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Darth Talon
Darth Talon the First, Sith Follower and Warrior - By: Peter-Ortiz
Darth Talon the First, Sith Follower and Warrior - By: Peter-Ortiz
Vital statistics
Position Dark Lady of (New Sith Order) Jedi Student (New Jedi Order)
Age 24
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.60 Meters
Weight 52 Kilograms

Darth Talon first of her name, born with the name Alema Rar, was born a female Twi'lek who endured many hardships in life as well as facing her own inner darkness that eventually result in a turn to the Dark Side of the Force. Condemned to a early life in poverty, Alema and her sister would be freed and would soon find themselves as Jedi students in the New Jedi Order, taken to be trained in the ways of the Force at the site of Luke Skywalker's Temple. But in the decades that followed the war, a powerful force that would plot its return to the galaxy, from the darkness came a grave threat to the Jedi, one which had brought the Jedi to near extinction once again. She was one of few who survived the massacre of Skywalker's New Order, but though she was lucky her sister was not. With the death of her sister, Alema went down a dark path in which she would mold herself in the image and ways of the extinct Sith-Lords.                                


Early Life

Alema Rar and her sister Numa Rar were born years after the Battle of Yavin into the poverty of the Twi'lek people. From an early age, both of the sisters were enslaved and forced to get work as dancers to survive. They both grew up in some of the most dangerous ryll dens of Kala'uun, a large settlement that functioned as a spaceport on the Twi'lek homeworld. Growing up both sisters had a strong bond, always working together to get money and survive. Rar resided in Ryloth's cave warrens, and throughout her life Rar retained a preference for confined spaces. Together, the sisters witnessed much cruelty and the hardships of the galaxy. As a dancer, Alema learned the grace and dexterity which would aid her in Lightsaber combat in the years to come, as well as feminine charm found alluring by so many males. She came to love dancing, despite being a slave.

Student of the New Jedi

Eventually, the Rar sisters would be discovered as both being Force-Sensitives, though they had not known at the time of their youth that they were strong with the power of the Force, the Rar sisters knew that at times there was something about them that was different. The sisters would be discovered by followers of the Jedi who sought to assist Jedi Luke Skywalker in creating the New Jedi Order, and freed from their hand-to-mouth existence when both of them were found and their freedom was purchased once the Church of the Force recognized their innate talent in the Force. Although not Jedi themselves, the members of the Church that found them began teaching the two Twi'lek sisters in the ways of the Force, and brought them to the site of Skywalker's training academy, where he had already begun training a generation of new Jedi. Rar and her sister were schooled in the ancient arts of the Jedi, where Rar was instructed in combat using a Lightsaber, galactic history, and the uses of the Force. In time, Rar constructed a Lightsaber of her own, with a silver blade. At some point during her training, Rar met Senator Leia Organa, sister of Master Skywalker and mother of Rar's fellow student Ben Solo. Through her training, a darkness was rising in the Unknown Regions that threatened the Jedi.

New Jedi Massacre

Decades after the end of the Galactic Civil War, the remnants of the Galactic Empire were reforming into a group called the First Order, and within this new military organization came a group of warriors who served with the Dark Side of the Force, the Knights of Ren. Under the leadership of the fallen Ben Solo now called Kylo Ren, the Knights of Ren with the forces of the First Order preceded to slaughter the training Jedi along with those who might teach them. The Rar sisters were caught in the middle of this massacre, and were dealt with great loss as many of the beings they had trained with would be struck down by enemy forces. When the time came that the massacre had ended, Alema had become one of the few if not the only survivor of the mass murder of the New Jedi Order, but she was injured and barely alive. Seeking safety, Numa led her sister to a nearby cave in a desperate and doomed attempt to flee the Knights of Ren. One of the Knights had found them fleeing and proceeded to track them into the cave that the Rar sisters sought shelter. Alema was in critical condition with a fractured arm and six fractured ribs, as well as deep wounds in her abdomen and back. Numa tried to care for Alema until they could come up with an idea on how to escape the wrath of the Knights of Ren.

