Darth Malgus
Malgus awakes
Darth Malgus, Warrior of the Sith - By: Tygodym
Vital statistics
Position Commander of the Sith Imperial Military Forces (Sith Empire)

Sith-Warrior (Sith Empire)

Emperor (Malgus's Empire)

Sith-Lord (New Sith Order)

Age 3735 (Biologically: 90's)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 2.20 Meters
Weight Unknown

Darth Malgus was a Human male Sith Lord of the resurgent Sith Empire during a great war thousands of years before the Galactic Civil War. He was born under the name Veradun within Imperial territory, and raised by his adoptive father. While still young, Veradun killed a Twi'lek servant on his father's estate, revealing the dark will behind his sensitivity to the Force. The young boy was subsequently sent to the Sith Academy, where he became a Sith Warrior and a successful commander of the Imperial Military. Through his power, Malgus would achieve such things as leading to the recapture of Moraband by the Sith Empire, and a successful attack on the Old Republic's capital of Coruscant. His training among the Sith yielded another trait in Malgus's skills, he was shown to be a ferocious user of the Lightsaber.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Veradun was born a Human with Force-Sensitivity 3701 years before the Battle of Yavin on the planet Dromund Kaas, a key planet of the reconstituted Sith Empire. Veradun was raised by an adoptive father who served as a biologist in the Imperial Science Bureau, and maintained a private containment facility where he stored species from a number of planets which he would study with funding from the Empire. As a child, young boy Veradun participated in lessons on the Force with a number of instructors, all of whom recognized his great potential in the Force.

Sometime in his youth, a female Twi'lek servant on the estate of Verdaun's father committed a minor offense. Although the offense itself was meaningless to Veradun, he killed the woman to prove to himself that he was capable of doing so. His father was pleased with his son's actions, and so contacted the Sith Academy on the Imperial capital planet. Veradun was to leave the estate and train at the academy to become a Sith Warrior. The day prior to Veradun's departure, his adoptive father took him on a tour of his lab to teach him three lessons on personal conduct, deception, and expectations. The lessons, which his father crafted through the use of the creatures and their behavior, had a profound impact on Veradun and shaped his philosophies for later in life.

The next day, Veradun was taken to the Imperial capital, and he eventually became selected as an apprentice by a pureblood Sith Master. On a trip to the Outer Rim world of Geonosis, Veradun discovered a young Twi'lek slave girl by the name of Eleena Daru. Upon seeing that Daru was abused and physically beaten by her owner, Veradun killed her master and took the Twi'lek as his own. Although she remained his slave, the two became lovers and he eventually came to treat her as a wife. It was thus that after being accepted as an apprentice, Veradun found himself a new name, Malgus.

Recapture of Moraband Edit

3681 years before the Battle of Yavin, the Empire returned from hiding and launched a series of attacks against the Galactic Republic, sparking war. Malgus and his master were among those selected to participate in the Sith assault to reclaim the Sith holy world of Moraband, and during the Battle of Korriban the two took a boarded the Republic's space station above the planet. Landing in the hangar and preventing the station's crew from escaping aboard the freighter there, the two disembarked to confront the two Jedi who were entering the hangar. While his master engaged a Zabrak Jedi Master in battle, Malgus attacked the Jedi's Padawan Satele Shan. The Sith easily overpowered the younger Human at first, but a toss of the Masters Lightsaber put Malgus on the defensive and allowed Shan to regain her footing.

Malgus' master responded by unleashing a blast of lightning at Malgus' opponent, but the Jedi again came to his student's rescue by blasting the warrior with the Force, causing Vindican to change targets and attack the freighter nearby that belonged to a smuggler. Okarr was busy trying to start the ship so that he and the Jedi could escape, while a Republic trooper defended the freighter from the Sith's attack by launching a rocket at him. Vindican easily deflected the rocket, but was enraged to see the Jedi order Shan to escape aboard the freighter. Angered that his opponent was escaping, Malgus engaged the Jedi alongside his master while the Jedi defended himself with both his and Shan's double-bladed Lightsabers.

Despite the Sith's advantage of numbers, the Jedi easily beat back their attacks and scored a hit on Malgus's masters face before stabbing the Sith Master through his chest. Despite the fall of Malgus' master, the younger Sith summoned his masters Lightsaber to his hand and charged the Jedi, batting aside the chunks of machinery and metal that the Jedi threw at him. Knocking Shan's Lightsaber from the Jedi's grasp and battering down the Zabrak's defenses, Malgus brought the duel to a close when he cut down the Jedi Master. Malgus was surprised to find that his master was still alive, and mocked him for his failure to prevent the survivors' escape before decapitating the pureblood Sith as they watched the Sith armada descend on Moraband.

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Force: Darth Malgus utilized a variety of Force powers including Saber Throw, Force Push, Choke, Jump, Speed and Lightning. Malgus used his emotions such as anger and distaste of others to fuel his power of the Dark Side. Malgus demonstrated the skill and power to handle multiple opponents simultaneously without much effort. Malgus often used Force Speed to augment his physical movements.

In one instance, Malgus unleashed a powerful blast of Force lightning and killed several Jedi with it. Malgus himself could tolerate Force lightning attacks. He perfected his application of Force Lightning to a degree from which he could unleash a Force Maelstrom. Malgus also performed Force Screams to make his hatred apparent to his opponents as well as destroy enemy fighters within his range.

Being strong in the Force, Malgus was proficient in the applications of Telekinesis. Malgus could counter-push his opponents in the mid-air while they would jump towards him to knock them out in the process. Malgus could also perform Force Grip and Force Crush. Malgus could also perform Force Wave, the blast could shove everything away from him in all directions. Malgus could also hide his presence in the Force.

Abilities Edit

  • Lightsaber Skills: Darth Malgus was an exceptionally talented duelist and specialized in using rage and brute strength to defeat his opponents. Aside from his overwhelming physical strength, which served him well not only in lightsaber duels but also in hand to hand combat, Malgus also often performed acrobatics to increase his effectiveness in lightsaber combat. His speed was such that a normal human found it difficult to watch his movements in his duels.

Weapons and Equipment Edit

  • Lightsaber