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Jan Dodonna
Jan Dodonna - By: KONAMI
Jan Dodonna - By: KONAMI
Vital statistics
Position General of the (Rebel Alliance)
Age 89
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 1.82 Meters
Weight Unknown

Jan Dodonna was a soldier from planet Commenor who first served within the naval forces of the Galactic Republic during Clone Wars. Jan was one of the first naval Captains of an Star Destroyer in the final days of the Republic, having served with distinction in the Clone Wars. Following the rise of the Empire, Jan would continue to serve as a Captain in the Imperial Navy until his defection to the Rebel Alliance. Within the rebels he'd served as a General in the struggle against an Empire tyranny. Leading Massassi Unit, one of the largest cells in Senator Bail Organa's network of rebels, and elements of his Massassi cell were part of forming the Rebel Alliance, and he would be part of Rebel Command, as well as military leader of rebels hidden base on Yavin 4. Through his long period of service, Dodonna showed his strong grasp of tactics and strategy, and with Gial Ackbar, Jan was considered the authority on modern combat.


Early Career

Jan Dodonna was born on planet Commenor. He'd started a career in the Republic's Judicial Forces, serving with the rank of the Lieutenant. Dodonna would hold the rank of Captain by the time of the Clone War and first rose to prominence during the wars, becoming one of the finest Captains in the Republic Navy. Alongside his fellow captain Terrinald Screed, Dodonna commanded the two task forces. After he had achieved great victories battling a Confederacy within the Galactic Core, Jan and Screed both returned to Coruscant as war heroes, and he was awarded for his actions three weeks after a battle he had fought on Anaxes. He physically supported Screed, who then suffered from nearly-mortal injury. His grasp for strategy keen, he along with others, revolutionized the space combat tactics.

Imperial Service

Losing Faith in a Empire

As the Republic became the Galactic Empire, Dodonna served loyally for a time, even advising some to stay quiet about feelings on the alleged "Jedi Rebellion". When the Sy Myrthian Insurrection began, after a Separatists Senator Toonbuck Toora managed to reactivate an droid army in the Foundry of a Confederacy of Independent Systems, Jan Dodonna had then given command of their force to suppress it. Jan Dodonna led Twelfth Army for several months of attritional fighting on the planet Diado. After reducing an Senator Toora's forces there, they subsequently won another victory at Metalorn, before besieging Sy Myrth. Under Dodonna's expert guidance, Imperial forces eventually defeated the Separatists there. Jan Dodanna had then chased down Toora's flagship, Defiance's Banner, with a task force led by the Praetor-Class Star Battlecruiser. The end of the campaign came in the Trasemene System, after the Imperial task force cornered Toonbuck Toora's fleet there. In the ensuing battle, Jan Dodonna's Imperial ship had ripped apart a Senator Toonbuck Toora's fleet with its turbolaser batteries, killing Toora and ending an insurrection. Jan's victories were celebrated in the Core Worlds.

In time Jan Dodonna's loyalty to the Empire gradually became tested as it resorted to ever-more brutal acts of a reprisal against purported sedition. Though he disliked what the Imperial regime was becoming, Dodonna's loyalty as an soldier led him to refuse to speak ill of it. Furthermore, he'd regarded the fledgling Rebel Alliance as an foolish provocation that would only cause chaos and misery. Dodonna refused many offers for him to join her fledgling resistance movement, an act he considered treasonous. However, some COMPNOR officials had deemed Dodonna poor candidate for a Imperial "retraining" for an Emperor's use, and after deciding he was less potentially dangerous dead, ordered his assassination. The rebellion learned of the assassination order, and sent a messenger team to warn Dodonna. Jan Dodonna scoffed at first, having lost much of his fighting spirit after so many years, and the team set up to leave. However, the arrival of the assassins re-awakened spirit, and he fled. Disillusioned with the Empire on ideological grounds, a assassination attempt changed his perceptive and having become disillusioned with the Empire, soon after, he defected to a growing rebellion.

Alliance Service

Early Rebel Movement

An rebellion movement in the early Imperial reign was made of loose collection of cells coordinated by Bail Organa. Five years before the Battle of Yavin, Dodonna had risen to command one of these teams of rebels, the Massassi Unit, in his fight against the Empire. Three years later Jan Dodonna commanded one of the largest rebel cells in the entire rebellion, based on Yavin 4, the fourth moon of Yavin, in the Gordian Reach. In this year, elements of an Phoenix Squadron, which also operated as part of the rebel network, managed to steal five antiquated Y-Wing assault starfighter/bombers from an Imperial salvage yard in order to deliver them to Jan Dodonna and his unit. The Y-Wing eventually made their way to the group starfighter auxiliary, a Gold Squadron, led by a Captain Jon 'Dutch' Vander. Gold Squadron was later assigned to escort the fugitive Senator Mon Mothma, branded an Imperial traitor and forced to flee, for an rendezvous at Dantooine. Later, General Dodonna along with Senator Bail Organa and several rebels personnel listened to live HoloNet broadcast by the former Senator denouncing the Empire and urging all to rise up, which led to the official formation of the Alliance.

