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Kanan Jarrus
Kanan Jarrus - By: KONAMI (Edit By: MaximusSupremo)
Kanan Jarrus - By: KONAMI (Edit By: MaximusSupremo)
Vital statistics
Position Jedi Knight of the (Jedi Order)
Age 32
Status Deceased (Spirit Intact)
Physical attributes
Height 1.91 Meters
Weight 80 Kilograms

Kanan Jarrus, born Caleb Dume, was a Human male Jedi of the Jedi Order who survived an Jedi Purge and would then go on to be apart of the Rebel Alliance. After this Purge, this Jedi Padawan went underground and then spent years concealing his truth about who he really was while hiding his Jedi abilities and taking on a new name. He'd found his new purpose as an member of the Ghost crew rebellion cell which had started the movement looking to strike back against a oppressive Empire. With an emergence of an young Force-Sensitive Ezra Bridger, Kanan began to embrace an Jedi heritage he had abandoned years before and did embrace an identity and responsibility as a Knight in the Jedi Order. In the course of his time with Ghost crew, Caleb would train Ezra as a Jedi Padawan while helping the rebels organize into an Alliance that would free the galaxy.


Early Life

Kanan Jarrus, known by an name Caleb Dume at the time in his early life, was during the waning years of their old Galactic Republic. As Caleb Dume was integrated into Jedi Order at an very young age, he would never know his parents, for he went straight from his home planet to the Jedi Temple at the capital world Coruscant, where he would be raised as an Jedi. During this era of the Clone Wars, young Jedi Caleb Dume's potential in the Force was noticed by another member in the order, Jedi Master Depa Billaba whose connection with Caleb Dume then had waken her up from an coma that she was put in and, after saving him from an attack at the Coruscant Jedi Temple made by Separatists, took a young Dume on as her own Apprentice.

Jedi Survivor

Extermination of the Jedi

By the end of a Clone Wars, he and his Master took part in Battle of Kaller, leading a Army of this Galactic Republic into taking back the planet from Separatist forces led by General Kleeve, whose departure would mean the end of the battle and system's surrender to the Galactic Republic. Though the meeting with Kalleran leader Gamut Key was marked by a discussion Kanan and two of the Master's Clone Commanders, Grey and Styles, had with the Kalleran scoundrel Janus Kasmir, who expressed little gratitude for the Jedi, prompting Billaba to silence her Padawan and clones as they moved to rest in the fields under the stars. While alone, Billaba told him she had been neglecting his training and practiced with him Form III until nighttime. Since his heart was at peace as he found his place in their galaxy, his master told him not to get too attached with life and lean to rule his emotions as they joined the troopers at a bonfire. Though teased about his inquisitive nature, Billaba gave him a holocron so he could study the role of questions and peaceful dissent in the Order.

Their relationship as Master and Apprentice sufficed to an end at that moment when Grey and Styles received Order 66, which branded all those within their Jedi Order as traitors to that Republic, from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, secretly a Sith Lord Darth Sidious. As they felt the slaughter of other Jedi across the galaxy throughout the Force, Kanan and his master were confronted by the once-friendly clones and became aware of the disadvantage. Kanan, only fourteen years old at that time, would forever be haunted by Billaba's last words to him, telling her apprentice to run from the clones as she held them back, apparently getting herself killed by Grey's blaster fire. The Apprentice evaded the clone patrols that searched for him for several days, refraining himself from sleeping out of a fear of getting caught in one spot to long and was forced to search the dumpsters for food due to not having any credit. Kanan was eventually found by the scoundrel Janus Kasmir, who tossed him an meiloorun and was about to walk away when the young Jedi begged for some shelter.

Concealing Jedi Teachings

The scoundrel Janus Kasmir let him borrow an spare bunk on his ship, the Kasmiri, then gave the young Jedi some new clothes so that he won't go running around in those Jedi robes. Though Caleb Dume was wondering what to do, Kasmir told him to lie, cheat and steal in order to survive. After working alongside scoundrel Janus Kasmir and a former General Kleeve for a time, an young Jedi suggested that Kasmir and Kleeve should work together as partners while he left to live on his own. Caleb took on the name Kanan Jarrus and forsook the Jedi teachings almost completely but still kept a Jedi Lightsaber and a Jedi Holocron with him. Forced to hide his Force-Sensitivity, Kanan kept the Jedi belongings away and forsook the ways of the Jedi for a long time, disguising himself as a freighter pilot, bounty hunter and frontier ranger. But in time, he found and collected spare Lightsaber parts. Kanan Jarrus' travels took him from such planets as Moraga to a world Gorse, where he'd worked as a freighter pilot, taking baradium bisulfate to moon Cynda, using his ship Expedient.

