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Darth Traya, known in her later years as Kreia, was a Human female Sith Lord who would rise to the title of Dark Lord of the Sith Triumvirate, ruling over the remnants of the Sith forces once ruled by Darth Revan and Darth Malak. Prior to the Mandalorian Wars, Kreia was a Jedi Master and Jedi historian, who was exiled by the Jedi Council  because of the results her teaching Jedi Knight Revan, her former student, who led a majority of the Jedi into war against the Mandalorians. After Kreia withdrew from the Jedi Order, she followed Revan's echos to the planet Malachor. There, she discovered ancient Sith knowledge and turned to the dark side, becoming a Sith Lord. In the years following the conflict with Revan's Sith Empire, Traya would search for Force-Sensitives to recruit, and discovered two men who became her apprentices, Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus. With them she created the Sith Triumvirate and became its Dark Lord, intent on destroying the Jedi.

Eventually, Traya was overthrown by Sion and Nihilus, who removed her from power and forced her to leave Malachor. After being exiled by both the Jedi and Sith, she held a deep hatred for both organizations and sought retribution. Going under the guise of "Kreia" once more, Traya located a former student of hers, Meetra Surik, also known as the Jedi Exile. Traya saw Surik as having the potential to bring her purpose to fruition, and took it upon herself to "rescue" Surik and retrain her in her own views. Even as Traya put into place a Jedi purge, she continued in her attempts to mold Surik into her own image. After assisting Surik in locating Jedi Masters and bringing them together on the planet Dantooine, Traya betrayed Surik and the Jedi by slaughtering several Masters and revealing herself as a Sith. Shortly after this, Traya laid the foundation of Darth Nihilus's death, and overthrew Darth Sion on Malachor, thus bringing her back into power as the Dark Lord. Surik would journey to Malachor during what would be known as the Great Scourge of Malachor and confront Darth Traya, dueling and killing the Sith Lord atop her Sith temple.


Early Life

The majority of the early life of the Human female Kreia is shrouded in mystery. However, it is known that she was a Jedi historian, and that she had worked her way to the rank of Jedi Master, training many students. Kreia's eyesight went unused as she depended on meditations, attempting to penetrate the galaxy's mysteries. For decades, she challenged her students with difficult questions, such as whether a Lightsaber was still a Lightsaber if it lost its power, or if a Jedi was still a Jedi if she lost her connection to the Force. Her fellow Jedi, who called her method of teachings "Kreia's conundrums", viewed them as quaint, but Kreia's students were mystified.

Students of Darkness

One of Kreia's Padawans was a highly gifted Jedi who eventually became known as "Revan." Her teachings, however, were looked upon with concern by the Jedi Council. After Revan left Kreia's tutelage, he sought out other Masters to round out his education. Eventually Revan came back to her to seek her guidance regarding the Jedi Council's stance of inaction against the Mandalorians. Revan then made up his mind to openly defy the Council. By the end of her time with the Jedi Order, Kreia's students were believed to be failures by the Council, because they followed Revan into the Galactic Republic's war against the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders, and either fell to the dark side or abandoned their training. The Council denounced both Kreia and her teachings.

Fall to the Dark Side

After Kreia was exiled by the Jedi for her role in training Revan, she began to question her beliefs, and silently withdrew from the Order. Some believed that she had followed Revan and his Jedi to war, but she instead traced her former Padawan's footsteps, searching for an answer that she alone could provide. Kreia was eventually drawn to the Force echoes of the Sith world Malachor, a nexus of dark side energies and part of the ancient Sith Empire. On the surface, Kreia found Darth Revan's former stronghold, an ancient dark side academy that contained the deepest and most intimate secrets of the Sith. She encountered Sith assassins left by Revan, but rather than attack the Jedi Master, they presented Kreia with Sith manuscripts. The documents that Kreia used the Force to read through intimated that the truths of the cosmos were not intended for the sane. Kreia believed that the manuscripts' authors were pureblooded descendants of the ancient Sith species.

The Sith authors claimed that they had privileged insight into secret realities, arguing that even though the contradictory and aimless nature of existence appeared obvious to all intelligent beings, awareness of the Force exposed this obvious "fact" as a lie, further stating that the Force betrayed Force-Sensitives, making them live in a compromised, chaotic universe, to live the lie. As much as she wanted to denounce them and their arguments, she fell under their seductive spell, and became Darth Traya, the Lord of Betrayal. Traya also learned of a forgotten legacy of the Sith that had lurked in the Unknown Regions for thousands of years. From that moment, she firmly believed that Revan had never "fallen" to the dark side, and that a greater cause had come that called for certain actions to be done.

Dark Lord of the Sith

Intent on continuing the legacy of Darth Revan, Traya re-established the dark side academy to train, convert and create a generation of Sith, and gather the remnants of Revan's Sith Empire so that they may pledge their fealty to her. She began to hunt for powerful Force-Senstives to make into her right hands, eventually discovering Darth Sion the Lord of Pain and Darth Nihilus the Lord of Hunger, with whom she would create the Sith Triumvirate. With the intention of eliminating the Jedi Order, Darth Traya ordered the construction of a weapon capable of wrecking destruction on a scale few have seen, powered by a large kyber crystal, and placed within a Sith temple. Inside this temple, Darth Traya would place a Sith holocron full of the secrets of the dark side she had discovered on Malachor.

