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Designs for the Imperial Sentry Droid, One of the Dark Troopers First Models - By: Matt Donie

The Dark Troopers were advanced battle droids and infantry exoskeletons that featured heavy plating that resembled the armor of a Storm Trooper, powerful weapons, and jump packs for increased flexibility and tactical advantage. They came in several versions with the most notable among them being the Phase I Dark Trooper also classified as the Imperial Sentry Droids, the Phase II Dark Trooper, and the never developed Phase III Dark Troopers. The droids were developed and designed per the joining of the Imperial Department of Military Research and Arakyd Industries, and funded by the Emperor himself for the purpose of secretly developing the a new generation of providing the Empire with more efficient security. While the various Dark Troopers were still being evaluated between the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Hoth, the heavy armor used in their design would be incorporated into a variation of Storm Trooper designated the Purge Troopers armor whom served under Commander Bragh during the Iron Blockade.

Phase I Dark Trooper

Imperial Sentry Droid, Aboard the Chimera

Towering, quiet, and deadly, Imperial Sentry Droids also known as Phase I Dark Troopers were effective killing machines for the Galactic Empire. With glowing red eyes and an otherwise lifeless face, they are highly intimidating, but still vulnerable to heavy blaster fire. Another model of the Phase I Dark Trooper were the Enforcer Droids, humanoid droid models used by the Galactic Empire to enforce security. While the exact count of Enforcer Droids is unknown, there was at least one KX-Series Security Droid active before the start of the Galactic Civil War.


Imperial Sentry Droids classified as Phase I Dark Troopers were the first and main stage of the Dark Trooper Project. They acted as sentries in various locations, or could also be used for combat training. A security measure that come with the Imperial droids were should one of the online droids fall under attack, the remaining droids would activate and proceed to eliminate the threat. Sentry droids were equipped with a single blaster on the right arm and a hand on the left arm. They could also stun hostile targets. The droid was armored and could take several shots from small arms fire.

Phase II Dark Trooper

Prototype Phase II Dark Trooper - By: Andy Park

Phase II Dark Troopers was the second stage of the Dark Trooper Project, with experimental yet heavily  armored droid units used by the Galactic Empire some time between the Battle of Yavin and the Battle of Hoth. The Phase II dark trooper was intended to be the next step of artificially intelligent droids, which proved to be extremely effective in battle. Though most droids were shut down after the fall of the Galactic Empire, some of these troopers remained in operation in the aftermath of the Galactic Civil War.


Phase II Dark Troopers stood at a height twice that of an average humanoid. The droids were outfitted with duranium armor enhanced with refined cortosis which reduced the damage dealt by blaster fire or even Lightsabers. They were equipped with assault cannons that enabled them to storm enemy defenses. Phase II Dark Troopers were also given a a high-powered, medium-ranged rocket launcher providing them with a means of ranged attack, as well as magnetic tractor boots which made them resistant against being gripped or pushed with extreme force. The missile launcher was present on their right shoulder.