Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus, Lord of Hunger - By: Agreath
Vital statistics
Position Sith-Lord of the (Sith Order)
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Darth Nihilus was an Human male who reigned as a Dark Lord of the Sith during times of strife following an Jedi Civil War. Before he became Sith, he lost everything during Mandalorian Wars. He then had survived activation of an superweapon near conclusion of that war, which surrounded the nearby area with the destructive spatial phenomenon known as a mass shadow. Experiencing the shadow which obliterated almost everything or and around this world made Nihilus craved the energy of the Force. The affliction then ravaged his body while making him a wound in the Force. He was found by an seeker Traya, who told him that she could teach him to feed his endless hunger. He accepted her offer of apprenticeship at an Sith Academy on Malachor, where he, over time became one in the trio of concurrent Dark Lords. Together, they formed a Triumvirate with Traya as its head and another apprentice, Sion, as a third member.

Their Sith trio chose individual titles for themselves, with Dark Lord Nihilus becoming Lord of Hunger. These Sith Apprentices grew in strength throughout their training and eventually overpowered their Master. Sith Nihilus and Sith Sion had sent their master Lord Traya into a exile. Lord Nihilus' affliction developed to an point where the Dark Lord was forced to call upon the darkness to encase his spirit within an mask and armor to stay alive. Sion and he then began an Jedi Purge, causing events which nearly brought extinction to Jedi Order. Lord Nihilus was responsible for an devastating event at the planet Katarr, killing then absorbing the Force energy from the Jedi on Katarr along with every other living thing on the planet. After his rule over the Sith had ended, the Lord's armor maintained his spirit and was collected for burial on their Sith homeplanet of Moraband, where Lord Nihilus' soul would be preserved by his Sith-Holocron. 

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The Force: During combat, Darth Nihilus fought in an aggressive, one-handed style. He had learned some of the greatest of the Sith teachings, but such practices took the form of dependence. They would make him stronger, but only for a time, and he would have to feed upon Force energy to replenish his strength. For this reason, Force-sensitives and worlds rich in the Force would draw him. His reach in the Force eventually extended to a point where he could feel Force users throughout the galaxy to find planets he would then cleanse entirely, killing everything who was touched by the Force. Prolonged use of this power made him a threat to all life, as his craving grew more intense with each feeding. Eventually, Nihilus' hunger controlled him, not the other way around, and the Sith Lord would instinctively feed upon those around him, slowly killing them. Nihilus' very speech caused pain and death to all who heard it, and those who served him became utter slaves in time. His ability was somewhat similar to Surik's influence upon others: the reconvened Jedi Council in the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine inferred that the Sith had somehow learned this ability to feed on the Force from her.

Darth Nihilus was adept in many aspects of the Force. He used his dark variant of the Sever Force ability to betray Darth Traya alongside Darth Sion by stripping her of the Force and casting her out of the Sith Order. Nihilus could also use the Force to lift starships, as he did on Malachor V with the Ravager. He tore it from the mass shadows that surrounded the planet and kept it together even though it had suffered extensive structural damage. Through the Force, Darth Nihilus was able to escape death by containing his consciousness in his armor. He was also proficient in Dark rage, Farsight, Force lightning, Force resistance, Force scream, and Force whirlwind, among others, such as a dark variant of Force healing called Dark Healing. His knowledge also extended to Sith alchemy: during the second battle of Onderon, Nihilus' sect of Sith followers used techniques that would bend tame beasts to their will. Nihilus could increase the strength of Force powers he used greatly, if he wished, and he was capable of reaching through the Force at a range as far as a star system.

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  • Lightsaber Skills

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  • Lightsaber