After the official formation of the Alliance, General Dodonna led his fleet in the Battle of Atollon, a clash with the Seventh Fleet under Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo, or Thrawn, a fearsome tactician responsible for the destruction of several rebel cells in the past, who was also intent on capturing Dodonna as well as the rest of the high-ranking rebels gathered on the planet. Dodonna first made the difficult decision to evacuate several ships, but when their fleet was blocked from hyperspace by an Interdictor, he worked with Hera Syndulla and Commander Sato in devising a strategy. While planning the defense of Chopper Base, rebel General Dodonna predicted that Thrawn would deploy his forces through an narrow canyon leading to Chopper Base. Despite destroying several AT-DP walkers, rebels were unable to stop Thrawn's AT-AT walkers and Stormtroopers from storming the base. Before Thrawn could captured them, the powerful mysterious Force entity known as Bendu attacked the base with lightning. Dodonna and the other rebels were able to flee aboard a rebels vessel Ghost. Weathering the thunderstorm, the fleeing rebel convoy reached space and make the way to moon Yavin 4.

Attack on a Death Star

Years after their defeat of Atollon, General Dodonna commanded at Great Temple of Massassi, which was a main rebel headquarters, considered its most important base and "hidden fortress" from the Imperials. By this point, Dodonna was elevated to Alliance High Command, and was present at the base as Operation Fracture confirmed the existence of the Imperial mobile battle station superweapon capable of destroying entire planets, known as the Death Star. Although the High Command was divided in their response to the threat, the squad Rogue One launched an unauthorized mission to steal the plans in hope of discovering a weakness that would allow the Alliance to destroy the station. A resulting Battle of Scarif resulted in the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War and open warfare against the Empire, and the plans would be successfully retrieved from the Scarif Citadel Tower in an attempt to return them to an General Dodonna to be analyzed.

After the plans made their way to rebels headquarters and an weakness installed in the battle station by Galen Erso was found, Jan Dodonna designed an attack strategy that would set a group of starfighters into battle against the Death Star with the mission to fire proton torpedoes into the station's exhaust port and destroy it. This led to the Battle of Yavin, the conflict which Dodonna and other rebel leaders monitored from Yavin 4. Just as a Death Star came into range to destroy Yavin 4, and Dodonna with it, the station was destroyed by Luke Skywalker. The General was present at an Royal Award Ceremony commemorating the battle station's destruction, announcing at the conclusion of the award event that they'd be evacuating Yavin 4, as the Empire now knew the location of their base. Jan immediately began screening new worlds that could be suitable to establish a new rebels base operations, quickly dismissing Insk and Daxan Beta as candidates.

Later Career in Military

Following the Yavin 4 evacuation, Dodonna joined the Alliance Fleet and helped the rest of the rebellion leaders oversee the war effort. Shortly after the assault on the Empire Weapons Factory Alpha on Cymoon 1, He'd met with the Princess Leia, Chancellor Mon Mothma, and Admiral Gial Ackbar to discuss the rebels next steps and the need to locate the new base of operations. Several days later, the rebel fleet received an distress call from R2-D2, Skywalker's astromech droid. This droid reported that Skywalker had been captured by Grakkus the Hutt, a crime lord on Nar Shaddaa. Dodonna met with Mon Mothma and Ackbar to discuss the situation, and expressed his confusion as to why Luke had been on crime-ridden moon of Nar Shaddaa in the first place. Gial Ackbar proposed that they rescue the hero, but Mon noted that they couldn't make moves against the Hutt Clans, and that no one would be brave enough to volunteer for a rescue mission.

Their meeting was then interrupted by Chewbacca, and Dodonna noted that he seemed to be willing to do so alongside the protocol droid C-3PO. Chewbacca successfully rescued Luke with the help of Princess Leia and Han Solo, who had learned of Skywalker's situation and went to his aid. Rebel Alliance High Command soon received word that their rebels garrison on Vrogas Vas had engaged Darth Vader and shot his star-fighter down after taking heavy casualties. Dodonna decided that Vader represented a significant threat and target of opportunity, and dispatched a battalion to reinforce the rebels on a planet in the effort to kill the Sith Lord. Sometime later he ordered the mission that lead to the discovery of a ice planet Hoth. Jan's efforts to end the Imperial tyranny payed off, as he helped form New Republic following the Battle of Endor and defeat an Empire. Shortly after the war, he chose to retire, and decades later he'd peacefully passed away.