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CC-5576-39 (Gregor)
CC-5576-39 (Gregor), During the Escape from Abafar - By: KONAMI
CC-5576-39 (Gregor), During the Escape from Abafar - By: KONAMI
Vital statistics
Position Republic Clone Commando
Age 31 (Biologically 62)
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 1.83 Meters
Weight 80 Kilograms

CC-5576-39, also referred to as "Gregor" was an commando clone captain in the Republic's Clone Army that fought during the Clone War conflict. An elite commando thought lost at the Battle of Sarrish, Gregor then survived a shuttle crash that left him stranded on the planet of Abafar, stripped of memory and an identity. He was found and rehabilitated by a unscrupulous diner owner from the town Pons Ora. When the D-Squad then found Gregor, they rekindled the memory of duty, service, and honor, this clone Commando Captain reclaimed his armor and then fought to an spectacular finish to ensure an D-squad unit carried out its crucial mission. Years after the end of the Clone Wars, Gregor was still alive and living in his modified walker at an planet of Seelos with fellow clone veterans Rex and Wolffe.


Clone Republic Service

Clone CC-5576-39, also known by his nickname of "Gregor", was an Human male born on Kamino. He was cloned from the template of a Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, and then had received training as an clone commando, earning his rank as Captain. He had served in the Republic Clone Army as part of Special Operations Brigade during an Clone War which had begun twenty-two years prior to Galactic Civil War. Years after the wars began, Gregor and his squad were apart in the 212th Attack Battalion, and participated in an assault against enemy forces on the planet Sarrish, during the Outer Rim Sieges. The Republic forces suffered severe casualties during their conflict at the planet Sarrish, and Gregor, who tried to find help for the fellow Republic Troops, had from suffered amnesia and ended up on an shuttle, which crashed on a Outer Rim planet Abafar.  

Not long after an shuttle crashed, an Sullustan Borkus, owner of Power Sliders diner of Pons Ora, rescued Gregor, and the commando's lack of memory due to amnesia was taken advantage of by this Sullustan, who rented an apartment in the city and employed the clone as a dishwasher in the diner. After colonel Meebur Gascon and his team of droids then had crash landed at Abafar they had found Gregor working as the dishwasher and helped this bearded and bedraggled clone to recover the memories and he in turn helped them to escape. The droids found that Gregor had been captain in an clone commando unit. Struggling to regain his memories, the clone decided to take his armor and gear back from an corrupt diner owner who had stolen them. Gregor’s memories were hazy but his instincts were intact, and he helped his D-Squad comrades escape from Abafar, but he was thought to have died in a massive explosion as the shuttle zoomed away from the planet. Gregor seemingly sacrificed himself after shooting containers of rhydonium to destroy separatists that would have shot down Gascon's shuttle. Despite an apparent death he had survived and made his way back home.    

Age of the Galactic Empire

Aiding the Rebellion of Lothal

Gregor survived the Clone Wars and at some point removed his control chip. In the years after the Empire was created, he then was living with an fellow war veterans Rex and Wolffe in their own modified AT-TE on a planet Seelos, enjoying retirement with the fellow Clones while obsessing with catching a “Big Bongo”, Gregor spent his days hunting for Joopa worms. Unfortunately his brain took a hit and as a result, he suffered from episodes of mild insanity. When these retired clones came upon the Lothal rebels and an lurching Lasat, Gregor proposed an idea to use Zeb as bait to catch them a meal. Gregor succeeded, but due to commander Wolffe’s skepticism of their new rebel comrades Gregor was caught in an debacle when an Probe Droid alerted the Empire of their whereabouts. After Imperial forces were forced to flee, Rex agreed to join the rebellion whilst Gregor and Wolffe stayed behind on Seelos, taking a remaining AT-AT Walker as their new home. Later on, Gregor along with Rex and Wolffe took part in an liberation of Lothal by aiding the rebels in driving the Empire off Lothal. During the battle, he was fatally shot in the chest. He told Rex of what a honor it was to serve him.