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Grakkus the Hutt, Encountering the Jedi Luke Skywalker
Grakkus the Hutt, Encountering the Jedi Luke Skywalker
Vital statistics
Position Hutt Clan of Grakks Crime Lord
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Grakkus was an Hutt criminal lord that worked with the Hutt Clan and his own criminal empire on moon Nar Shaddaa. He was a collector of old Jedi artifacts. He'd encountered a Jedi rebel, Luke Skywalker during the Galactic Civil War, at which time he tried to capture the young Jedi and force him to fight in his arena, before he was caught by the Galactic Empire for his collecting Jedi Lightsabers, Holocrons, and his other Jedi artifacts, as well as using reprogrammed MagnaGuards in his criminal syndicate. Decades after his initial imprisonment, he led a gang of cyborg Hutts in his prison called Grakks. In the conflict between Resistance and First Order, Grakkus he had been valued by both factions for his intel of Jedi, and his ties to Lor San Tekka. He would be broken out of Megalox prison by Poe Dameron, and upon being broken out, Grakkus then gave Poe Dameron his intel on the location of Lor San Tekka.


Cyborg Hutt Crime Lord

Collecting Old Jedi Relics

Grakkus was a Hutt crime lord who lived on Nar Shaddaa, a moon referred to as the "Smuggler's Moon" during the Era of the Galactic Empire. He, like many other Hutts, ruled over his vast criminal network of various criminals such as the Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, and Thieves. As such, Grakkus became extremely wealthy and powerful. Grakkus the Hutt, unlike the other Hutts, used his influence and fortune to first gather and then collect antiques, particularly artifacts relating to the Jedi Order. The new Galactic Empire had purged most Jedi in the galaxy during its inception, and destroyed nearly all the Jedi records and artifacts relating to peace keeping Order of Jedi.

Encountering a Rebel Jedi

Over the years, Grakkus the Hutt criminal lord came to control Hutta Town, a section of the Nar Shaddaa unending city. Within Hutta Town, Grakkus the Hutt's palace was located, which was where he'd stored his collection of Jedi artifacts, such as his Jedi Lightsabers, Statues, Holocrons, a Delta-7BAethersprite-Class light interceptor, and even the bones of several deceased Knights. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, Grakkus considered his collection to be all that was left of the Jedi. During that time, some weeks after the Battle of Yavin, Luke Skywalker, a secret Jedi Padawan, had gone to Nar Shaddaa in order to seek charter to the Jedi Temple on the Empire's capital Coruscant. However, unknown to Luke, the temple had been transformed by Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine into his palace. Luke had a Lightsaber that he'd been forced to reveal when he was attacked in a cantina, an act that was witnessed by one of Grakkus's agents. On the behalf of Grakkus the Hutt, the being stole the Lightsaber and led youthful rebel Skywalker on a chase into Hutta Town.

A short time later, the agent succeeded in his task and he and Skywalker crashed down into Hutta Town, where Grakkus confronted the youthful Human, Luke, telling him that he owned Skywalker and his weapon because they were in a area of the moon that Grakkus controlled. Luke prepared to fight back against the Hutt, so Grakkus the crime lord sent a pair of the antique Holowan Laboratories IG-100 MagnaGuards that were used by the Separatists during the Clone War two decades earlier to combat Jedi, to challenge him with their electrostaffs. The battle droids greatly weakened Skywalker, but Skywalker adamantly refused to surrender, so Grakkus knocked him unconscious and dragged him to his collection room. Grakkus woke Skywalker and told him to open a Holocron using the Force or be killed. Skywalker was awed by a vast Jedi collection of artifacts, but insisted that he knew not how to activate the holocron because he'd never seen one before. Skywalker then managed to awaken the device and about twenty others in the chamber by using Force powers.  

Jedi Masters from millenniums passed appeared from the Holocrons, offering their knowledge to the individual who had activated them. Grakkus was very pleased with Skywalker's performance—believing him the last Jedi in the galaxy, and was pleased that Skywalker was under his control. Grakkus then turned Skywalker over to the Gamemaster so he could be trained to fight to the death in Grakkus's arena. Some time later, Grakkus checked on Skywalker's improvement with the Gamemaster. The arena Gamemaster assured Grakkus the Hutt that the rebel would be ready to fight and die in the arena. Grakkus then showed the Gamemaster what Skywalker would fight: Kongo the Disembowler, a massive monster that Grakkus had shipped in on special order from volcanicMustafar. The Gamemaster was shocked by the beast's size. Their fight was set to begin, and the arena was packed full with criminals and gamblers from all over Nar Shadaa. Some scavengers located Luke's T-65 X-Wing fighter, looted it, and brought the "Journals of Ben Kenobi" to Grakkus the Hutt.  

Imprisonment of a Cyborg

Grakkus then told Skywalker he had better fight well in the arena, or be killed slowly in punishment for defying the Hutt. Skywalker continued to rebel, so Grakkus taunted Skywalker with Ben Kenobi's journal and forced the "last of the Jedi" into the spotlight of the arena to fight Kongo. Grakkus retreated to his prime seat in the stands and watched Skywalker dodge the beast's attacks. The Hutt informed the Gamemaster that he was his favorite slave, and that it was a pity that Skywalker could not be the same: the last of the Jedi needed to die. The Gamemaster, however, left the Hutt crime lord to watch the fight alone. Shortly thereafter, Kongo's shock collar was triggered by the Gamemaster, who brandished an Lightsaber and destroyed Grakkus's MagnaGuard bodyguards. Grakkus did not understand the betrayal, and was even more confounded when Imperial TIE fighter pilots poured into the arena and put the Hutt under arrest. The Gamemaster walked Grakkus into the arena and revealed that he'd always been a spy of the 501st Legion, Darth Vader's contingent, called "Vader's Fist". At blaster-point, Grakkus activated an emergency EMP blast that rendered all electronics useless.

