Gial Ackbar
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Admiral Ackbar - By: KONAMI (Edit By: MaximusSupremo)
Vital statistics
Position Admiral of the (Rebel Alliance) Navy Officer of the Resistance Fleet Admiral of the (Republic)
Age 84
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 1.80 Meters
Weight 83 Kilograms

Gial Ackbar was an Mon Calamari soldier and a revolutionary leader who'd fought in the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War, and the war between the Resistance and First Order. Through Gial Ackbar's numerous decades of the military service, he'd been recognized by many as an brilliant tactician. Gial Ackbar the was Captain of the Mon Calamari Guard during the Clone Wars and fought in the Battle of Mon Cala, in which he helped secure the royal Prince Lee-Char's rise to royal rule and repel the Separatist forces. After the rise of the Galactic Empire, he became a vital commander in the Rebel Alliance, emerging as a symbol of defiance against the subjugation of alien species. His presence helped bring forth Mon Calamari support for the rebellion, thus supplying several Mon Calamari cruisers which made up a bulk of the rebels fleet. In the Battle of Endor, later revealed to be a trap set for him and the rest of their rebellion, Gial led the rebel navy against the Death Star II battle station.

After an Battle of Endor and the death of an Galactic Emperor Palpatine, the rebellion formed the New Republic. Gial Ackbar became the Fleet Admiral of their New Republic Fleet and led the Republic to its victory over the Empire during the Battle of Jakku. In the aftermath of the New Republic's great victory on world Jakku, the Empire Remnant retreated into the Unknown Regions and Ackbar retired to Mon Cala. He'd held distinction of having been both of the commander the rebel and later the new Republic's fleet, as well as defeating numerous threats to the galaxy. Ackbar retired to a quiet life of writing his memoirs and advising. However, although old and infirm, Ackbar would return thirty years later to serve in Leia's new rebel movement with a support of this New Republic that turned a blind eye to the First Order. Leia Organa, a founder of the Resistance, had persuaded the rebel Admiral veteran Gial Ackbar to come out of retirement to serve once again for a rebellion in Resistance.


Mon Calamari Guard

Captain of Mon Cala Guard

Born on a water planet Mon Cala during the final years of the Galactic Republic, Gial Ackbar was raised in a prominent merchant clan in Foamwander City where he grew to be interested in science and the sea. Ackbar was selected as their representative on the Calamarian Council after he had finished school, and became a proponent of Mon Calamari space exploration during the Clone Wars. Ackbar eventually enlisted into military service into their Mon Calamari Guard, which was tasked with protecting Mon Cala's monarchs and dignitaries. Ackbar eventually worked his way through their ranks of the guard, and became its Captain and therefore, he also became the chief military advisor to the leader of the ocean world. Ackbar was one of the leaders that participated in the Battle of Mon Cala. During that time, he was the adviser to the King and then to the young Prince Lee-Char. When Separatist troublemaker Riff Tamson began advising the Quarren to take up arms, Ackbar requested an envoy from the Republic come to Dac to help steer the troubled planet away from an inevitable war. Gial Ackbar's duty then was to bring peace with the Quarren, and after the attack, protect their Prince.

During their battle, Gial Ackbar at the behest of Mon Calamari Senator Meena Tills protected the Prince Lee-Char during the first attack of the Quarren and Separatist Commander Riff Tamson's droids. Ackbar was successful in his defense of the capital, but Riff Tamson brought in reinforcements in the form of Hydroid Medusas. Though the prince said that they should stay, Ackbar did tell him that there are times to fight, then times for retreat, with this battle being a time to retreat. Then Ackbar, the Jedi, and the remainder of their troops made way to caves on the sea floor. Ackbar told the prince that his father would of been proud him, though the prince doubted it. Ackbar was then sent to a prison camp, and was held there, until the public execution of Prince Lee-Char was held. Before the execution, Prince Lee-Char visited him and the prisoners to try and give them hope which eventually led to a Prince Lee-Char's capture. Right before the execution, the Quarren Nossor Ri teamed up with him at last minute, and united, they had defeated the droids and killed the Separatist commander Riff Tamson. The prince also survived, and finally became King for Mon Calamari, to claim his rightful place.

