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Jaro Tapal was a Force-Sensitive Lasat male, he was a Jedi Master, during the Clone Wars he served Galactic Republic as a Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic. And he was a Jedi Master to Cal Kestis until his death during Order 66.

Personality and traits

Jaro Tapal was an imposing Lasat male with gray hair, green eyes, and purple skin. Having served as a member of the Jedi Order, Tapal adhered to a firm and disciplined doctrine, the tenets of which he imparted to his apprentice Cal Kestis through their training sessions together. He participated in the Clone Wars as a general and defender of the Republic, noting that while the Jedi did not seek aggression, they would stand against it. He also trusted in the will of the Force; with his dying breath, he told Kestis to trust the Force also.

Among his troops, Tapal was not known for his patience. Shortly before Order 66, the clones that Kestis passed on his way to the training area advised the Padawan to not keep his Master waiting for long. During their sessions together, Tapal was not displeased by Kestis' mistakes, even when Kestis himself began to feel discouraged. Instead, he taught his apprentice to embrace his failure and learn from it, and to not be weighed down by ego or pretense. Persistence was a trait that Tapal valued, and as such, he encouraged Kestis to keep persisting until he achieved success in his trials. Although Tapal was demanding with Kestis in his training, he was concerned for the safety of his apprentice, so much so that even though wounded, he continued to resist as much as he could against the clones when they betrayed them and tried to kill them. As a Jedi, he believed it was important to let go of what one feared to lose in order to rise above their fear.

Powers and Abilities


  • Lasat Biology: As a Lasat, Jaro Tapal was also physically strong and durable, managing to subdue several of his former troops with simple kicks or headbutts and was not killed immediately after being struck by an albeit-fatal barrage of blaster shots, notably shrugging off the first of these wounds like it was nothing.
    • Lasat Strength: As a Lasat Jaro Tapal is physically stronger then most other sentient beings.
    • Lasast Durability: As a Lasat Jaro Tapal is physically durable then most other sentient beings. He was able to withstand gunshot wounds from Clone Troops longer than other sentient beings before he succumbed to his injuries.
  • The Force: As a Force-sensitive he had conection to the Force and he was skilled in the use of various Force powers particularly telekinesis. During the execution of Order 66, Tapal relied heavily on his telekinetic abilities, using the Force to levitate and incapacitate multiple clone troopers at the same time. Even when wounded by several blaster shots to the torso, he was still able to call on the power of the Force, lifting three clones and slamming them into the ceiling. His connection to that mysterious energy field allowed him to sensebsjxj a great disturbance in the Force, enabling Tapal to kill the clone commander that attempted shoot the Jedi Master from behind.


  • Lightsaber skills: Jaro Tapal was wery well trained in lightsaber combat particularly the use of a double-bladed lightsaber. He used his lightsaber with deadly purpose while defending himself and his apprentice, and succeeded in killing numerous troopers on his own beforedndj a group of clones managed to overwhelm him with blaster fire.
    • Form VI: Jaro Tapal is skilled in Niman


  • Jaro Tapal's lightsaber: Double-bladed lightsaber originaly belonged to Jedi Master Jaro Tapal. He owned it until the Order 66, Jaro Tapal during Order 66 gave it to Cal and he kept his fallen master's saber with him during the five years he spent in hiding on Bracca until it was damaged on Dathomir when a Force vision involving his master resulted in the kyber crystal shattering. Keeping the remnants of idjdjdthe weapon with him, Cal would eventually integrate them, along with elements of Cere Junda's lightsaber, into the new lightsaber he constructed on Ilum


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