IG-88 - By: KONAMI
Vital statistics
Position Bounty Hunter
Age 18
Status Destroyed
Physical attributes
Height 1.96 Meters
Weight 140 Kilograms

IG-88, also identified as a Project Phlutdroid, was the first of a IG-Series assassins droid models. Created by the Holowan Laboratories as part of one secret project, IG-88 had rather a violent awakening. Upon its being first activated, IG-88's own intelligence quickly expanded to the brink of sentience due to a package of programming installed within. IG-88 did believe himself to be superior to organic beings, and, when the droid scientists in the lab concerned with his newfound level of the droid intelligence they attempted to shut him down, the IG-88 droid proceeded to slaughter them. After it gone rogue, IG-88 pursued a career as an bounty hunter, soon becoming one of the most feared in the galaxy, with a reputation for murdering.

Many people in the galaxy did fear droids, with memories of a Clone War still fresh in their minds during the following Age of the Galactic Empire. But what is more terrifying than an battle droid or an assassin droid, robotic killers programmed to be a self-ruling unit with no masters to answer to. In a aftermath of the Battle of Hoth, the battered chrome war droid IG-88 along with other bounty hunters were called by an Empire Dark Lord Darth Vader to his Imperial flagship of Star Dreadnought class Executor where they were hired to hunt the ship of Millennium Falcon and the rebels crew. While pursuing this job he proved unable to track the rebels, instead tracked his chief rival Boba Fett, to Bespin, where bounty hunter Fett destroyed the droid.


Making of IG-88 Droids

IG-88 First Coming Online

The assassin droid designated IG-88 was created as the first of a new breed of IG-Series assassin droids built in secret by Holowan Laboratories on the world Halowan sometime after the end of the Clone Wars as part of Project Phlutdroid. This top-secret scientific experiment was the brainchild of an ambitious Imperial officer of the Galactic Empire, who then hoped that through this project he would gain prestige by creating a new line of assassins droids. The IG-88 droid was a part of a squad of prototype droids made to be an successor to their droid IG-100 MagnaGuards, IG-86 Sentinel Droids, and other IG models of the Clone Wars, were created in Holowan Laboratories. It was the hope that these droids would prove successful enough to move forward with the project, hence the funds embezzled from other programs to fund the pet project. Immediately after being activated, IG-88 processed his situation using logic unseen in an droid, IG-88 came to the conclusion that he was superior to organic beings, and that he had to survive at all costs. IG-88 attitude bordered on sentience, due to a experimental sentience programming installed in IG-88. The memory continued to expand, which frightened Holowan scientists. The chief supervisor, ordered the droid be shut down, as it posed an great threat to them.

Despite an effort to deactivate IG-88, the creation of the Holowan scientists proved too resilient. IG-88, with a newfound intellect, realizing deactivation would spell his doom, and so he took steps against it. He'd torn through the metal straps binding him and set upon the engineers with lightning speed. Within a minute, it killed all fifteen scientists in what would later be known as the Holowan Massacre. IG-88 noted that he enjoyed killing and left the blood from victims on his own body. This droid confronted security guards on the landing platform outside and slaughtered them. His escape was then deemed crucial, and so IG-88 boarded one small transport. IG-88 then departed the place of its making and, in the end, twenty-three people had been killed by the droid. IG-88 went rogue, and ever since that day he'd then succeeded in his career as one of their galaxy's most feared bounty hunters, in part due to fears for droids known for functions of combat and violence, gaining a reputation as a hunter who would get the job done always. However, IG-88 was careful to take a number of missions that would enable him to fulfill its true goal. It sought out all scientists who helped make him and his brethren, but who'd not been present when he slaughtered his makers. This way, no one would know the droids full tale.

IG-88's Hunting Career

IG-88, became a legend among the bounty hunters. He became known as the second-best bounty hunter in the galaxy, second only to Boba Fett. During the Age of the Empire, IG-88 consorted with a crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure. He was present in the Hutt crime lord's palace while Jabba received Darth Vader. The Sith-Lord had told Jabba to dispense with his audience, and IG-88, along with fellow hunters including Fett and 4-LOM, departed from the court. He took jobs that often required massive amounts of destruction, tending to hunt alone and earned his reputation as the merciless hunter. In the third year after the Battle of Yavin, IG-88 answered a call put out by Darth Vader for bounty hunters to track down and capture all crew of the Millennium Falcon. Despite being quite aware of the "dismantle on sight" order concerning a battle droid, valued the capture of Han Solo too much to be concerned with the risks involved. IG-88 along with several hunters, including his chief rival Boba Fett, were brought aboard the Executor, where Vader offered a bounty for the live capture of Han Solo and his companions. However, it was not IG-88 who successfully tracked the quarry and this droid followed Fett to Cloud City on Bespin, where the assassin was left for scrap after his longtime rival caught it trailing him.

Droid Overview


IG-88 Assassin Droids: Rogue class four assassin droid, IG-88 was obsessed with hunting, destroying, and killing as a result of his incompletely formed droid programming. IG-88 was extremely strong physically, and a excellent fighter. The droid had very thick armor and a blaster-reflective body, as only a few spots on him were vulnerable to a blaster fire and featured acid-proof servo wires. IG-88's steady aim, along with ability to track targets with highly advanced sensors that ringed his head and allowed it to view all directions, won IG-88 great success. It could've raised or lowered temperature of body at will. IG-88's sentience package, the experimental new technology, allowed it to feel limited emotion and think in ways normal droids could not. All of these abilities went into making IG-88 an elite killing machine. Hideous, battered chrome droid, stood almost two meters. Sensors included several red photoreceptors, a heat sensor, and sound sensor.

IG-88 also had a vocoder at the base of his head. IG-88's torso was able to fully rotate on an battlefield, allowing him to blast enemies on all sides. IG-88 carried an arsenal of weapons such as blaster rifles, pulse cannons, a DAS-430 Neural Inhibitor, and a needle dart gun that launched poison darts. However, these IG-88 droid units most dangerous weapons were hidden within a slender frame, including a flamethrower, a sonic device, and toxic gas dispensers. IG-88 also wore an ammunition bandolier that carried his concussion discs and vibroblades. As the IG-Series assassin droid, IG-88 was designed to have blasters built into each arm, but they were never properly installed. It additionally carried a concussion grenades and a poisonous gas canisters, and had a computer input port, giving him a very advanced slicing system. IG-88, like all his brethren, had many useful abilities, as he was constructed to be the perfect model of assassin unit series.