Death of a Twi'lek Sister

Eventually confronted by the Knight of Ren pursuing them, Numa stood in defense in order to protect a wounded sister, and despite her bravery and will, she was soon struck down by the Knight of Ren. Rar could only watch in horror as her own sister was killed before her eyes at the hands of the Knight, an event that for years would be a source of permanent grief and anger for her. Almost soon after Numa died, Alema felt a surge of anger the likes of which she had never felt in her life before, and from this anger she fought the pain her body felt and stood to oppose the Knight of Ren. With all the strength and anger of the Dark Side beside her, Alema used the dark power fueled by her anger to overcome the Knight of Ren and viciously slay him. Immediately after her victory, Alema went to mourn her sister, holding a dead Numa in her arms for the last time, a day in which Alema developed an angry focus that would fail to fade even as time passed. Rar felt so weak from her injuries and exhausted from her usage of the Dark Side that she just lay until she fell unconscious, trying to come to terms with her own inevitable death and joining Numa. Alema was left for death for a long duration of time, and in that time she truly thought she was going to die, until a stranger arrived before Alema and offered her help.

Alema Dies & Talon Rises

Given a Sense of Purpose

The horrific and scarring experience of the Jedi Massacre would be but the beginning step of a long and drawn out path from which Alema Rar would be utterly consumed by the Dark Side of the Force, and be turned into a twisted servant of evil. When Alema later regained consciousness she found herself in the presence of a black cloaked man, the same one who saved her certain death by brining her to his starship for treatment, who revealed himself as Darth Krayt. From that moment she was rescued by Krayt, the Twi'lek's fate would forever be tainted by darkness. Krayt took the young Twi'lek to his base of operations on the ancient barren Sith world of Moraband, where she would be trained by Krayt's New Sith Order. When she reached a proper age and level in her training, Alema had renounced her former identity and then took on the new name Darth Talon first of her name. Darth was trained under the tutelage of a figure who would grow to be like a father to her. Talon's inherent abilities as a Force-Sensitive were honed in order to transform her into an assassin. Psychologically, she was molded to be completely susceptible to the tenets of the Sith Order. Though she looked up to her master, Talon's ultimate loyalty belonged without question to Darth Krayt, the new Dark Lord of the New Sith Order.

Remnants of Force History

On the verge of her training's being complete, Darth Talon was greatly immersed within the Dark Side of the Force. With the completion of her transition to a Sith close at hand, Krayt gave Talon one final test to prove herself to the Sith, to kill her mentor in cold blood. Obedient to the will of Darth Krayt without any question, Darth Talon didn't even hesitate when she murdered her own master. With her final rite of passage fulfilled, Talon became a true member of the New Sith, thus making her one of the Dark Lord's most trusted assassins. During her time among the New Sith Order, Talon studied the ancient and recent history revolving around both the Jedi and Sith Orders, following in Krayt's footsteps that by learning of the past she might better forge her future. In one of her first assignments given by Darth Krayt, Talon was tasked with traveling to Darth Krayt's homeworld of Tatooine so as to search for remnants of the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi. Unknown to Talon, Krayt had sent her on this mission as a kind of spiritual expedition where she might encounter remnants of recent history that might determine her future. Darth Talon arrived on Tatooine and as told searched local myths and stories so as to find the former home of Kenobi. But when Talon arrived, Kenobi's home had long been deserted and picked clean.

