Ezra Bridger

Ezra Bridger
Ezra Bridger, Spectre-6 of the Lothal Rebels - By: KONAMI
Ezra Bridger, Spectre-6 of the Lothal Rebels - By: KONAMI
Vital statistics
Position Jedi Apprentice of (Jedi Order)
Age 17 (19 at the end of rebels)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.65 Meters
Weight 50 Kilograms

Ezra Bridger was a Human who would become a rebel and a Padawan of the fallen Jedi Order in the early rebel movement Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire. Growing up on his own during the age of the Empire, Bridger relied on his street smarts and subconscious Force skills to survive. He became a con artist and small-time thief, doing what he needed to get by on his planet Lothal. But this also hardened Ezra, who by the time he was fourteen years of age, had little to no trust for anyone. A trait that would change when he was introduced to the crew of the Ghost, a band of rebels fighting back against the Galactic Empire. Ezra came to believe in their cause, and saw that he could assist in changing the galaxy for the better. And help from Kanan Jarrus, he began to learn the Jedi ways.



A Force-sensitive human male, Ezra Bridger had tan skin and untamed black hair. He later obtained scars on his left cheek after the battle aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer. Bridger grew up on his own and worked as a small-time thief and con artist, using his street smarts to steal technology and goods from the forces of the Galactic Empire, though he felt no loyalty to others. By 2 BBY, Ezra had adopted a shorter hairstyle with short back and sides.

Initially, Ezra only saw the crew of the Ghost as a means to an end, stealing any valuables from the ship he could find, but he soon befriended and developed a strong bond with the crew members.Ezra's rough upbringing taught him not to trust others, let alone help them. Sometime after meeting the crew of the Ghost, Ezra became a bit more trusting. Ezra was also very charismatic, which helped him get by during his early years. He was thievish, yet easy going and upbeat, and liked to play pranks and make jokes. He flirted with Sabine and pranked Zeb, but with his jokey attitude he hid from the others what he really felt about his parents, as he didn't trust people easily.

During the mission to Malachor, Ezra encountered the former Sith apprentice, Maul, who taught him the basic philosophy of the Sith and encouraged Bridger to use his anger to strengthen him. After the loss of Ahsoka Tano and the blinding of his master, Ezra was determined to never allow his friends to be harmed again. Due to this and influence from the Sith holocron, Bridger started to fight more aggressively, such as killing stormtroopers rather than stunning them. Bridger's use of the Sith holocron strained relations with his master Kanan. In addition, Bridger was a headstrong young man who was willing to circumvent orders. Ezra began to repair his relationship with Kanan after his master rescued him during a dangerous mission at Reklam Station.

Ezra also sought to discover the key to destroying the Sith. Despite being tempted by the dark side and Maul, Ezra ultimately chose to remain loyal to his master Kanan and friend Sabine. His selflessness put him at odds with Maul, who failed to understand Ezra's loyalty to his friends. Ezra also had a great deal of respect for the lives of other sentient beings. This led him to object to Saw Gerrera's harsh treatment of the Geonosian Klik-Klak and his threat to destroy the last Geonosian queen egg. Ezra also had a friendly and kind demeanor which allowed him to gain Klik-Klak's trust.

Ezra was a loyal and sympathetic friend to Sabine Wren. While Sabine was training to wield the Darksaber, he patiently taught her lightsaber strokes. When Sabine wanted to give up, Ezra urged her to persevere and reassured her that Kanan meant well. As he matured, Ezra was able to impart wisdom to his peers. When Sabine told him about her estranged relationship with her family who had supported the Empire, Ezra counselled her that at least she had a family to return to unlike himself. Ezra also had some skill with manipulating his voice to mimic other individuals. On one occasion, he used this to impersonate the Trandoshan Mining Guild captain Seevor in an attempt to allay the suspicions of the Mining Guild authorities.

Ezra was a good actor and was able to pretend to be a bounty hunter during a mission to rescue Kallus. During the course of that mission, he learned to trust the rogue ISB agent and rebel sympathizer with keeping Chopper Base a secret. Due to his youth, Ezra at times could be impulsive. His emotional concern for Kenobi also made him susceptible to the Dark Sider Maul's machinations. Ezra's belief that Kenobi held the key to destroying the Sith led him to embark on an errant mission to find Kenobi. Ezra soon found that Kenobi was more than capable of fending for himself and that his real place was with his adoptive rebel family.

As he grew older, Ezra came to appreciate his master Kanan for teaching him to be a better person. Ezra's devotion to the rebel cause motivated him not to give up when it seemed impossible to solicit reinforcements for the besieged rebel forces at Atollon. His courage and devotion won him the admiration and respect of Mon Mothma and Ursa Wren. Ezra was despondent about the rebel defeat at Atollon but Kanan reassured him that they were still alive to fight another day.

While Ezra admired Saw Gerrera for yielding results, he became disillusioned with the Partisan leader's aggressive tactics and reckless disregard for the lives of non-combatants. Ezra was distraught to learn about his friend Old Jho's death and was visibly angered when Baron Rudor mocked Jho. Like Sabine, Ezra was willing to undertake risky and dangerous actions in service of the Rebel Alliance.

