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Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious - By: KONAMI (Edit By: Maximus Supremo)
Darth Sidious - By: KONAMI (Edit By: Maximus Supremo)
Vital statistics
Position Dark Lord of the (Order of Sith)
Age 88
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 1.73 Meters
Weight 75 Kilograms

Darth Sidious, was a Dark Lord of the Sith who served as the final Supreme Chancellor of the Old Galactic Republic and the first Galactic Emperor of the Galactic Empire, and was the last ruling Sith-Master under a Sith Darth Bane's Order of the Sith. Born with a name Sheev Palpatine he would be trained in the Dark Side by Sith Darth Plagueis before he would seek out his own Sith-apprentice to overthrow Plagueis as an dark Lord. In a public persona, the Sith-Lord posed as an humble Palpatine of Naboo an position he used to manipulate galactic events to his own design. Sidious engineered such acts as a Invasion of Naboo and used the crisis as a pretext to being elected as the Supreme Chancellor by the Republic Senate. After a failure of Darth Maul, he made Count Dooku into an Dark Lord Tyranus, and together they'd created the Separatist Alliance to start an Clone War conflict that would spread across the entire galaxy.

As Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, Sidious was given emergency power to handle the Crisis, and he raised a Grand Army of the Republic to fight a clone War. As the wars were nearing a end, Sidious branded every single Jedi a enemy and ordered Clone Troopers in the army to execute protocol Order 66 thus at last enacting a plan to destroy the Jedi Order. With the Knights all but extinct, Lord Sidious declared himself a Galactic Emperor, and remade the republic into his Sith Galactic Empire. Sidious also turned the Jedi Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side, giving him the Sith identity Darth Vader. An Emperor Palpatine would reign for two decades before an Rebel Alliance was formed to resist his rule, sparking the Galactic Civil War. After years of a war, the reign of Sith Emperor Palpatine came to an end when the redeemed Anakin Skywalker killed the Emperor in order to protect his child, thus ending his rule and the Sith Order itself.


Early Life

Apprentice of Plagueis

A Human male, Sheev Palpatine was born to a very influential family on the Mid Rim planet of Naboo some time eighty years before the beginning of a Galactic Civil War. As far as anyone knew of, Palpatine had no family of which to speak. At some point, during his youth, he'd met Darth Plagueis, a reigning Dark Lord of the Sith of that time who'd take him as an Sith-Apprentice with a name of Darth Sidious. As Sidious, he learned all his Master knew about the Dark Side of the Force, and all the Sith of Darth Bane's lineage had learned about the Force. He was also made aware of Sith Plagueis's discovery of the secret to eternal life: Darth Plagueis had learned to manipulate Midi-Chlorians and prevent people from dying. Plagueis's obsession with extending his own life eventually passed to Palpatine, but he later admitted that he had never been able to learn his Sith Masters secrets. In an public persona as Sheev Palpatine, he embarked on a career as a politician and eventually, with the aid of his Master, ended up representing Naboo in the Senate. With his rise to power guaranteed and his training complete, he killed Plagueis in his sleep, betraying him just as the Sith in the past had done.

Working in the Shadows

Selecting an Apprentice

Once elected as a Senator for Naboo, he quickly joined an Supreme Chancellor Kalpana's ruling party, and noticed the fervent bickering and corruption that mired the Galactic Republic. Keeping his Sith identity a secret from the public eye, Sheev Palpatine took it upon himself to execute the Sith long-percolating plan to supplant this Republic with a new Sith Empire, and destroy the Jedi Order. Seeking an Sith Apprentice, Darth Sidious traveled to an dark planet Dathomir and met with a Dathomirian Nightsister Mother Talzin. Intermingling his knowledge of the dark side of the Force with Talzin's knowledge of Nightsister magicks, Sidious promised to make Mother Talzin an Sith Apprentice and right hand. However, Sidious betrayed Talzin and kidnapped her son, an Zabrak Nightbrother who would become Sith Apprentice Darth Maul. Sidious brutally trained Maul to be a weapon of the Sith, viewing his prowess and combat abilities as a asset to his plan. As he furthered Maul's training, he came into contact with respected and powerful former Jedi Dooku. A political thinker as well as a Jedi Master, he had grown increasingly disgusted with the corruption found within the old galactic Republic.