Eventually after Kanan had emigrated to the world Gorse, he'd met Okadiah Garson, who owned the bar called Asteroid Belt and helped him break up a brawl there. Through Okadiah Garson, Kanan had acquired the job as an pilot carrying a barium bisulfate compound for the Moonglow Corporation between Gorse and the moon, a job which he would have for several years. Although he resided at a flop house next door to Asteroid Belt for months he was later issued an standard Moonglow vessel humorously christened Expedient. Kanan had refused to support the mad-man Skelly's theory that the Galactic Empire were destroying Cynda by the mining operations on the moon. During this time Kanan had encountered Count Denetrius Vidian on the moon in a tense meeting, and afterwards Count Vidian continued to call him a Gunslinger. Skelly set up an explosion at zone 42 and Kanan Jarrus was almost caught in it, but he'd then used the Force abilities to stop rocks from falling on him. Thinking he might have revealed himself, he'd chosen to leave, returning to an Expedient.

However, Kanan had found Skelly, who was now being searched for on the moon of Cynda having been identified as the source of explosion at this zone 42 aboard his ship after he had taken off. He then handed Skelly to Gord Grallik back at Moonglow, intending to leave the company soon after. After that Kanan had got swept into the affair between Skelly and Vidian, who had the help of an Empire captain Rae Sloane. During this time, Kanan had met a Twi'lek Rebel by the name Hera Syndulla on the street along with Skelly and a Sullustan named Zaluna Myder all became wanted by Vidian and the rest of the Empire. They eventually managed to stop Vidian's plot to destroy Cynda and Skelly had ended up blowing up Count Vidian as well as himself while Kanan, Zaluna and Hera escaped. Zaluna settled down on another planet but prior to parting ways, Kanan bade farewell to Zaluna by lending her the Expedient. After they'd parted ways, Kanan joined the rebel Hera on the Ghost as a crewmember to help fight the Empire, eventually Kanan became leader in their Ghost crew.

Rebellion Jedi

Revelations of the Survivor

As an member in their Ghost crew, Kanan and Hera were joined by Syndulla's astromech droid C1-10P, better known as Chopper as the initial members of the Rebel crew, but overtime the numbers grew to include the Lasat Garazeb Orrelios and a Mandalorian named Sabine Wren since Kanan first arrived. Though they had fought against the Empire, Hera had been keeping the fact that they were part of a larger Rebel movement secret from even Jarrus. They were stationed at a Outer Rim world of Lothal and would often raid the Imperials for supplies as their forces at Lothal were reasonably weak at that time. While operating at Lothal, Kanan had sensed an Force potential of a young boy named Ezra Bridger. Jarrus took Ezra in and let him join their crew as an way to keep a close eye on his potential abilities. While on a mission to free some enslaved Wookiees, Kanan was put in a position where he was forced to reveal his training as a Jedi. After he had revealed his true nature, Kanan Jarrus decided to take a young Force-Senstive Ezra under his wing as an Jedi Padawan.

Jedi Mentor and Rebel Soldier

Ezra Bridger's Jedi training had experienced some ups and downs due to Jarrus' confidence lacking of his own abilities. These uncertainties almost lead to disaster when Kanan and Ezra were confronted by a foe known as a Grand Inquisitor. After managing to escape the Grand Inquisitor numerous times, and taking Ezra to an abandoned Jedi temple for further training, Kanan managed to find confidence in his abilities and defeat the Grand Inquisitor aboard an Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin's flag ship, the Sovereign. Kanan continued to help this rebel movement efforts, though his history with an military made him hesitant to work with some of the Clones and military personnel that supported their rebellion. After the nearly fatal encounter with Darth Vader, Kanan had to put aside his feelings and teamed up with a veteran Clone Troopers Rex, Wolffe, and Gregor. While Kanan and clones worked together against the Empire, he and Rex often disagreed on how to best train Ezra. Jarrus went on to become an key part in the early Rebel movement, going on an wide range of missions.  

Knighthood and Blindness

During a mission to the Lothal Jedi Temple in search of a way to defeat the Sith, Kanan met a Jedi Sentinel, and after an duel the Sentinel revealed his true identity as the fallen Grand Inquisitor and knighted Kanan a true Jedi Knight. During a mission to Malachor, Kanan was blinded by the former Sith-Lord Darth Maul. For months following the duel at Malachor, Kanan distanced himself from the other members of their Ghost crew, including his apprentice, as he became distraught over the loss of sight, Kanan didn't blame Ezra for what happened to him and what happened to Ahsoka Tano. Overtime Kanan Jarrus became increasingly concerned by Bridger's growing anger and his obession with learning how to destroy the Sith and willingness to work Maul to the point where he was prepared to risk exposing a Chopper base to the Empre to prevent Ezra working with the former Sith. During this same time, Sabine Wren had recovered an ancient Mandalorian Darksaber and, after Fenn Rau explained its importance, Kanan then taught Sabine how to wield this ancient Lightsaber.

