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Jocasta Nu
Jocasta Nu, Chief Librarian of the Jedi Archives - By: KONAMI
Jocasta Nu, Chief Librarian of the Jedi Archives - By: KONAMI
Vital statistics
Position Jedi Master of the (Jedi Order)
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 1.69 Meters
Weight Unknown

Jocasta Nu a Human female, was a Jedi Master in Jedi Order who'd served as an Chief Librarian of the Jedi Archives during the last days of Republic, who tended to have overconfidence in the completeness of Jedi Archives. In the role, she helped a number of Jedi in finding intel they needed from Archives, and controlled access to their restricted Holocron Vault. Sometime prior to Invasion of Naboo, Jocasta was on Jedi Council. After the fall of the Old Jedi Order and the Republic, and the rise of the Galactic Empire in their place, she'd survived the purge of the Jedi unlike many fellow Jedi then went into hiding, and all the while attempting to preserve what she could of their ways. Determined to put a permanent fall to all of the Jedi, an newly crowned Emperor dispatched dark agents in the form of Darth Vader and the Inquisitorius to hunt her down, a hunt which did culminate with Jocasta Nu's death at the hands of Lord Vader.


Jedi of the Order

Being brought into an Old Jedi Order during the final decades of the Old Galactic Republic, it is likely Jocasta Nu was found by a recruiter to be Force-Sensitive around her infancy before being she was brought to the Jedi Temple for training. Raised in a youngling clan, she passed the Trials of the academy and was eventually selected by an Master for one-on-one training. Passing the Jedi Trials, Nu pursued the path of Consular then became an researcher specializing in the field of archaeology. Completing the training of the Padawan, Nu was made a Jedi Master and began to perform the duties of an archivist in their Archives. Eventually, Nu was appointed Chief Librarian of Jedi Archives and Library located inside an Coruscant Jedi Temple.  

Chief Librarian of the Archives

She had complete confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the records she maintained, suggesting that an item that did not appear in that library did not exist. During her tenure as Chief Librarian, Nu was appointed to Jedi High Council, serving for years before stepping down. Due to her pride of the Archives, she voiced an opinion to fellow Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi when he came to Jedi archives in search of planet Kamino, based on information from his friend Dexter Jettster. Nu was not familiar with Kamino and noted that it was not in their archives, becoming irritated when Kenobi suggested her records could be incomplete. She left him to his investigations, seeing to Zett Jukassa. With Clone Wars underway, the High Council became increasingly concerned with protecting the Archives as more and more Jedi were called away from Coruscant to fight on the front lines. Discovering that the files had been purged from the Archives' data banks, the integrity of Jedi Archives came into question much to their Chief Librarian Nu's embarrassment. Working in cooperation with the Councils, Nu was always advised of missions so that she could help prep reports for their Jedi about to depart.

 Following the First Battle of Felucia, Nu was assigned Anakin Skywalker's Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, to serve as the Jedi Archives new security officer after the young Togruta was assigned to Temple duty for disobeying orders. She took Tano on a tour of the archives, and showed her the entrance to Jedi Holocron Vault, explaining that only members of the Jedi Council were allowed access due to sensitive information contained inside. When the Jedi Temple was put on high alert due to Cad Bane's efforts to break into the Temple, Nu informed an Master Ord Enisence of this after noticing him in the archives working at a terminal seemingly unconcerned. However, she was then knocked out by Ord Enisence, who was actually a Clawdite bounty hunter Cato Parasitti in disguise and working as Bane's accomplice in the heist. Nu was then dragged away and relieved of her Lightsaber by Parasitti, who shapeshifted to impersonate an Master Librarian. Ahsoka subdued the bounty hunter after determining that she was an imposter. After she recovered, she and Tano took Parasitti away and brought in more security, but weren't able to stop the bounty hunter Bane from fleeing with an Jedi Holocron. 

After Plo Koon discovered the wreckage of a vessel on the desert moon of Oba Diah that was identified as the ship of a former Jedi Council member Sifo-Dyas and which did still contain his Lightsaber, Nu was asked to brief the Jedi Council on the events surrounding the Jedi Master's demise. She informed them that Sifo-Dyas' last assignment was to Felucia, where he was killed attempting to negotiate a peace treaty between two tribes. The Master Plo inquired about the status of Sifo-Dyas' body, and she informed him that Nu didn't know as any of further record on that mission had been ordered sealed. Mace Windu asked who had sealed them, then she revealed that Office of Supreme Chancellor was responsible. Mace thanked Nu for her briefing and she took her leave to allow the Jedi Council to discuss the situation. Near the end of the Clone War, Nu explained to Caleb Dume, Sammo Quid, and Tai Uzuma, three Initiates who had passed the Initiate Trials, how Jedi chose Padawans. Dume questioned how and why Jedi settled on that method to choose the Padawans and if anyone questioned it. Nu noted that he did question it, but he wanted to know how their method was developed.  