Overthrown by Sith Lords

As time passed by, the Sith Lords Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus plotted against Darth Traya. The legacy she intended to leave on the galaxy fell far from Nihilus' hunger and Sion's crusade against the Jedi. After Traya had taught all that her students required, they confronted, overpowered, and exiled her. Afterwards, Darth Nihilus became the Dark Lord of the Sith, and Traya was left betrayed. After casting Traya out of the Sith Order, Sion and Nihilus began an assassination campaign against the Jedi, a campaign which left thousands of Jedi dead. Traya, who assumed her previous identity of Kreia, returned to Republic space, seeking Meetra Surik, also known as the Jedi Exile, a former student of Traya's who served under Revan during the Mandalorian Wars.

After having been exiled by both the Jedi and Sith, she held an abhorrence to both Orders, and began to consider how she might deliver a devastating blow to the Jedi and Sith, thus claiming vengeance upon them. Upon finding her former student, Meetra Surik, Traya led the Jedi Exile as a teacher through the galaxy to find the remaining surviving Jedi Council members, with an alternative goal than the Exiles. Kreia desired another apprentice like Revan, and hoped Meetra could prove worthy of this, but Kreia would later decide that Meetra was unworthy and she would eventually be forced to kill Meetra.

After the Jedi Masters had managed to gather their forces on Dagobah, Kreia betrayed Surick by revealing her treachery as a Sith Lord and killed several members of the Jedi Council. She then lured one of her former students, Darth Nihilus, to the planet Telos using a beacon of the planet to summon Nihilus's hunger and lead him into a trap. Kreia, then returned to Malachor and reclaimed the title of Dark Lord of the Sith, managing to overthrow Darth Sion and leave him for dead. With Sion defeated and Darth Nihilus vanquished above Telos within his vessel, Darth Traya returned to her former power.

Great Scourge of Malachor

Meetra Surik along with the legion of Jedi which had survived the initial Jedi assassination attempts, arrived on Malachor with the hopes of ending Darth Traya's Sith reign once and for all. Meetra during this conflict would confront and destroy Sion, making the Sith Lord finally embrace death. After her encounter with Sion and while the battle between the Sith and Jedi was reaching high stakes, Meetra would confront Darth Traya at the top of the primary Sith temple. Traya reiterated how she had used Surik as a weapon of death in her quest to have her revenge on those who had opposed, wounded, and betrayed her. Traya then told Surik why she taught she might be a chosen apprentice out of all the Jedi.

Surik and Traya then fought for the fate of the war and Surik eventually cut off Kreia's left hand, leaving only her left cybernetic limb. Surik refused to kill Kreia, because she was now a defenseless opponent. Enraged, Traya used the Force take make several Lightsabers strike Surik, which Surick would cut down and strike Kreia down in the process. Surik would watch Kreia die, but not before the Dark Lord gave Meetra a warning of the future darkness that the galaxy would have to face, and with those words Kreia fell to the ground with Meetra leaving both her body and the planet behind.

Using techniques that she had mastered alongside Darth Sion, Darth Traya used her last reserves of strength to enact her last act of revenge against the Jedi and Sith. Traya would activate the weapon that she had created within the Sith temple and use it to kill the Jedi and Sith who fought beneath her feet. When the weapon activated, Traya was in such close proximity that she was incinerated upon its activation. The blast from the weapon would result in thousands of both Jedi and Sith dead and their petrified bodies were all that remained, left littered across the battlefield. With the defeat of Darth's Nihilus, Kreia, and Sion, along with the devastation of Malachor, the war against the Sith had been brought to an end, though it would not last.

Powers and Abilities

The Force: A skilled Jedi Master and Sith Lord of prodigious skill and power, Kreia used a wide variety of Force abilities from both the light and dark side, though she strayed more to the darkness later in life.

  • Telekinesis: Traya was skilled at telekinetic Lightsaber combat, which allowed her to wield at least three lightsabers in combat, holding each of them aloft with the Force and having them fight with a will of their own.
    • Force Choke: Force choke, sometimes known as Force grip, was a dark side Force power where one would strangle the victim with the Force. It was often performed with a grip-like gesture. This power was frequently employed by the Sith.
  • Telepathy: She was also skilled in telepathy, being able to communicate with others over immensely large distances. She demonstrated this when she telepathically spoke to Meetra Surik on Moraband even though she was onboard a ship. She was capable of modifying the memories of even Jedi; for instance, selectively modifying the memories of Jedi.
    • Mind Trick: A Mind Trick was an ability of the Force that allowed the practitioner to influence the thoughts of the affected, generally to the user's advantage. When using the mind trick, the practitioner generally adopted a suggestive tone of voice and used a distinctive gesture, waving their hand in front of the target's face.
  • Force Vision: Traya was incredibly skilled at predicting the future and was able to foresee the death of Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett at the hands of Jedi Master Mace Windu approximately four thousand years later, in a prophecy relating to the fate of the Mandalorians.
  • Force Lightning: Force lightning was a Force power utilized by the Sith. The technique involved a discharge of electricity from the practitioner's fingertips, resulting in electrocution and even disfigurement if the target was hit with it.
  • Force Dash: Force Dash was an ability of the Force that allowed its user to increase his or her speed for a brief time.


  • Lightsaber Skills: She was skilled at physically wielding a lightsaber, using the combat forms Shii-Cho, Makashi, and Soresu. She was also known to have used a rare lightsaber technique known as Tràkata. When the exiled Jedi would ask Traya about each different form of lightsaber combat, the Dark Lord knew enough about each form to give Surik an accurate description.