Gradually, Darth Sidious managed to lure Dooku to the Dark Side of the Force, and used him to further his own agenda. Sheev Palpatine moved to seize power from Chancellor Finis Valorum, who had virtually no political power and counted Palpatine as a close friend and ally, allowing for Palpatine to easily manipulate him. Through holographic contact, Sheev Palpatine conspired with Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray to blockade the planet Naboo in protest of the Senate's taxation of trade routes in outlying Star Systems. An Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi arrive on a Trade Federation Control ship in order to negotiate, as requested from the Queen of Naboo. After the arrival, Darth Sidious interrupts their mission by ordering Viceroy Gunray to assassinate the ambassadors. When the Jedi escape, the Dark Lord had the viceroy end all communication in the Senate building. As part of his plan to become the new supreme Chancellor, he promised Queen Amidala that he'd end corruption, as her people were suffering while Federation control increased. Members of the Senate continued to argue, and even Chancellor Valorum, failed to make any decisive action.

During an Galactic Senate meeting, Amidala finally agrees with Senator Palpatine's to call for a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Valorum's leadership, and elect a new Chancellor to stop the tragedy. After the fall his Sith-apprentice, Darth Maul in an duel with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, he'd successfully became the newly elected Republic Supreme Chancellor. Though the invasion failed and his student, Lord Darth Maul, was seemingly killed by Obi-Wan, the wheels for his grand scheme were in motion and the emergence of the gifted Anakin Skywalker presented him with a new opportunity. As the Separatist crisis movement began to grow to the seeming consternation of Palpatine, it was in fact the next phase of his plan. It was Palpatine who pulled the strings of the secessionists, while at the same time demanding emergency powers as Chancellor to combat the threat of war. With the help of the latest student, Dooku or known by his identity of Tyranus, he played both sides. When the Clone Wars began between Republic and Confederacy, Sidious was quite pleased, and victory close at hand. Meanwhile, he'd continued mentoring Anakin, instilling an dangerous ambitious side into this Jedi.

Vengeance of the Sith Order

Pulling the Strings of Politics

Not long after the war began, Darth Sidious enacted a plot to steal a Holocron from the Jedi Temple with the assistance of the Bounty Hunter Cad Bane and use a memory crystal to uncover the location of Force-Sensitive children across the galaxy. He had Cad Bane kidnap the children and deliver them to Mustafar, where Sidious would commence an creation of Force-Sensitive spies, but the Jedi foiled this plan and rescued the Younglings. In the next year, while the Senate was considering deregulating the banks in order to increase funds for the wars, he was informed by Senator Amidala that the Separatist Senate was considering peace. To fix this problem he ordered Dooku to bomb central power distribution grid and assassinate Mina Bonteri, thus dashing any hope of peace. An bill was soon passed to create more clone Troopers, Palpatine told Senator Amidala that with more clones, perhaps the war would end more quickly. The clone Troopers that served in the Grand Army to fight in the Clone Wars each were secretly commissioned by the Sith and each contained a biochip with an preprogrammed protocol to eliminate Jedi Knights, the enemies of the Sith, when a Order 66 was given.

Feeling that Asajj Ventress could be used by Dooku to try and overthrow him, Sidious ordered Count Dooku to eliminate Ventress, which he followed by ordering the nearby ships to fire on Ventress's Ship. Darth Sidious not long later ordered Dooku to begin allying with a Zygerrian Slave Empire explaining that in the time of the old Sith Empires, power was built upon the backs of slaves and their new Empire would be no exception. A year later, Darth Maul returned from exile, and established his own group of criminals to serve as the backbone of Maul's new power while even having taken on a new apprentice. When Maul seized control of Mandalore, Palpatine had his shuttle flown to that world, where he dueled Maul and his brother in a duel. Sidious managed to slay Savage Opress and take Maul as an prisoner, but not before torturing this fallen apprentice with lightning. Despite the fact that later on Maul escaped, Sidious was convinced his threat ended with the fall of his syndicate. In the last year in the wars, Grievous invaded Coruscant to help Sidious stage a kidnapping of his alter ego. He was liberated by Obi-Wan and Anakin, with the chancellor convincing Skywalker to kill Count Dooku.

Rise of a Sith Galactic Empire

After being returned to Coruscant he made preparations for the war to end and the appointment of a Sith apprentice. In the aftermath of the rescue, he deemed it time to reveal his Sith self to Anakin, using their friendship and the knowing of Anakin's secret bride to drive him closer to the Dark Side. Anakin responded by reporting him to the Jedi but he realized that he could not lose this Dark Lord as he thought he needed to learn the power to save his wife. After Anakin betrayed the Jedi, the Dark Lord took Anakin as his apprentice and gave him an Sith identity of Darth Vader. Sidious, knowing the time had come, executed Order 66, which ordered his army to kill their Jedi leaders. With public support, he reorganized the Republic into the first Galactic Empire and named himself the Galactic Emperor. One of the few survivors of the Jedi Purge, Yoda made one last attempt to kill Sidious, but did prove unsuccessful. In the aftermath of Vader's duel with Obi-Wan, the Emperor ordered the procedure that would turn him into something more machine than man, and with Vader at his side, the Sith ruled the galaxy. With their Sith Empire now in control, the two Sith watched the Death Star being built.