Alliance Service

Admiral of the Rebellion

Years into the conflict, Admiral Ackbar was one of the commanders at the Battle of Endor. By this time he was already a vital Admiral in their rebel fleet. At the pre-mission briefing, Gial told how the rebels would attack the Death Star. He then explained that an ground unit under the command of rebel General Han Solo would go to the surface of the forest moon of Endor and take out the shield generator, and that a star fighter squadron led by Lando Calrissian would then enter the second battle station's superstructure and take it out from the inside. He'd commanded their fleet from the bridge of his ship, Home One. Once the battle had been commenced, he noticed that the assault was a trap and that the Empire was leading them to their demise. Ackbar was reluctant to continue the battle after their rebels force saw that the Death Star II's superlaser was functional. However, Lando Calrissian convinced him otherwise. Once Han Solo's squad took out the shield generator, Ackbar's fleet held off the rest of the Imperial forces while Calrissian and his fighters, along with Wedge Antilles, flew into their station to take it out. Ackbar told his forces to concentrate fire on Executor, which was destroyed.

New Republic Service

Early War on the Remnants

Despite the Imperials defeat at Endor, they continued to fight, about three months after the Battle of Endor, the rebellion officially reorganized into a New Republic, continuing to protect against the Imperial attacks. As the Admiral, Ackbar had commanded the New Republic Fleet in the campaign against Imperial remnants. In his free time, Ackbar honed his mind by practicing with his kar-shak against simulated Troopers. Admiral Ackbar's military campaigns against the Empire was assisted by an unknown Empire informant called Operator, who leaked intelligence about their Imperial movements. Gial Ackbar was practicing with his kar-shak, he was visited by Ensign Deltura who informed Ackbar that the Captain Wedge Antilles had ceased communicating with them after scouting missions to Raydonia. Gial Ackbar ordered Deltura to send scouts to five nearby planets such as Mustafar, Geonosis, Dermos, Akiva, and Tatooine. As the precaution, he'd ordered Deltura to dispatch scouts to Akiva. Deltura informed him that they'd received new information from the Operator. When Gial expressed surprise that Ensign was privy to classified intel, Deltura reassured him Kyrsta Agate gave him clearance.

Deltura dispatched two A-Wings to Akiva but they were shot down by a Star Destroyer commanded by Rae Sloane. The Empire was hosting an emergency summit on the planet and Antilles had been captured Imperial forces there. Following the downing of the scout ships, Ackbar corresponded with several Republic officials via holograms including Agate, Saff Melor, Crix Madine, and the new Chancellor Mon Mothma. When Agate suggested they could trust the Operator, Ackbar warned that the Battle of Endor showed that the Empire had the ability to play a long game. When Saff Melor advocated sending in a fleet to Akiva, Mothma urged caution to avoid creating the impression that the new Republic were invaders. While Melor and Mothma debated the merits of aiding an strategically marginal planet like Akiva, Ackbar sided with their Chancellor and urged his comrades to be ready for traps. He then asked General Madine whether he could send a small team of New Republic Special Forces soldiers to investigate Akiva. Madine replied that was possible and Ackbar agreed to send an scouting party to Akiva. This party was attacked, but Jom Barell survived and played a role in Akiva rebellion.

Ackbar was informed about that attack on Barell's scouting parting by Ensign Deltura and Science officer Niriian. During the summit, Antilles managed to break free for the short duration and sent the emergency transmission to Ackbar, which explained the dire situation. In response, Ackbar prepared a small fleet to attack the Imperial presence on Akiva. Ackbar assigned Agate with leading the attack on Akiva. Agate's fleet destroyed two Empire Destroyers while the New Republic pilot Norra Wexley, her son Temmin and a small rebel cell engineered an uprising that overwhelmed the meager Imperial garrison and the collaborationist Satrapy of Myrra. Akiva had become one of the first Outer Rim worlds to join their New Republic. Despite finding that intel from him useful, Ackbar didn't fully trust a Operator. A month later, Ackbar presented an medal to pilot Wexley for her service in rescuing Antilles and helping the Republic liberate Akiva from the Imperials. A year after the Alliance's victory at Endor, a now-Fleet Admiral Ackbar led the Republic navy campaign against numerous Empire remnants. While work took him into space, he still visited Chandrila to consult with Chancellor and other leaders.

Fleet Admiral of the Navy

During one of his trips to Chandrila, Admiral Ackbar met with the pilot Norra Wexley at Skygarden above Hanna City. He ordered her to cease her mission to rescue Han Solo and to resume her hunt for Imperial commissions. Norra refused to comply with this order and resigned her commission in their New Republic Fleet. She, her son Temmin Wexley, B1 battle droid Mister Bones, the former Imperial loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus, an Zabrak bounty hunter Jas Emari, and an New Republic soldier Jom Barell then embarked on a quest to find Solo. During a later meeting Chancellor Mon Mothma and advisers, Gial opined that the Republic was not doing enough to win former Imperial systems to their Republic. Mothma concurred and agreed to embark on a campaign to entice prospective members by giving them an place in the Galactic Senate. Shortly later, Princess Leia entered the room and argued with Chancellor Mothma about not enough being done to aid the Wookiees of Kashyyyk. Following a argument, Leia stormed out of the meeting despite Ackbar's efforts to call out to her. Later, Gial commanded an successful campaign to capture Kuat and strategically important Kuat Drive Yards.