Ezra's sense of comradeship led him to lead a mission to rescue his rebel cell's leader Hera Syndulla. Ezra and his fellow Spectres were devastated by the loss of their co-leader Kanan, who was a mentor and teacher to Ezra. Ezra was lost and frightened during his master's death. After encountering a white loth-wolf named "Dume" who carried Kanan's conscience, Ezra regained his confidence and led a mission to save the Lothal Jedi Temple from the Empire.

Ezra's respect for Ahsoka Tano led him to save her from death by pulling her into the mystical World Between Worlds. Ezra gained Tano's respect for saving her life. In return, Tano promised to find him when she returned to her time. Despite missing his master, Ezra realized under Tano's tutelage that Kanan had died to save the lives of him and his rebel comrades. As a result, Ezra made peace with Kanan's sacrifice. To prevent the Emperor from entering the World Between Worlds, Ezra and his rebel comrades sealed the portal; thus denying the Emperor's ambitions of controlling time and the universe.

Ezra was a cunning and skilled military commander who was able to utilize the Lothal rebels' limited resources to their best advantage. Recognizing that the rebels lacked an army that could take Capital City, he instead devised a plot that involved luring Governor Pryce to the Lothal rebel camp so that they could take her prisoner. As a commander, Ezra was not one to take the glory for himself but instead thanked his comrades for helping them to achieve victory. Ezra's primary goal as rebel leader was to show the galaxy that the Empire could be defeated and driven from Lothal.

Working with Hera, Rex, Kallus, and Ryder Azadi, Ezra helped lead a successful operation to capture the Dome's command center and initiate Protocol 13. In line with the Jedi philosophy of not letting innocents suffer, Ezra willingly surrendered himself to Thrawn to save the people of Capital City. Unlike Thrawn, Ezra believed that the Force was not a weapon and disagreed with Thrawn's idea that the Jedi did not know how to wield power.

While Ezra was tempted by the Emperor's offer of reuniting with his family, Ezra realized that the Emperor was trying to manipulate him. Ezra was also willing to sacrifice himself to see that the purrgil took Thrawn and his fleet away from Lothal. Regarding the Spectres as his family, Ezra entrusted them with protecting his homeworld in his absence

Powers and Abilities


  • The Force: Ezra Bridger possessed a strong connection to the Force, which prompted Kanan Jarrus to offer him the chance to train under him. He was able to perform Force-enhanced jumps even without proper training
    • Telekinesis: Ezra is skilled in Force Telekinetic abilities
      • Force Push:  Ezra utilizes Force Push to send his opponents flying through the air, causing them serious injury or temporarily incapacitating them/knocked them unconscious. He also had an affinity in the use of telekinesis, such as when he instinctively pushed Agent Kallus several feet away to save Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios. Ezra and his master, Kanan Jarrus soon developed a tactic of combining his use of the Force, especially Force push, with that of Kanan. This notably allowed them to send Darth Vader himself flying into the path of a collapsing walker with their combined Force powers, though the Sith Lord had not been paying them any attention at the time
      • Force Pull:  Erza utilizes Force Pull to pull his opponents or objects towards him. He used the Force to pull Kanan Jarrus's Lightsaber from the Grand Inquisitor's belt
      • Force Grip: Ezra utilizes Force Grip to lift his opponents off the ground and into the air to immobilize them.
      • Force Throw: Ezra utilizes Force Throw to cause objects, and even individuals, to be hurled toward a target at an astounding velocity.
      • Force Deflection: Ezra utilizes Force Deflection to redirect incoming attacks; such as blaster bolts, with or without his lightsaber.
      • Force Barrier: Ezra utilizes Force Barrier to create a barrier or wall of Force energy in front of or surrounding himself or his allies. He was able to assist Ahsoka Tano in shielding against and dissipating a torrent of blue, fiery energy conjured through Sith sorcery by Darth Sidious, though the two were forced to flee.
    • Telepathy: Ezra is skilled in Force Telepathic abilities Ezra utilizes Telepathy to mentally communicate over small or vast distances with other individuals. He was notably able to mentally reach out to Tseebo, expressing his forgiveness, which Tseebo was able to both hear and feel.
      • Taming beasts: Ezra used this ability with a dangerous fyrnock at Fort Anaxes. Bridger, however, connected with the Dark side of the Force in summoning such a powerful creature and the experience left him drained. Taming a creature in such a way required letting go of one's inhibitions and opening oneself to the power of the Force. Later, Bridger mastered the skill, connecting with tibidee and purrgil alike. Bridger however was unable to connect with the krykna of Atollo
      • Mind Trick: He used a Jedi mind trick to force the Imperial commander of a fighter carrier to order an evacuation of his ship. Ezra also used a Jedi mind trick to convince a stormtrooper that he was Lieutenant Lyste. After training with the Sith Holocron, Ezra learned to completely control a person's mind rather than influence them such as when he forced an Imperial walker pilot to turn on his comrades and commit suicide
    • Force Vision: Ezra utilizes Force Vision, to have visions of the past, the present, and the future; however, like all Force-users, his visions are not always clear or sometimes has visions even when he is not utilizing this power at will.
    • Force Jump: Ezra was also able to Force jump for long distances. On one occasion, he jumped out of a descending Imperial Troop Transport and jumped over two other transports as they were falling down a gorge.
    • Force Sense: Ezra utilizes Force Sense to sense another sentient being's emotions, the future, ripples in the Force caused by momentous or traumatic events, impending danger, and the presence of the Light and Dark Side.
    • Force Dash: Ezra utilizes Force Dash to move at amazing speeds.