He then attacked the Imperial pilots with his bare hands, tossing them around the arena. The crowd began to take bets on whether Grakkus would survive the Gamemaster and Imperials. The electronic pulse blast also deactivated Kongo's shock collar, and the beast was set loose, prompting the crowd to scatter, and allowing the Hutt crime lord to regain his composure. In fury, Grakkus the Hutt grabbed the Gamemaster around the neck and threatened to feed him to the pet lizards. However, the Gamemaster used his Lightsaber to sever two of the Hutt's mechanical legs, knocking the Hutt to the ground in defeat, just as Imperial ground troops, in the form of Stormtroopers, arrived. Skywalker escaped with the help of his friends and Kongo wrecked havoc on Hutta Town, destroying buildings and killing civilians. Grakkus was put in stuncuffs by the 501st Legion and escorted away from the Smuggler's Moon. Darth Vader arrived and took personal possession of Grakkus's collection in order to erase even more traces of the Jedi from the galaxy. And the Gamemaster, whose name was actually Sergeant Kreel of the Empire, was promoted by Vader for his efforts in undermining Grakkus.

Freedom of a Hutt Cyborg

Grakkus the Hutt was incarcerated for the rest of the Galactic Civil War, and most of the subsequent New Republic rule, in Megalox, a prison city on Megalox Beta governed by prisoners trapped within its artificial gravity field. Grakkus would establish himself as de facto ruler of the city, where he, along with several other similarly cybernetically augmented Hutt cyborgs known as Grakks, maintained control from a castle-like structure that towered over the rest of Megalox. During this time, or possibly before, he encountered and began his "history" with Terex. Approximately thirty years after the end of the Galactic Civil War, shortly before the start of the Cold War, Poe Dameron visited Megalox in his search for Lor San Tekka, who had visited Grakkus after leaving Ovanis. Grakkus and his crew detained Poe Dameron and the rest of Black Squadron in the fortress' compound. He agreed to allow Dameron into his residence in return for surrendering weapons. When Poe asked how Grakkus already knew the reason for his visit, he then revealed First Order Security Bureau Agent Terex was already at the fortress. When Poe objected to his presence, Grakkus countered that he'd met Terex long ago.

While Grakkus bathed in a moisturizing bath, Poe demanded to know why Agent Terex was here. Grakkus responded he knew that both the men were interested in the explorer Lor San Tekka. Seeking to escape the prison, Grakkus offered to reveal the information to whoever would break him out first. When Terex protested that Grakkus was breaking their deal, the Hutt responded that he had made lots of deals in the past and that he wanted to escape. Terex departed the palace, leaving Poe behind to warn Grakkus the Hutt that he'd complicated the situation. Despite Dameron's warnings, Grakkus underestimated Terex's vindictiveness. Seeking retribution, Terex hired boss rivals Kan Be, Papa Toren, and Isin to have their gangs unite for a combined assault on Grakkus' fortress. Agent Terex planned to interrogate Grakkus the Hutt then kill him. When the mob arrived, Grakkus thought that the prison riot was a cover for a escape. When Poe warned that he couldn't trust Terex, he retorted that he didn't want good guys to break him out and stated belief Terex could get results.

Grakkus taunted Poe Dameron for not not delivering results. Despite Grakkus' lack of cooperation, Poe and fellow pilots helped Grakkus' guards fight off the prisoner mob. As the enemy mob advanced into the Hutts compound, a Resistance Black Squadron pilot L'ulo L'ampar pleaded for Grakkus to let them in. Grakkus refused to help, claiming that the Agent Terex had promised them more and adding that the riot would eliminate the competition. Grakkus the Hutt was unaware that Agent Terex, Papa Toren, and his servants were discussing ways to cannibalize the Hutt crime lord. Unknown to the Hutt Grakkus, Poe Dameron had an escape plan which involved getting his astromech droid BB-8 and their other droids to deactivate Megalox's gravity shield, exposing the prison facility to Megalox Beta's high levels of gravity. This act had incapacitated Grakkus along with the other inmates with the exception of the Black Squadron, who had donned gravity belts. Poe Dameron was able to find Grakkus the Hutt, who had accepted the Resistance pilot Dameron's escape plan.

After fitting Grakkus with a gravity belt, Poe contacted Warden Luta and offered to restore the gravity shield if she would allow them to leave with the prisoner Grakkus; which she had accepted. They had then went to an orbital space station, where Black Squadron's starfighters were parked. Since Grakkus could not fit inside their X-Wing starfighters, he took a shuttle. Poe agreed to escort him to safety on the condition that he give the data he owed them once they had departed Megalox Beta. Before they could leave the system, the vengeful Terex reappeared with his starship Carrion Spike. Terex used his ship to attack the station, damaging the gravity shield generator and then attacked the station's shuttles. While Grakkus was unconcerned about the plight of others, Temmin Wexley managed to convince Poe and his fellow pilots to attack Carrion Spike, allowing the prison staff to evacuate their prisoners to safety. Following the dogfight, Grakkus did give all the intel on the worlds Lor San Tekka visited in return for the squadron running hyperspace calculations for him.