The sector governor Moff Pollus Maksim and the guild head of Kuat Drive Yards capitulated. During the battle, Ackbar's forces lost fewer ships than the remnant opponents. The loss of Kuat dealt a blow to the Empire. In the aftermath of the battle, Princess Leia contacted Ackbar by hologram to congratulate him for the role he played in securing New Republic victory. Shortly later, Chancellor Mothma interrupted the conversation to inform her comrades that she had received the communication from the Operator, who wanted to meet with their Republic's leadership. Gial Ackbar ordered his comm officer Toktar to open the old Alliance frequency Zeta Zeta Nine. That guest was revealed as Grand Admiral Rae Sloane, the public face of the Galactic Empire. Despite Rae Sloane's claims that she was their one true Operator, Ackbar did not believe her. When Sloane addressed Ackbar as Grand Admiral, the Mon Calamari responded that Grand Admiral was an Imperial rank and accused her of seizing it for herself. His fellow officer Kyrsta Agate soon joined their conversation and accused Rae of deceiving them. After exchanging barbs, Republic leaders and Grand Admiral settled down to business.

When Sloane revealed that she was interested in initiating peace talks with the Republic, Ackbar curled his chin tendrils to express skepticism. Nevertheless, he acceded to Chancellor Mothma's decision to raise the matter of the peace talks with the Galactic Senate. In reality, the peace talks were a ruse for the Empire to stage an attack on the Republic capital of Chandrila. Later, Admiral Ackbar and other New Republic officials greeted the freed prisoners from a Ashmead's Lock when they'd arrived at New Republic capital Chandrila's Hanna City Spaceport. After Han Solo and an liberated co-pilot Chewbacca managed to successfully stage a Wookiee uprising on Kashyyyk, Admiral Ackbar traveled on his ship Home One to support Leia and Antilles' Phantom Squadron in their assault on the orbiting Star Destroyers. After Han Solo and Chewbacca hijacked the Dominion and destroyed the Star Destroyer Vitiator, the third Destroyer Neutralizer surrendered to Admiral Ackbar. Despite liberating Kashyyyk, the Republic soon received news of a Chandrila attack. After the events on Chandrila, Gallius Rax took control of the Empire and had them assemble at Jakku for a battle with an New Republic.

Fall of the Galactic Empire

Several months later, Temmin Wexley and Sinjir Rath Velus discovered that the Imperials had relocated to Jakku. They'd informed Mon Mothma and Leia but the intel was leaked to press by Mothma's rival Senator Tolwar Wartol. After Wartol publicly attacked Mothma's leadership, Admiral Ackbar reassured Chancellor Mon Mothma that she had made the right decision to withhold the information since Mon had only obtained it less than one day. After Mon Mothma indicated she would issue a statement to the press, Admiral Ackbar added that he would send a scout ship and probe droids to Jakku to investigate. The Admiral Gial Ackbar dispatched Ardin Deltura on a scout starship Oculus and several probe droids to then investigate. After their scouting team confirmed that most of the Remnants of the Galactic Empire had relocated to Jakku, Chancellor Mothma convened an emergency session of the Galactic Senate and urged the Senate to support her resolution to send military forces to the planet. However, the resolution failed by five votes. After this, he visited Mothma to inform her that the vote failed, which meant that their fleet would not depart and the Empire would at Jakku as it was.

After the former Empire loyalty officer Sinjir Rath Velus managed to convince the five senators to change their votes, the New Republic was able to send its military forces to Jakku. Prior to the battle, the Admiral Ackbar managed to convince Commodore Kyrsta Agate to return to her command board the Mark One Starhawk Concord. Agate had been disfigured during the Attack on Chandrila and had been despondent. He also visited Agate aboard her flagship and praised her for being one of his best and brightest officers. When Kyrsta remarked that some of the light had gone out of her, he'd then complimented her for recognizing the burden of war and for not giving in to anger. When Agate expressed doubts about her ability to captain the Concord, Ackbar reassured her that none of them were truly ready. He added that the best they could was to meet it with forward faces and clear hearts. He had also recognized that the Empire remnant was aware of their presence and added that he'd be ready for battle. When Kyrsta opined that Jakku could be an ruse, he'd reassured her that they'd be ready. When she asked if they were going to win, he said it would be a honor to fight alongside Agate.