Reign of Emperor Palpatine

Exploits of the Sith Emperor

After the creation of his Sith Empire, Palpatine established himself in the Coruscant Jedi Temple, transforming it into an Imperial Palace. The Jedi in the time of an Old Republic had built the palace atop an ancient shrine of the Sith Order, in order to neutralize and cover the dark power that sprang from its depths. He entrusted the reopening and restoration of the ancient temple to droids under the the supervision of 11-4D a protocol droid that once belonged to Plagueis. During his rule, Sidious sent explorers to unmapped regions of the galaxy to search for the source of the Dark Side, believing it lay there, explorers built labs on distant Moons and Asteroids. With the Jedi mostly defeated, Sidious felt secure behind the huge galactic military and dominion over most of the known galaxy. Despite this, remaining Separatist Holdouts and surviving Jedi would gnaw at the confidence of this Empire's longevity. Seeking to secure the Center, Sidious supported military excursions into the Outer Rim in effort to bring more systems under his fold. With a ultimate goal of the Emperor to bend reality into a thing of his own creation, an almighty Empire would allow the galaxy to be held in his evil embrace.

Many years into the Empire's reign, Sidious' interest in the Unknown Regions continued. This came to a head when the crew of Strikefast, under the command of Captain Voss Parck, encountered the Chiss Thrawn in Wild Space. This alien claimed to have a great deal of knowledge on the Unknown Regions. Thrawn was brought before Sidious on Coruscant in order to be questioned. Thrawn told the Emperor of threats lurking within the unknown Regions and how they'd might one day find the Empire and offered his military skills. Sidious told the Chiss of his interest in the Unknown regions, and though Thrawn warned that there was great dangers to be found there, he assured Sidious that he would share his intel of the Unknown Regions. Palpatine's totalitarian regime was continually strengthening in its first years. In addition to his actions of solidifying his power base, Palpatine had also orchestrated the Jedi Purge, an extended campaign of trying to eliminating Jedi. Palpatine effectively wielded absolute control over the galaxy and virtually all who lived within it. During his tenure, he built one of the most powerful Military Forces the galaxy had ever seen and ruled unopposed for decades.

During his reign, a Jedi Temple at Lothal fell under the control of his Empire, and among ancient paintings of the Mortis Gods, the emperor believed that this temple was an gateway to the World between Worlds that existed where time and space could be manipulated. Palpatine became obsessed with unlocking this portal, but proved unsuccessful. The Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger, however, figured out the painting's secrets and entered this mystical plain within. Through Dark Sith arts, Palpatine could peer into this world between worlds, but failed to capture Ezra or the friend he saved, Ahsoka Tano. Bridger escaped and sealed the portal, handing the Emperor a great defeat. During the rebellions final attempt to liberate Lothal, Palpatine attempted once more to use the power of the Lothal Temple to his benefit by manipulating the captured Padawan Bridger into accessing an fragment of the destroyed Temple by appearing in the public persona and offering Ezra the chance to be with his dead parents again. Unfortunately, Ezra chose to reject the Emperor's offer then destroyed the temple fragment, and with the plan in ruin, an unmasked Sidious ordered his servants to destroy this boy.

Eventually, Rebel cells from across the galaxy had reorganized themselves into a larger and more organized movement known as the Rebel Alliance. Striking from an hidden base, the rebels orchestrated strike after strike against Palpatine's regime. Although these strikes were no more than a nuisance to the Empire, a disastrous defeat eventually saw the loss of a complete technological readout of the Death Star the Empire's ultimate weapon which had been under construction for decades. This loss, as the Death Star I neared completion, was a bitter, and even potentially fatal blow to Palpatine's long-term plans. The Empire suffered its first major loss with the destruction of the Death Star, but took special notice of one rebel in particular. Strong with the dark, he felt an disturbance as Luke Skywalker’s powers developed. He knew the boy had destroyed Death Star I and foresaw Luke could destroy him. He planned for Luke's death, but Vader suggested the young Jedi be converted to the Dark Side an idea that intrigued the Emperor. In an attempt to gain a new apprentice as well as end this war, he purposely allowed the Rebels to obtain the plans of the Death Star II near the moon of Endor.

