Jaden Korr
Jaden Korr - By Christian McGrath
Jaden Korr - By Christian McGrath
Vital statistics
Position Member of the New Jedi Order

Member of the Resistance

Age 33
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Jaden Korr was a talented student of the New Jedi Order who was guided by the spirit of his deceased master Kyle Katarn into becoming a Jedi Knight.


Origins and Recruitment

Jaden Korr was born and raised on Coruscant capital of the Galactic Empire by his uncle. Jaden was guided by the force to the lightsaber that had once belonged to Ahsoka Tano. The lightsaber was greatly damaged after its previous duel, so Jaden used his uncle's garage to repair it. Afterwards Jaden kept the lightsaber hidden as to not allow the Empire believe he was a escaped youngling. After the Empire fell, Luke Skywalker was searching for Force-Sensitive children, and after Jaden approached him with his lightsaber, Luke took him in to be trained.

Massacre and Exile

Jaden was then taken to the Jedi training area where he would be paired with his teacher Kyle Katarn. Shortly after his training had begun, Ben Solo betrayed the New Jedi Order, and launched an attack on the training center. Many of the students were slain, but Jaden escaped thanks in part to his master ensuring his survival. Jaden was evacuated along with the other few surviving padawans to Leia Organa, who would ensure that they be hidden from the First Order. Jaden was curious as to why his master was not coming with him, and Kyle told him he had a mission to complete, but that he would always be there to guide Jaden, after which Kyle left for his mission to the Valley of the Jedi. After his master died at the hand's of Kylo Ren Jaden could feel it and was devastated by his loss. Kyle then appeared to Jaden as a Force-Ghost and told him that he would resume his training, however Leia Organa suggested to Jaden that it was not safe. In response Jaden took one of the Resistance's shuttles and set course to one of Rebel Alliance's old outposts on one of the moon's of Hoth where he would complete his training, through the guidance of his master.

Return to the Order

By the time of the Luke Skywalker's return, Jaden followed and joined him in his mission to reignite the New Jedi Order. With his skills highly advanced considering the fall of the Order, Luke proclaimed him Jedi Knight. Jaden then went on to join the fight against the First Order and their Sith allies.

Powers and Abilities

The Force: With the training from Kyle Katarn Korr continuously improved his Force abilities, becoming an advanced practitioner of Force Jump, Force speed, Force sense and telekinesis. 

Korr's most peculiar trait was his capacity for mastering both light and dark-side oriented Force powers, especially Force lightning. When he felt angered or afraid, Korr tended to uncontrollably produce a powerful, green-colored variation of Force lightning.Korr's Master, Kyle Katarn, who also displayed similar feats through his use of Force lightning and Force choke, told his student to embrace that trait. Katarn taught Korr that the Force was inherently neither light nor dark, and one could use the powers traditionally affiliated with either side.


  • Lightsaber Skills: Korr was highly skilled with a lightsaber, echoing his master's swordsmanship. At first, he utilized the medium style but eventually mastered both the fast and strong styles.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Jaden has had multiple Lightsaber's throughout his life.
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