Jerec, Jedi Historian and Imperial Inquisitor - By: RileyStark
Vital statistics
Position Imperial Inquisitor
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 1.86 meters
Weight Unknown
Jerec was a Miraluka Jedi Master and Jedi Researcher who turned to the Dark Side of the Force in the time of the dawn of the Galactic Empire, becoming a feared Inquisitor even before the Galactic Civil War. Jerec was the student of Jedi scholar Jocasta Nu, and became a specialist among researchers of the Jedi Order, versed in knowledge of the ancient past of the Jedi, especially the Sith. A Jedi Master during the Clone Wars, he was on a long-term deployment while searching for ancient knowledge in deep space when Order 66 was issued. Upon his return to the galaxy, Jerec was found by members of the Imperial Inquisitorius and turned to the Dark Side of the Force. Jerec served the Galactic Empire as an Inquisitor for a great many years. However in truth, Jerec was devoted to himself. He continually sought ways to increase his power through ancient knowledge and overtake political power for himself.

Biography Edit

Career as a Jedi Edit

Jerec was a Miraluka, a near-Human species born blind but with the ability perceive their surrounding environment in the form of Force sight instead of regular vision. Jerec wore a thin blindfold over where his eyes should have been throughout his life; this, along with the relative rarity of the Miraluka, which may have contributed to the widespread assumption that he was a blind Human. As a child, the young Jerec was found by Jocasta Nu of the Jedi Order as having a connection in the Force. Nu brought him to the Jedi Order for training. Nu, a Council member, maintained an interest in the young boy and took him as her Padawan. A committed scholar herself, she encouraged him to continually quest for great knowledge and understanding. He developed a voracious thirst for answers to all possible questions, as well as picking up a deep sense of scholarly self-assurance and confidence in his knowledge. His pursuit of learning extended to the physical disciplines, as he mastered the ancient Form II of Lightsaber dueling.

Jerec was apprenticed to the Jedi Master, Jocasta Nu, and became a Jedi archaeologist much like his master, versed in knowledge of the Jedi's past, especially the Sith. A Jedi Master during the Clone Wars, he was on a long-term deployment searching for ancient knowledge in the Unknown Regions when Order 66 was issued. Upon his return, Jerec was found by the Inquisitorius and turned to the dark side.

Jerec served the Empire as an Inquisitor for many years. However, Jerec was in truth devoted only to himself. One of the most powerful Dark Jedi in the Empire, Jerec continually sought ways to increase his power and take the Empire for himself, even doing so by recruiting the Inquisitors Sariss, Yun, and Boc Aseca to serve him while he gained the power needed to rule the Empire . One of his chief obsessions was the legends of the Valley of the Jedi on the lost planet of Ruusan, which contained vast amounts of trapped Force power via the souls of a vast quantity of deceased Jedi. After the Emperor's death at the Battle of Endor, Jerec was recruited by Snoke to serve as one of his Knights of Ren with the promise of great power, to which Jerec accepted. Snoke then sent Jerec along with fellow knight Desann to the Valley of the Jedi where Snoke would use the nexus to use in his experiments enhancing his Dark-Side agents. Kyle Katarn then led a squad of mercenaries to secure their facility and stop the Knight's from abusing the power of the Valley, and prevent anyone from ever doing so agan. During the conflict against the Jedi Jerec abandoned Desann and retreated into the Valley to gather it's power. Despite what he had obtained he was stricken down by Kyle in the end, because Kyle used both the Light and Dark Side of the force with each other to defeat him. After his death, Jerec's enhanced body was taken by Kylo Ren to use for Snoke's experiments. After Jerec's death, his followers abandoned his crusade and swore their allegiance to Snoke, havng no where else to turn.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Force: Jerec was a powerful user of the Force; Jerec's natural power was greatly augmented by the Valley of the Jedi; tapping even a stray stream of its power allowed him to approach what he felt to be omnipotence. Qu Rahn, as a Force ghost, warned Kyle Katarn that with the Valley's power, Jerec could wipe out life with a simple thought; Jerec felt much the same way about his possible power. His time in the Valley itself brought him to a state of godlikeness, experiencing perfect omniscience and escalating his powers to unimaginable levels.

Jerec was talented at reading minds; he was able to pry information even from actively resisting consciousnesses.Other areas of particular power were telekinesis, in which he had great control, and in the defensive aspects of lightsaber fighting; Jerec's defense was a difficult one to penetrate.

Jerec was proficient in other Force powers as well; Jerec also mastered what may have been simply a stronger application of the same power: largeblasts of devastating explosive Force energy which would not merely release kinetic force against an opponent but would deal heavy damage, badly wounding or killing the enemy. Jerec had also mastered Force lightning, as well as being able to emanate his hatred through the Force in waves of darkness and rage so intense as to disorient and disable his enemies; powerful dark side skills indeed.

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  • Lightsaber Skills

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  • Lightsaber