Fall of the Galactic Emperor

The Emperor, using a lack of progress in the station construction as an excuse traveled to the second Death Star site of construction to oversee the defeat of the Rebels and the fall of the Jedi once and for all. The Galactic Empire had begun construction of the Death Star II, and the Emperor made a rare visit from Coruscant to oversee final preparations. When Luke willingly allowed himself to be taken prisoner by the empire, seeking to turn his father Vader back to the Light Side, he was brought before Palpatine. He toyed with Luke, encouraging this Jedi to use his hatred and strike him down. Luke gave in and fought Sith-Lord Vader that saw him nearly kill his father out of anger, which is what Sidious wanted so Luke then would take his father’s place as a Sith-Apprentice. When the Jedi came to his senses he threw away his Lightsaber refusing to turn to the Dark Side. Sidious had not foreseen this and could not comprehend Luke’s compassion for Vader. He angrily shot lightning into Luke, intending to kill him. Vader regrouped, and upon seeing the true evil that was Sidious threw him down a deep shaft. Through redemption, Anakin destroyed the Sith, while Rebels destroyed this Death Star II.

Powers and Abilities


The Force: As an Dark Lord of the Sith in his era, Palpatine was incredibly powerful in the Force. He was a practitioner of Force lightning, and was known to use the ability both as a deadly attack and a means of torture. He was also skilled with telekinesis; he was skilled enough with telekinesis that he was also able to remove handcuffs while barely lifting his finger when meeting face to face on the Death Star II. He once choked Dooku from hundreds of light years away during holo-transmission. Sidious was highly adept at foreseeing the future, often utilizing this power to see his plots to fruition, ensuring that all would proceed as he planned. He possessed knowledge of dark arts, allowing him to utter incantations in the Sith tongue. He was also able to take complete control of a subjects mind and force them to obey his commands. He was also capable of telepathically communicating simple messages over a distance of of light-years, as Sidious had communicated through the holoprojections whilst discussing more complex matters. He also had a remarkable ability to sense the thoughts of others, including those of incredibly powerful Force adepts such as Vader and Luke. On a related note, Palpatine was also capable of hiding his thoughts, concealing his true nature for decades before revealing himself.


Lightsaber Skills: Despite his frail appearance, Sidious was incredibly skilled in combat, being one of the best duelists of his time. As a result of his tremendous skill, he slew two Jedi considered to be two of the finest Lightsaber duelists of their time with a single blow, and while also engaged with Jedi Windu, he slew Kit Fisto only moments later. He also put up a ferocious fight against Mace Windu, but was eventually disarmed by the latter though with extreme effort. Later on, Sidious held his own against Yoda in a lightsaber duel, but in the end he forced an Grand Master to flee with his powers rather than the Lightsaber. He had the extremely aggressive dueling style and augmented his swordplay by using Force speed which allowed him to defeat three experienced Jedi at once with little effort. His style was a combination of lethal precision and aggression making him an almost unstoppable opponent. In fact, the only person known to have defeated him in a duel was Windu. Although he usually used one Lightsaber, he was also a master of Jar'Kai, wielding both of his Lightsabers against Maul and Savage Opress. Utilizing ferocious yet fluid fighting style, he fended off both brothers, and though they put up a considerable fight, he ultimately defeated them relatively easily, killing Savage and disarming Maul.



Palpatine's Lightsabers: In his guise of Palpatine, Darth Sidious owned twin Lightsabers made of phrik, auordium and electrum. Palpatine rarely used his Lightsaber, preferring to manipulate events indirectly and secretly. Palpatine wielded two Lightsabers against renegade apprentice Darth Maul and Savage Opress at Mandalore, took up arms to battle Jedi on Coruscant, and used one of Sith crimson blades against enemies at Ryloth. Being a patron of the arts, Darth Sidious designed his weapons with a level of craftsmanship, clearly influenced by the Dark Lord's love of antiquity. The whole of the weapon possessed a refined and elegant electrum finish. Ever a pragmatist, Sidious already had prepared a backup. The weapon was initially identical to his first with electrum and phrik finish of the original but was later retrofitted with an unknown black alloy. In truth, the Sith normally wielded enough powers to fight without an Lightsaber, but every Sith still learned to use one as part of the training. He himself felt that he and his peers had outgrown lightsabers usage and only continued to carry them to mock Jedi, and ultimately viewed Sabers as little more than affectation and rarely used them.