Preserving the Ways of the Jedi

She survived the destruction of the Jedi and during the early stages of this Jedi Purge attempted to gather and preserve whatever she could of their Jedi Order's legacy. Nu went into hiding and started recording Holocrons and collecting intel alongside an assistant Gar, in a attempt to start the new school for a new generation of Jedi. Nu was included in a list of possible survivors, which Darth Sidious gave to the Grand Inquisitor. The Inquisitorius was instructed to find Nu, though Sidious requested Darth Vader to bring Nu to him alive. Sidious believed that Nu had a way to access key information to the future of the Empire which was hidden away in the Jedi Archives. Nu realized that the Jedi Archives contained a Jedi Holocron with a list of the Force-Sensitive children catalogued prior to Order 66, and returned to Coruscant to rescue it, bypassing Clone Troopers with a mind trick to enter the Temple. Shocked at the devastation within, she spotted a Grand Inquisitor poring over the knowledge she once kept, but forced herself to focus on her mission. Entering the secret vault within the Archives, Nu reunited with Cator and retrieved the Holocron, leaving this droid on guard once more, but upon sighting the Inquisitor, she accosted him with her Lightsaber, offended that he'd read her books only to toss them aside.

After a brief lightsaber duel against the Grand Inquisitor however, she was bested and as he prepared to deliver the final blow, he was interrupted by Vader's blocking saber. Vader demanded her alive; in the confusion Nu telekinetically hurled several books at the two and fled. She later retreated to an computer access room in the Library and then subsequently initiated deletion of the archive files. As Vader continued his pursuit, she assembled a weapon capable of fighting Vader for the next round. After failing to kill him with the weapon and ruining her Lightsaber in the process, she'd attempted to kill Vader by self-destructing it but he managed to redirect it so that it blew a hole in the Temple's outer wall. Grabbing a green-bladed Lightsaber from a shelf, Jocasta Nu took an opportunity to escape out the gap, but was forced to fight off several Coruscant Guard shock troopers led by Commander Fox, who'd also fired at Darth Vader by mistake due to Fox neglecting to provide a description of the Dark Lord of the Sith. Snapping this Clone Commander's neck, Vader ordered the Imperial troopers to take the Jedi Master Jocasta Nu alive, stopping her with the Force after she had then attempted to commit suicide so in order to deny the Order of the Sith Lords the information which Jedi Chief Librarian did possess.

Restrained and confined aboard a patrol transport, Nu was forced to watch as Vader accessed the coveted information: the Kyber memory crystal, containing a list of all the known Force-Sensitive children in the galaxy. Though regarded with contempt by the Imperial troopers restraining her for being a Jedi, Jocasta Nu then had revealed that they'd been taking orders from one themselves. Vader was in fact fallen Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, which Nu had learned from Cator as the droid held off Vader beforehand. Vader then proceeded to blast all Imperial shock troopers out of the gunship, killing them in order to keep his secret. When Nu inquired as to what her fate would be, Darth ignited his Lightsaber yet met no resistance from Jedi Master Nu, who accepted her death. The list of names was then destroyed by Vader, to ensure that his master could not use it to find and train other Sith apprentices. Though Nu perished on her failed mission to locate a number of Jedi students, her sacrifice was ultimately not in vain. Her vault of Jedi artifacts and knowledge was guarded faithfully by Gar for many years until he grew too old to continue protecting it and sealed it. Her vault, and information it held, was later uncovered many years after she died by Luke Skywalker, who was attempting to build a New Jedi Order.


The Force: Despite being far from the strongest Jedi Force user or a Lightsaber combatant, Nu was still capable in both regards and possessed basic skills as a Jedi. She was therefore able to use telekinesis, which she could use as a tool or as a weapon, from activating and assembling a holocron to summoning the books in Jedi library to fire them at the Lord Darth Vader and the Grand Inquisitor. Additionally, Jocasta demonstrated skill in the mind mind trick, which she used on clones to get them to ignore her. While she was well past her physical prime, Nu also demonstrated the feats of physical prowess, like the jumping down several stories from a crater made in the wall of their Jedi Temple. As Lightsaber duelist, she was skilled enough to briefly hold her own against Grand Inquisitor, until Nu was overwhelmed by his own skills and his strength. She could also deflect several blaster bolts fired at her by numerous troopers. Achieving all the basic Force skills at the academy during her younger years, she'd pursued the studies of a Jedi Consular, perfecting her researching skills through her studies as an archaeologist. While Nu retired from combat missions in her later years, she still wore an Lightsaber proudly as a reminder of her active years, during which she had received a thin vertical scar along her cheek.