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CT-1409 (Echo)
CT-1409 (Echo), During the Battle of Kamino - By: KONAMI
CT-1409 (Echo), During the Battle of Kamino - By: KONAMI
Vital statistics
Position Advanced Recon Commando
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.83 meters
Weight 79 kilograms

CT-1409, also known by the nickname "Echo" was an soldier in the Clone army, known for his strict adherence to rules and orders -- hence that nickname, that was sarcastically given to him by the clone brothers. Still Echo had proven to be among the bravest clones, integral in an defense of Rishi Station and Tipoca City, and eventually achieved the rank of ARC Trooper. Initially part of the Domino Squad Clone unit, Echo graduated along with his squad to join the fight against the Confederacy. He survived separatist attacks at the Rishi Moon and Kamino, and afterwards he was decorated for bravery, and inducted in the 501st Legion, then was promoted to a ARC Trooper along with clone Fives. The two also helped the Jedi Skywalker and Kenobi free prisoners from the separatist prison the Citadel, a mission that cost CT-1409 his life -- or so his friends believed.


Clone Republic Service

Clone Cadet on Kamino

CT-1409 was trained as an clone cadet within Domino Squad, under the supervision of Jedi Master Shaak Ti, bounty hunters El-Les and Bric, and Clone Commander Colt. His Domino unit had different opinions on how to fight, with Clone Echo having thought troopers should follow their orders closely and play to the training, and never risk yourself. Domino squad then failed the first practice run on the citadel challenge test, and later on they had failed their proper test. El-Les then asked Shaak Ti if the Domino could repeat the final test, a request that she then agreed to and allowed these cadets in Domino Squad another attempt at their test. After overcoming struggles and then had worked as a team, Domino squad passed and then graduated.

Attack at the Rishi Station

After becoming an battle-ready Clone Trooper, Echo, and the former Domino Squad members, were assigned their first off-world mission. Echo was stationed at an listening post located on a moon of the planet Rishi, under the command of the clone Sergeant O'Niner. Along with fellow troopers Fives, Hevy, Droidbait, and Cutup, Echo maintained the listening post to warn the Galactic Republic of any impending Confederacy attacks on the nearby Kamino. Eventually, Separatist General Grievous made plans to attack Kamino with a fleet of Munificent-Class star frigates and the droid Control Ships, and had sent an infiltration squad of BX-Series droid commandos to seize control of the Rishi outpost. After killing clone sentry, Droid Commandos made their way into their outpost then attacked the Clones. CT-1409 along with Cutup, Fives, and Hevy, were the only ones to escape this initial attack while the others were killed. Eventually, the remaining troopers sighted the arrival of Clone Officers Commander Cody and Captain Rex, and after they were attacked by invading Droid forces, the officers escaped and met with the rookies. Once the danger passed Rex devised a plan to infiltrate the base.        

The group of Clone troopers hid near the entrance of the base while Rex impersonated a commando droid by using the droids decapitated head. The Clone Captain successfully tricked droids to open the listening post's door, allowing Echo and the Troopers to ambush the remainder of the droids inside that base. However victory was cut short when they had noticed that Grievous's fleet had arrived above the moon. Due to lack of response from the Commandos, Grievous sent more battle droids to the listening post. Unable to shut down the hot-wired "all clear" signal the clones chose to destroy the station to alert the Republic of the Separatist presence. Soon droid reinforcements outnumbered the Clone troopers while they bought time for Clones Rex and Echo to wire explosives, but unexpectedly, their remote activator to detonate malfunctioned. Hevy then offered to stay behind and correct this problem before joining the other clones as they fled the base, but unfortunately Hevy was forced to detonate the explosives manually and sacrificed himself to destroy that post killing Hevy and all droids, not long after all the clone survivors were picked up by a ship and carried them off this moon.                                

Promotion to ARC Trooper

On board of the star destroyer Resolute Jedi generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker awarded Echo and Fives medals for their service. Following the presentation of their medals, Rex inducted these clones into the 501st Legion for their part in helping the Republic to thwart an Separatist attack. After joining this distinguished battalion, Echo and Fives both worked with Rex on strategic algorithms for their republic war effort. Sometime after their Rishi Station incident the Republic learned that Separatists were proceeding with an invasion on Kamino, with Kenobi, Skywalker, Rex, and Cody, Echo and Fives departing to Kamino to prepare the defense of the planet. Being back on their home planet after months away proved surreal to their two surviving members of the Domino Squad. In preparation for the defense of their world's Cloning facilities, they met 99, a deformed maintenance Clone who'd had been kind to the Domino's during the training, and informed 99 of Hevy's death. After an moment of sadness between the trio of clones the maintenance clone 99 had volunteered to help prepare for an Confederacy invasion. Fives and Echo were made snipers to hold off the droid force. 