  • Lightsaber skills: As Ezra's Jedi training continued under Kanan, his lightsaber skills improved over time. Due to his role in the rebellion, Ezra had several opportunities to put his lightsaber skills into action. During an escape from an Imperial Interdictor, Ezra used his lightsaber to deflect blaster bolts and clear a hallway for escape. By the following year, Ezra had begun to study Form IV through a recording of the former Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker found in Kanan Jarrus's holocron, and he could briefly engage the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister in a duel alongside Kanan. By the time the rebellion had discovered Atollon, Ezra was able to fight his master Kanan to a draw in a training exercise. Ezra was ultimately no match for Darth Vader. He lasted only seconds in a lightsaber duel with the Sith Lord before having his lightsaber destroyed.Following the mission to Malachor, Ezra adopted his master's style of fighting, using a blaster in conjunction with his new lightsaber. After training with the Sith holocron, Ezra's fighting style became more brutal and aggressive. Ezra ended his brief dabbling with the dark side after a meeting with the mysterious entity known as Bendu. During the skirmish on Dathomir, Ezra wielded the Darksaber alongside his own lightsaber to destroy the altar of the Nightsister spirits, thus showing some skill in Jar'Kai. As Ezra's Jedi training and skills improved, he was able to impart his knowledge to Sabine. Ezra proved to be a patient teacher and taught Sabine to practice with stick fighting as a preparation for wielding the Darksaber. By the time his allies and he liberated Lothal, Ezra demonstrated skill in engaging foes equipped with an Electrostaff, where he managed to repel Rukh.
    • Form I: Ezra is skilled in Shii-Cho.
    • Form II: Ezra is skilled in Makashi.
    • Form III: Ezra is skilled in Soresu.
    • Form IV: Ezra is highly skilled in Ataru
    • Form V: Ezra is highly skilled in Shien/Djem So.
    • Form VI: Ezra is skilled in Niman.
    • Form VII: Ezra is skilled in Juyo/Vaapad.
    • Jar'Kai: Ezra is skilled in Jar'Kai
    • Sun djem: Initially, Ezra only had some skills in Sun djem. However, as of "Stealth Strike", Ezra's skills in Sun djem has greatly improved; to the point where he can destroy his enemies' blasters without hurting them, thus; becoming more proficient in the style.
  • Skilled Marksman: Ezra was also a competent gunner and managed to shoot down a tactical infiltration pod.
  • Expert Thief: Due to Ezra's years of living on his own, after he was separated from his parents, Ephraim and Mira Bridger, by Galactic Empire, Ezra has developed the art of thievery, allowing him to steal technology and goods.
  • Piloting Skills: After multiple training exercises with Hera, Ezra had grown enough as a pilot to lead Jon Vander in disabling the TIE Defender piloted by Vult Skerris. Ezra also learned how to operate a jetpack but struggled to master the machine. Despite his limited mastery of the jetpack, Ezra managed to use one to fire a rocket at a TIE fighter. Ezra was able to pilot a range of starships including an RZ-1T trainer and a TIE/D Defender Elite. Ezra's piloting skills enabled him to shoot down three TIE/IN Interceptors during a mission on Lothal, though he did so from the cockpit of a vastly superior TIE/D Defender Elite.
  • Engineer: Ezra was also a builder and guided his fellow Spectres as they built Loth-bat gliders for their mission to rescue Hera.
  • Multilingual: Ezra was able to use his natural connection to the Force to communicate and summon wolves. Under Sabine's tutelage, Ezra learned how to decipher and activate the Painting of the Mortis gods, a portal to the World Between Worlds. As a result, Ezra was able to both lock and unlock the portal to the mystical dimension
  • High-Level Intellect/Expert Tactician/Leader: Ezra is highly intelligent and wise for someone of his age. As a Jedi Lieutenant-Commander, Ezra is a highly skilled tactician and a very capable leader. As a military commander, Ezra was able to work with other people. He worked with Ryder Azadi to lure Governor Pryce into a trap. Ezra also knew how to delegate tasks and plan for contingencies. He tasked Mart Mattin, Wolffe, and Cikatro Vizago with summoning a pod of purrgil to attack Thrawn's fleet.
  • Expert of Deception: Due to Ezra's years of living on his own, he has developed into con artist, using his street smarts to steal technology and goods from the forces of the Galactic Empire. He was known to be a fairly adept liar as well, but often used the alias of "Jabba the Hutt" to such excess that no one believed him when he stated it as his name.


  • Ezra's speeder bike: He was also the owner of a surplus 614-AvA speeder bike that he gave a custom paint job.
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