After acknowledging regardless of whether it was an final battle or the first of many to come that Gial would be honored to fight, those two parted company and assumed battle positions. During the Battle of Jakku, Gial commanded the New Republic navy fleet. Despite outnumbering the enemy, their fleet was unable to break through Imperial defensive lines. A number of Destroyers formed a defensive perimeter around an super Star Destroyer fleet flagship Ravager. During battle the Star Destroyers would periodically open flank to allow their super Star Destroyer to fire its turbolasers and torpedoes at Republic fleet. As an result, several Republic warships and starfighters were destroyed. While commanding the space battle, Ackbar also liaised with a General Tyben, who was commanding their ground battle via hologram from the capital Chandrila. When Tyben opined that he should be on Jakku, he countered that they needed to maintain forces on both at Chandrila and Nakadia in case Jakku turned out to be a ruse. Gial saw Destroyer Punishment break apart from that fleet formation and ram Starhawk Amity, destroying both ships. Realizing Kyrsta's Concord lay in the gap, Gial contacted her.

Believing they were in danger, the Admiral ordered Commodore Agate and her crew to abandon ship. Agate ordered her crew to comply but she stayed behind, realizing that Punishment's destruction had created the gap that would allow her ship to attack Ravager. As Concord exchanged fire with the Ravager, Ackbar ordered her to abandon her ship. However, Kyrsta convinced Gial Ackbar to send starfighters and corvettes to attack the Ravager's exposed flank engines. Despite some arguing, he finally accepted Kyrsta's sacrifice and prayed that the Force would be with them all. The Concord was crippled by Ravager and plummeted towards Jakku's surface. However, Agate then activated her ship's powerful tractor beam and proceeded to drag Ravager with her. As the ships descended into Jakku orbit, Gial grabbed the intercom and warned all Republic soldiers and pilots that the Ravager had been downed and to take cover and beware of the massive falling debris. While Ackbar's crew cheered, Gial did not cheer but prayed for the Force to protect those below and for it to accept Kyrsta as one of its own. The successful fall of the Ravager turned the tide of battle toward the Republic favor.

Retirement and Reenlistment

Service to the Resistance

During the Battle of Jakku, Grand Admiral Rae Sloane joined forces with this New Republic pilot Norra and her husband Brentin to stop Gallius Rax from destroying Jakku along with Empire and Republic forces. Following this battle, the New Republic and the Empire signed the Galactic Concordance which ended the Galactic Civil War. A Galactic Concordance demilitarized and imposed harsh sanctions on the remnants of the Empire. With the war's end, the New Republic turned its attention to restructuring their galactic order. Sometime later, Gial Ackbar retired to his home Mon Cala. Following the revelations of Leia Organa's parentage as a daughter of Darth Vader, Gial Ackbar along with several other rebel veterans sent messages of support to the embattled New Republic Senator. He and the several rebel veterans and New Republic personnel later attended a meeting on the planet Hosnian Prime where Leia Organa formally established the Resistance, the newly found paramilitary rebel group dedicated to protecting the new Republic and the rest of the galaxy population.

At some point after his recruitment, an Admiral Ackbar was captured by the First Order. Afraid that the First Order might execute him, the Resistance group had assembled a unit led by their Captain Hoff, with their sole purpose for locating a Admiral Ackbar. Captain Hoff's team eventually captured a First Order droid named O-MR1, who they believed knew the location of Gial Ackbar. On the way back to the Resistance headquarters, the team's ship crashed on Taul, with the only survivors being a group of droids, such as O-MR1, led by C-3PO. These droids began following a signal they did receive from a First Order vessel, but on their way they were attacked by spice spiders and later by can-cell, that resulted in the destruction of all of the droids, except C-3PO and O-MR1. The two droids finally found the vessel, but before they could establish contact the Resistance, it began raining acid. They took cover under another ship's wing, but knew that if they did not contact for an assistance soon, then that control panel would melt then ruin their chances for successful rescue.

O-MR1, who at this point saw the protocol droid C-3PO as his friend, told 3PO the location of Ackbar, before sacrificing himself to contact Poe Dameron for help. Some time after O-MR1 then melted, Dameron arrived to pick up C-3PO, who told Poe Dameron the location of Ackbar. Admiral Gial Ackbar was stationed with an leading General Leia Organa at the base on D'Qar during Assault on the Starkiller Base. He was present when R2-D2 and BB-8 revealed the location of the Jedi Master and Organa's twin brother Luke Skywalker. Following their battle of Starkiller Base, Ackbar aided the rest of the Resistance in evacuating their base, ordering their fleet to jump to hyperspace and escape the First Order. However, unknown to the Resistance, the First Order had then developed the technology that allowed them to track ships through hyperspace. The First Order fleet pursued the Resistance and initiated the attack on the bridge of their main cruiser, that caused the occupants, including Gial Ackbar, to be pulled out into space and killed, with General Leia as a sole survivor.