With assistance from 99, Fives and Echo were able to stall an advancement of Separatists forces. In the midst of chaos the three clones happened upon an team of lost cadets and escorted them to safety. As the General Grievous and Asajj Ventress advanced further into the heart of Kamino in the search of the genetic samples of the Republic's Clone trooper army, the group was found by a Captain Rex and Commander Cody at the Cadet barracks. After 99 helped them gather weapons from a nearby armory, the group staged a trap for the incoming droids. Together, the troopers, the cadets, and 99 were able to defeat an squad of Grievous's Battle Droids, however 99 died trying to help his brothers. Soon after, the battle was won as the Confederacy Droid Army, including Grievous and Ventress, was routed all throughout Tipoca City, and the clone troopers mourned the death of the Clone brother. Once this battle had ended, Cody and Rex commended Echo and Fives for their courage and effort in the battle, officially promoting them to an elite rank of ARC Troopers. Both Echo and Fives both accepted their promotions and stated that they did what any clones would've done for their planet.

Mission to the Citadel Prison

Later in the Clone Wars, Jedi Master Even Piell was captured by separatists for his knowledge of the coordinates to the Nexus Route, a vital hyperspace route for the Republic. The 501st, including Echo and Fives, were tasked with the Jedi Master Piell's rescue, led by Kenobi and Skywalker. Piell was being held at a prison known as the Citadel, a prison built to hold Jedi in particular. To get to the Citadel covertly the rescue team was frozen in carbonite, which prevented having their life signs detected aboard a Confederacy transport, and so he, some other Clones, and Jedi were frozen and were then loaded onto a Separatist shuttle to the Citadel. Once at Lola Sayu the Droid R2-D2 landed their shuttle in a remote area where it removed Echo and the crew from the carbonite blocks. Because the wind was to strong for a jetpacks, the team free climbed the wall to a prison entrance. Echo was going to help Charger but the latter slipped on a rock and fell, triggering an alarm. The team sneaked in and before Piell lost a eye, Echo and Fives burst in and destroyed commando droids guarding the prison cell and an operator droid that was performing an interrogation on the Jedi Master Even Piell.

After rescuing Piell, Osi Sobeck caught them and all of the metallic equipment was caught by a magnetic field while the were confronted by the Commando Droids. Anakin broke the magnetic holder and Echo used his blaster to shoot at the droids.Kenobi decided it would be better if the group split up, one team consisting of Kenobi, Cody, and Piell while their other consisted of Anakin, Ahsoka, Tarkin, and Rex, along with some Troopers and the officers, Echo, and Fives. When Echo's group met at the landing zone, he and the survivors of the group engaged in a conflict with separatists forces for control over the ship. Echo spotted a Citadel Commando droid operating one of the blaster turrets aiming at the shuttle, the group's only means of escape. In an attempt to save the shuttle, Echo grabbed an nearby energy shield and tried to intercept the blaster turret. He was able to hold his ground on the shuttle for a moment, but this commando droid aimed for the shuttle with an resulting explosion, leaving CT-1409 to be consumed in the blast and flew across the area before touching the ground. While this team assumed he had died, he had survived the blast and was taken by the Separatists.

Captured by the Confederacy

Seemingly lost in battle at the Citadel, Echo met what may have been a fate worse than death: separatists capture and experimentation. The clone was turned into an cyborg, able to communicate with computers and decode the Republic’s strategy algorithm. He became the unwitting pawn for the Confederacy during their campaign on Anaxes, led by Trench. While on a covert mission with the Bad Batch Squad, Rex detected a signal which led him to believe that Echo was still alive. Rex was determined to find Echo, and finally tracked him to a Techno Union base at Skako Minor. There Rex and Bad Batch Squad finally freed him from his living prison of wires and programming. Echo was disoriented but alive, and eventually regained the full consciousness -- along with a ability to understand Separatist transmissions. Echo played a key role in a major Republic attack on the Separatists at Anaxes, and was honored for the bravery. Echo was promoted as the rank Corporal and due to his efforts, Windu informed Echo that the republic would have a greater fighting chance across all battlefronts throughout the galaxy in their war. After the battle on Anaxes Echo would go on to join Bad Batch.