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Carlist Rieekan
Carlist Rieekan - By: KONAMI
Carlist Rieekan - By: KONAMI
Vital statistics
Position General of the (Rebel Alliance)
Age 81
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.83 Meters
Weight Unknown

Carlist Rieekan was a battle-weary veteran of the Clone War, who later served in the Rebel Alliance in their struggle against the Empire. Born on Alderaan, he fought in the Clone Wars for the Republic, but when an newly formed Empire showed their true nature of its government through such acts as destroying his home planet, Rieekan became an founding member of the rebellion. Because Rieekan was off-world when Alderaan was destroyed he was spared the same fate as most of the others inhabiting Alderaan. He'd held rank General and commanded Echo Base on the world of Hoth. After an Imperial probe droid discovered the secret base, Rieekan ordered an evacuation of all rebels. Even though they'd had barely finished establishing the Echo Base, their retreat helped save the Alliance. After the Battle of Hoth, he'd continued aiding the rebellion through the war and would even serve in the military of the New Republic.


Early Career

Carlist Rieekan grew up on the world Alderaan and left when he was seventeen to join an Old Republic's Judicial Forces, a unusual choice for a Alderaanian. As he demonstrated strong leadership skills, Rieekan quickly rose through the ranks, and through his career he came into contact and befriended other idealists such as Jan Dodonna and Crix Madine. He served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, where his keen grasp of tactics and, once again, his leadership skills impressed his superiors. When Chancellor Palpatine declared himself to be Emperor and transformed the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire, Rieekan chose to stick to his beliefs and refused to serve the newly found Empire authority regime.

Alliance Service

Early Rebel Movement

Instead of serving the Empire, Carlist served the Royal House of Alderaan as an civilian tactician, and then helped found the Rebel Alliance, an organization dedicated to throwing off Palpatine's hold on the galaxy. In Carlist's new role, he had found himself once again amongst like-minded individuals, many of them hailing from his planet. Rieekan found himself surprised that the Royal House of Organa, rulers of his home planet and vocal pacifists, were allied with the Alliance. He was pleased to find out that Viceroy Bail Organa and his daughter, Princess Leia Organa, were actually members of their rebellion. Rieekan felt the need to keep his connection to the Alliance secret,  but was subsequently placed in charge of covert operations in the Alderaan System. When Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin brought the Death Star superweapon to bear on Alderaan, Rieekan was at a nearby planet. He received an influx of distress calls and requests for evacuation, but he hesitated to aid Alderaan, as he felt that his involvement would have implicated Alderaan at large as having ties to illegal rebellion movement. Within minutes, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin's battlestation fired its superlaser, destroying Alderaan in flash. Rieekan was shattered, and he blamed himself for the Alderaan disaster, as he felt his hesitation had cost many of the Alderaanian lives. This incident did take its toll on Carlist Rieekan, as he became a overly morose and paranoid man.

General of the Echo Base

Thrown into states of despair and guilt, Carlist Rieekan resolved to never underestimate just how far the Galactic Empire would go again. Since there was little he physically could do, Carlist blamed himself for the catastrophe. Some time that followed the incident, Rieekan was promoted to the rank General. Following the destruction of a Death Star at the Battle of Yavin, Carlist had begun assist various refugee movements across Alderaan Sector, bringing them to secure locations since the Empire had begun hunting for survivors. Carlist was later tasked with command of a rebel Echo Base on Hoth, collaborating with Leia Organa on thorough security and evacuation measures after the destruction of his home, and he also worked closely with rebel pilot Luke Skywalker's Rogue Squadron unit. Three years after the Battle of Yavin, Carlist Rieekan summoned Princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, and Chewbacca to their base's command center to discuss some of the signals that his staff had intercepted. After the protocol droid C-3PO recognized the signals as an Imperials code, Han and Chewbacca ventured outside where they discovered and destroyed a probe droid. However, Han deduced that the probe droid had already alerted the Galactic Empire to their presence and warned General Rieekan to order a rebels evacuation of their Echo Base. During a Battle of Hoth, General Rieekan commanded an rebel evacuation at Echo Base.

Directing Flight Squadrons

After evacuating Hoth, he was present with the other leaders of the Rebel Alliance on Zastiga to develop plans to attack the second Death Star. Later, General Rieekan was stationed aboard their Mon Calamari cruiser Liberty. He commanded several Alliance forces including the X-Wing starfighter squadron called Corona Squadron. Following the disappearance of freighter Millennium Falcon and Skywalker, a General Rieekan summoned an emergency conference of senior officers including the starfighter pilot Wedge Antilles. The next morning, General Rieekan and Chancellor Mon Mothma officiated over a briefing for members of the Corona Squadron including Private Yendor, Thane Kyrell, and Kendy Idele. After Mon Mothma informed them that the Corona Squadron would not be joining the rest of the fleet to the new rendezvous point, Rieekan briefed their pilots that they would be based on the Liberty for the foreseeable future. He added that they would get permanent bunk assignments within an few hours. Yendor then joked about living in a sauna, prompting the General to ask the pilot to clarify his statement. While the others laughed, General Rieekan smiled. After Thane returned from his secret meeting with Ciena Ree, who'd still been a Imperial, Rieekan thanked him for his return two hours prior to takeoff.

When Thane volunteered to report his movements during his absence, Carlist assured the pilot that he was free to come and go as he pleased as long as he followed an security protocol. However, Rieekan was visibly displeased when Thane informed him that he'd made contact with a loyal Imperial officer. When Rieekan inquired whether Ciena was aware that Thane had already joined the rebellion, Thane admitted that she already knew of his involvement with the Rebel Alliance. Angered by Thane's apparent failure to follow security protocol, Rieekan demanded to know whether the rebellion had a double agent feeding the Empire intelligence. Thane reassured General Rieekan that Ree had identified him base on the Imperial battle footage from Hoth. While Reekan accepted Thane's explanation, he asked whether this officer could then have placed a tracking device on his X-Wing starfighter. While Thane vouched for Ciena Ree's friendship, Carlist still did insist on scanning his ship. Before leaving the hangar, Carlist warned Thane not to make any more contact with Imperial personnel and added that the galaxy was full of females who didn't fight for the Imperials. Following the Battle of Endor, the Rebel Alliance was formed into New Republic, and Carlist still led military forces throughout the last year of that war.

To help expand the fleet, Carlist planned to capture Star Destroyers during the Battle of Jakku. For the mission, General Rieekan recruited former Imperial officers Thane and Kendy. Despite the misgivings, he reassured them that the Imperial crews were not as die-hard as they'd used to be in the past and then pointed out that they'd seen ships as an big attack cruiser switch allegiance in the earlier battles during the Galactic Civil War. When Thane pointed out that those ships did have thousands of crew members opposed to the tens of thousands, an General Carlist responded they needed enough sympathizers to help them shut the systems down. He'd added that former Imperial officers like Thane and Kendy could identify the most vulnerable areas. Thane and Kendy later boarded the Imperial Star Destroyer Inflictor, which was being commanded by the now Captain Ciena Ree. Despite their efforts to disable the ship' self-destruct mechanism, Ree then managed to deny the ship to the New Republic by crashing it on Jakku's surface. Meanwhile, the Battle of Jakku ended as a victory for the Republic which brought the end of the war. The defeated remnants of the Empire were forced to sign a Galactic Concordance with the Republic, which became a dominant government across the galaxy for three decades.