During his time at Chopper base, Jarrus had befriended the mysterious force entity named the Bendu, who'd taught him to see things through the Force, so that after months of retreat, Kanan restored his connection to the Force and repaired the frayed relationship with Bridger. The reinvigorated Kanan Jarrus and his fellow rebels would continue fighting various adversaries including the brilliant Empire Grand Admiral Thrawn and Maul, who sought to corrupt Jedi Padawan Bridger and then destroy Obi-Wan Kenobi, the key to destroying the Sith. When Admiral Thrawn attacked Chopper Base, Kanan appealed to the Bendu for help which he does after Kanan angers it to the point where it attacks their Rebels forces and Imperials forces alike. Regaining his confidence, Kanan Jarrus aided his pupil and friend Sabine Wren rally Mandalorians over to the rebel cause. As the Rebel Alliance then escalated the struggle with the Galactic Empire, Kanan and his fellow Rebels returned to free the Outer Rim Imperial occupied world Lothal, a world which they had a special connection with.

Sacrifice of The Last Padawan

During the rebellion on Lothal one year prior to the Battle of Yavin, the rebellion attempted to disrupt the Empire plans of the TIE Defender mass production, however an attempted attack was thwarted by Admiral Thrawn, and as a result Hera was captured by Empire forces. The Rebels concocted a plan for Kanan, Ezra and Sabine to rescue Hera from Thrawn's clutches, returning to Capital city at night. After removing Hera from Empire custody, these rebels were to regroup at the Imperial fuel station before returning to base, during which time she finally admitted that she loved him, and they kissed. Unfortunately, before they could all escape Imperial Governor Pryce ordered an walker to fire at the fuel tower, causing a explosion. Kanan responded by using the Force to hold the flames back before sending this stolen transport out of blast radius, in doing so Jarrus ensured that the rebels would escape with their lives, but at an cost of his own. Before this fire consumed him, his eyes were restored, granting his wish to see Hera again. His sacrifice resulted in an Imperial setback.

Powers and Abilities


The Force: Kanan Jarrus was very powerful and has a very strong connection to the Force. Caleb showed capable skill in telekinesis, such as pinning Grand Inquisitor to the ceiling or pulling stormtroopers in before clothslining them, as well as pushing objects and multiple people and even restraining and holding people back for a time. The Jedi Knight Kanan could also could perform Force jump, such as when he escaped Agent Kallus, or when he leapt to slice the left legs of a walker, as well as mind tricks. Through his Jedi Master, Caleb Dume was able to receive Force visions, such as when he witnessed the Fall of the Jedi. Jedi Jarrus' sense allowed him to perceive certain events and even other Force users, like when he first felt Ezra Bridger's presence on Lothal, and when he sensed the loth wolves' deep connection to the Force. When Kanan was blinded by Maul, he used the Force to improve his senses and determine where Maul was so he could fight him. Under the tutelage of Bendu, he learned to see through the Force despite being blind. Due to his power Jarrus was able to interact with loth wolves. Before dying, Kanan contained an explosion long enough for his family to escape. 


Lightsaber Skills: The Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus was highly skilled in Lightsaber combat and was a gifted duelist. Caleb had some skill in Form III due to his training under Jedi Depa Billaba, who was a master in the style and emphasised the use in close quarter fighting. The Inquisitor noted Jarrus favoured the style "to a ridiculous degree". During his third duel with the Inquisitor, Jarrus' skill had improved with practice, something the Inquisitor acknowledged. In the final duel with the Inquisitor, Kanan demonstrated enough mastery of Jar'Kai to defeat the Jedi hunter. In addition to an Form III, Jarrus possessed skill in a Form V, which he had demonstrated on several occasions, to deflect blaster fire effectively. While he was skilled enough to hold off the Imperial Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother Inquisitors in combat, he still was unable to beat them. Despite being blind, Kanan was still able to spar with Sabine in a lightsaber training session. Later, blinded Kanan used the Force to guide him as he used his lightsaber to cut off the legs of an Imperial AT-AT Walker. Despite Jedi Knight Jarrus's Lightsaber skills, he was outmatched by the Trandoshan Foreman Proach, who wielded an electro-Whip.



Kanan Jarrus' Lightsaber: Kanan built an blue-bladed Lightsaber during the apprenticeship under Depa Billaba. Unlike a traditional Lightsabers, it is able to split into two pieces and reattach. This lightsaber built by Kanan Jarrus had a blade length adjustment control. During the reign of Emperor Palpatine, Jarrus kept the Lightsaber hidden. Rather than hang it on his belt by the belt ring, which would easily identify him as a Jedi, Kanan stored it directly on the belt as two separate pieces, with the main body and grip of that hilt at the small of his back and the emitter shroud on his left side. He merely needed to insert this emitter section into that main body and twist to lock together. Kanan's personal weapon also had a low-power setting to avoid injuring sparring partners during practice, in the setting, Jarrus' blade had the different shade of blue, and the weapon vibrated at a slightly higher pitch. Kanan would continue to wield his weapon as part of an early rebel movement and crossed blades with many opponents including Dark Lord Darth Vader, the Seventh Sister, the Fifth Brother, Eighth Brother, former Dark Lord Maul until shortly before he died when it was knocked from his grasp by Rukh.