal. Lumiya's most prominent talent, however, lay in the creation of illusions of all kind: visual enhancements of one's appearance when viewed through reflective surfaces; concealment of her own appearance, and the reverse; dazzling alterations of reality; doppelgangers whose sustained damage was inflicted instead upon the perpetrator; phantasms born purely of the Dark Side. Diminished health elevated the strain and threatened to wrack Lumiya's with spasms of pain and exhaustion, but she was able to perfect the ability.


Master Spy: Shira Brie was trained as an espionage agent of the highest caliber at the Imperial Academy of Carida. She was hand-selected by Darth Vader himself to serve as his personal Rebel Alliance infiltrator, an assignment which she performed impeccably. She gave no hint of her true allegiance, and members of the highest tiers of the Rebel Alliance hierarchy had not the slightest clue of Major Brie's duplicity, even as she dwelt regularly amongst them. Her spy training granted her the ability to adapt to all environments and any situation, and allowed her to hide anywhere, and indefinitely. Between the employed agents, assumed identities, and Force illusions, Lumiya was able to infiltrate various buildings, residences, and organizations with its members none the wiser. She was an accomplished swimmer, a skilled slicer, and fluent in multiple languages, including the Galactic Basic Standard, Huttese, Mon Calamarian, and Bothan languages.

Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: As a cadet of the Imperial Military Academy of Carida, Brie partook in the extremely-aggressive training regimen, where her presence of mind and top-notch survival skills allowed her to excel. She became proficient in not only armed combat but also in all forms of hand-to-hand fighting. While knowledgeable of traditional Lightsabers, Lumiya preferred not to wield one; she instead preferred a custom-made weapon of ancient Sith design, one that she utilized with lethal efficiency and that was often more than a match for potential opponents. Indeed, she fought on equal and sometimes superior ground with Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker, widely considered the greatest living swordsman in the galaxy. Those unfamiliar with her weapon were immediately confounded, while some premeditated strategy in preparation for a confrontation with Lumiya. Others recognized their own inferiority and abandoned the idea.

Expert Pilot: A woman with a natural talent for astrogation, Shira Brie spent countless hours in combat simulation to sharpen her piloting skills. Perseverance paid off, and Brie graduated as the top student of her class. Afterward, she maintained a consistently high record of success throughout her time at the Carida Academy. Brie was able to fly space-bound vehicles of all kinds, and she operated their counter and defensive measures with a practiced hand. Lumiya's reputation as a crack starfighter pilot was extended to her service with the Rebel Alliance, where she flew T-65 X-Wing Starfighters and TIE/LN Starfighters in several key engagements. When she allied herself years later with aliens of the Unknown Regions, she dismayed opposing pilots in her prototype starfighter. Toward the end of her life she piloted and controlled an antiquated vessel, which had been created so many years ago by the Sith-Lords of ancient times.



The accident that left Lumiya terribly scarred required the fitting of extensive prostheses and additional engineering that increased her strength, stamina, and pain threshold. Her original prostheses included a rather awkward full suit of light body armor, equipped with a vocabulator and blasters incorporated into the hands. The improved durastee armor she received no longer included integrated blasters, but was impervious to vibro-based weapons and caused especially serious injury when an organic being connected with a physical attack. Extensive circuitry and life support systems comprised her replacement cybernetics, complete with a utility belt, stylized helmet, and life support girdle reminiscent of the late Lord Vader. A fine metallic sheen covered the surfaces of her armor and often reflected whatever light in which Lumiya found herself bathed. Both the original and replacement sets of armor were highly susceptible to close-range blaster fire. Lumiya kept replacement parts, along with the lubricants and protein drinks she required, in a locked room.


Shira Brie learned to handle a number of weapons as a student of the Carida Academy. She had extensive knowledge and experience with ranged energy blasters, throwing weapons, and projectile armaments In the wake of the Imperial defeat at Endor, Lumiya assumed direct control of a modest fleet of warships as she began to combine her resources, but eventually abandoned her considerable firepower and adopted more subtle methods of malice where brute force no longer availed. Poisons, explosive-rigged datapads, meter-long durasteel darts, vibroweapons, and lethal traps were all within her arsenal. She was able to disable a baradium warhead, even going as far as to extract the proton detonator charge and reinstall it as a combat fail-safe. Her signature weapon, however, was an ancient design by the ancient Sith, rarely seen among contemporary melee weapon handlers, constructed of iron and powered by shards of kyber crystal. She could incorporate the deactivated device into one of her prosthetic limbs, and other times concealed it under a sash.