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Lowbacca, Aboard the Millennium Falcon - By Jedi-Art-Trick
Lowbacca, Aboard the Millennium Falcon - By Jedi-Art-Trick
Vital statistics
Position Member of the New Jedi Order

Member of the Resistance Member of the Wookiee's Guard

Age 30
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 2.26 Meters
Weight Unknown

Lowbacca or "Lowie" was a Wookiee born on Kashyyyk, son of Kallabow and as a result the nephew of legendary Rebel hero Chewbacca. Growing up Lowbacca wanted to be a Jedi, and after years of preparation and hard work was introduced to the New Jedi Order where he would become a Jedi-Knight. He studied under Luke Skywalker's teachings and came to be a good companion of Rey.


Early Life

Lowbacca the Wookiee was born to Kallabow and Mahraccor, with his mother Kallabow being the sister of the famous Rebel hero Chewbacca. While growing up, he had had two passions: computer science and the study of Kashyyyk's complex plant life. The latter had prompted him to go alone into the dangerous lower levels of his homeworld's forests during his rite of passage to young adulthood, and to pit himself against the deadly syren plant.

Being a Wookiee, Lowbacca (also known as Lobbie) was a rarity among Jedi, as Force-sensitives were even less common among Wookiees than among other species, one being born only every century or so. Lowbacca was told by his uncle during one of his visits to Kashyyyk, that Luke was searching for talented Force-Sensitives to build a New Jedi Order and that Lowbacca would make a great additon. His hopes of being a Jedi were shattered when the First Order launched a massacre on the New Order and left it broken. Lowbacca had to let go his dream of being a Jedi and committed himself to becoming a warrior instead.

Warrior on the Wookiee Homeworld

23 years after the Battle of Yavin, when Lowbacca reached the age of 19, he was inducted into the Wookiee's guard and impressed many because of his skills. Lowbacca often acted as a medic for the warriors, given his knowledge of Wookiee biology and of other species. He also was one the Wookiee's best hackers, being able to access encrypted files and program layers of code. These skills made Lowbacca a valued asset to the guard of Kashyyyk, and would earn him the rank of one of the youngest highest ranked Wookiees in Wookiee history. One notable battle that took place was 5 years before the Battle of Starkiller Base when members of the First Order sent TIE Fighters to investigate weak spots across the planet hoping to attack it when the time came to invade. Lowbacca led a assault against the Fighters and managed to take them all out, but the pilots committed suicide before they could be interrogated. Their fighters would have been salvaged for information but they were rigged to blow in the event of discovery.

Lowbacca always disliked the First Order, and even now strongly believed that they were attempting to invade Kashyyyk, which would be a direct violation of the peace treaty. However the senate concurred that because there was no definite evidence that the First Order was even on the planet that they let the matter go despite there being Wookiee casualties. Lowbacca was enraged with the Senate's decision and believed that they were in denial of the threat the First Order presented being nearly similar to that of the Galactic Empire. Lowbacca then spoke out publicly about the First Order's aggressive and immoral actions, supporting Leia Organa's beliefs that First Order should be brought down just like the Galactic Empire once was.

Joining the Resistance

His speaking out against the First Order got the attention of high level operatives who believed that he might actually convince Senators to side with Organa, and decided that he needed to be removed. So the First Order's ally Xizor arranged for a few of this thugs to kidnap Lowbacca while he was still on Hosnian Prime. He was tortured by the thugs and told he was being punished for speaking out against the First Order. Just as they were about to finish the job and kill Lowbacca, a Resistance team arrived and saved Lowbacca from the thugs, before they could hurt Lowbacca further. Lowbacca was furious at the thugs for torturing him and so grabbed two of them and ripped their heads off in rage. Lowbacca after calming down after his gratitude to the Resistance for helping him escape his captors. They reveal that they were under orders form Leia Organa to recruit Lowbacca into the Resistance given his hatred toward the First Order.

Seeing as the First Order would only become more powerful, Lowbacca decided to join the Resistance, in their fight. But before he did, Lowbacca returned to Kashyyyk to say a proper goodbye to his family, and resign as chieftain to pursue a life as a member of the Resistance. His fellow Wookiee's did not argue with him given his past experiences but offered their luck and assistance should he need it. Lowbacca then left Kashyyyk and traveled to D'Qar, where he personally met Leia Organa who thanked him for joining their cause. She then tasked Lowbacca with scouting out First Order sites in the outer rim, where he would then infiltrate the facilities along with stealth troops, and hack into the First Order's network on several occasions and supply the Resistance with key information. His skills as a warrior were also put to use when the First Order attacked and the Resistance needed a Wookiee.

Becoming a Jedi

Lowbacca's career with the Resistance would last for years, earning him the rank of Captain. He was known to have served the Resistance leading up to the Starkiller Base battle, but was off planet at the time ruminvestigatingors of various Star Destroyers making their way beyond the borders. By the time the Battle of Starkiller Base had reached its end, Lowbacca was on his way back to inform the Resistance of the Star Destroyers. After making his way back to D'Qar he informed the leadership of First Order fleet movements into inner areas of the galaxy leading to the assumption that the First Order is moving in to conquer planets on the edge of the boundaries. Leia made would begin to make the necessary preparations on how to proceed, leading the Resistance into a full scale war.

Knowing of Poe Dameron's mission to find the map to Luke Skywalker, Lowbacca asked Leia if his mission was a success and if Luke could train him. Leia then told Lowbacca the story of how Poe's was separated from his droid BB-8 and how the two newest recruits of the Resistance Finn and Rey help bring the droid along with the map to the Resistance where they were able to locate Skywalker. Lowbacca was excited that Luke was found because he finally saw an opportunity to become what he always hoped he could be a Jedi. Sadly Leia informed Lowbacca that Luke was still deep in exile and she was still uncertain as to whether or not he was coming back at all.


Lowbacca was a serious fighter who loved the heat of battle. He had a slight sense of humor, but only used it when it was necessary. Of their core group of friends, Lowbacca enjoyed spending time with Rey because of her sense of humor and being the only one who understood him when speaking.

Powers and Abilities

The Force: Lowbacca is immensely powerful with the Force, which is impressive considering that Wookiees are rarely connected with it. After being trained by Luke Skywalker, Lowbacca learned how to use the following force abilities:

  • Precognition: The Force gives its users with discipline and subtlety of mind an extra sensory awareness and emphatic abilities that the user can use to gain, analyze, and interpret direct visual information about an people, location or physical event in the future, effectively giving them precognitive abilities and premonitions.
  • Telekinesis: The general ability to influence and manipulate a physical system without physical interaction through the control of the strength or energy attributed to physical action or movement, triggered by the users willpower, as well as being dependant on and controlled or affected by physical, mental or emotional strength, stamina, self control, awareness, intention, calmness, sobriety, alertness, and consciousness.
  • Telepathy: Such an ability allowed a user with discipline and subtlety of mind to mentally transmit or receive information to and from another. Force user, even from vast distances, including from one end of a galactic system to another.
    • Mind Control: A form of mental manipulation, mind controls are the hypnotic ability to influence and control weaker wills verbal ideas, orders or suggestions, which the victim then repeats then acts upon without hesitation.


  • Lightsaber Skills: With the training from Luke, Lowbacca is highly skilled in Lightsaber combat, and he is a very gifted duelist.

Weapons and Equipment


As a Jedi, Lowbacca's valued weapon and possession is his unique bronze-bladed lightsaber.