Soon after arriving in Obi-Wan's deserted residence, Talon started to hear an unusual sort of singing, a sound that Talon followed until she reached a point in the ground where the song was the loudest. Feeling that something was under the surface, Talon started to digging, and eventually she found a long deceased corpse with a kyber crystal that at a certain point in time was a part of a Lightsaber belonging to a Sith. Almost immediately after she had found the deceased body with the crystal, Darth Talon began to experience many great visions of a warrior and his life consumed with rage and a desire for revenge, a warrior that Talon would later recognize as Darth Maul. After she experienced the visions, she felt it only prudent that she take on the crystals as a way of keeping the memory of the dead Sith alive. After she salvaged the crystals and reburied Maul's bones, Talon returned to Moraband where she informed Darth Krayt of her spiritual journey and discoveries. Once she had all the needed materials, Darth Talon had then decided to use the kyber crystal from the grave of Darth Maul grave to create a new Lightsaber for herself. With this new weapon came more visions into the early and later life of Darth Maul, and after seeing his story, Darth Talon came to worship the dead Sith for his skills and anger.

Darth Talon's interest to the historical life and reign of Darth Maul was one of dedication and remembrance to the former reigning Sith who had come before, but the unlike others, Darth Maul was the one Darth Talon came to admire the most. It was from this admiration that Darth Talon had researched the customs of the long dead Nightbrother tribal group, like for instance their custom of tattooing traditional markings on their warriors. Talon saw the tattoos as something that had striked fear and invoked nightmares in enemies, a symbol that Darth Talon sought to inherit. As with the traditions of the past, with every mission that Darth Talon completed or a combat experience she would overcome, Darth Talon earned a new variation of the Nightbrother tattoos until her body was completely covered with the ancient markings, symbols that were inscribed by Darth Krayt himself. With the black tattoos covering her body, head, and lekku earned in rituals similar to how males on Dathomir marked their warriors, Talon displayed both a loyal following to the old Order of Sith warriors and a appearance of ferocity the likes of which the galaxy had not seen since Maul. As a full fledged follower of the Sith old and new and holding an unbreakable loyalty to Krayt, Darth was made into an extension of the will of the Dark Side.

Powers and Abilities


The Force: Alema Rar was a talented user of the Force. Alema made use of telekinesis regularly, employing the Force to batter her enemies in duels, hurl them away, recall her weapon, appropriate those of others, or throw her Lightsaber and other objects at enemies. Alema later used the technique to manipulate immovable parts of her body. Darth also had an acute danger sense, an ability common to Jedi but enabled her to survive attempts on her life, and avoiding all potential threats when remaining hidden. Rar acquired other arcane and unique abilities during her lifetime. Following Alema's fall to the dark side, Alema Rar began using abilities which had not been condoned by the teachings of the Jedi Order. The Twi'lek was accurate with the use of lightning, able to hurl bolts of electric energy at her enemies and incapacitate or kill them.  Rar used other abilities such as Force Crush to dispatch or wound her enemies. Another technique Talon favored was the mind trick, whereby Darth would exert her presence upon the weak-minded and sway them to suit her designs. Her talents at fighting, as well as her place as Darth Talon, put her at a status greater than the majority of modern Dark Side wielders. Darth Talon's self-proclaimed strongest talents, lay more in the direction of surveillance or assassination.


Lightsaber Skills: Alema's ability in combat was considerable. Alema Rar's skill in Lightsaber combat was accentuated by the grace and fluidity of movement Alema Rar learned as a dancer. Despite knowledge of Lightsaber techniques, like as the guard she should adopt against a more skilful opponent, the Twi'lek was no match for more experienced warriors such as Luke Skywalker. In a crazed state, Talon had been a ineffective fighter against a skilled fighter and often left her open to attack. Rar was also proficient in the fourth form of Lightsaber combat. Talon often incorporated hand-to-hand combat in her fighting, kicking her opponents or even using her sharp Twi'lek talons as weapons. During her duels, Rar could make use of the power of speed, enhancing the rapidity of her actions. Alongside her considerable capabilities in the Force, Alema Rar also possessed numerous other talents. The Twi'lek was a capable sniper, utilizing a longblaster to eliminate opponents with headshots. Alema was an expert at disguise, and could act when the necessity arose, fooling others on a number of occasions. She could fix a hyperdrive and was able to pilot a diverse range of space vessels, like ancient craft along with other ships. In unison with her extensive Force powers, these talents made her a dangerous foe.