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Clone Trooper Kix, In his Pirate Armor - By FonteArt
Clone Trooper Kix, In his Pirate Armor - By FonteArt
Vital statistics
Position Member of Ithano's Crew

Clone Trooper in the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic (Formerly)

Age 66
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.83 Meters
Weight 79 Kilograms

CT-6116 nicknamed "Kix" served as a medic in the 501st Legion of Clone Troopers. He is equipped with med-pacs and other first aid equipment to help tend to his fellow squad-mates in the thick of battle. Though Kix is dedicated to preserving the life of his fellow brothers, he has no qualms about fighting the enemy. Stencilled across his head is the phrase, "a good droid is a dead one" as testament to his mettle.


Plot to Destroy the Jedi

Some time after the Battle of Anaxes, Kix began questioning the so-called virus, that fellow CloneTrooper, Tup had contracted which caused him to shoot and kill Jedi Master Tiplar. He began conducting his own further investigations into the matter after he discovered that Fives had discovered the truth before his untimely death. Kix was eventually able to discover the truth for himself, learning that the bio-chip implanted in every clone soldier's head could send out an order from the Chancellor directly to betray and kill the Jedi. His investigations did not go unnoticed however, as Count Dooku, the public leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and apprentice to Darth Sidious, took note of it, and ordered for his kidnapping before he was able to share his knowledge with the Jedi.

They captured him, and began interrogating him to find out, if anybody else in the Republic knew of the information. Believing the trooper to be deceiving them, the Separatists planned to send him to the Sith themselves and in turn brought him on board a Separatist Providence-class dreadnaught, known as the Obrexta III. On the ship, he was frozen and inserted into a cryo-cycle stasis pod where he would remain until the ship arrived on Serenno. As the cruiser took off, it was ambushed by Republic forces who had discovered about Kix's kidnapping. With little chances to raise the shields, the Republic fleet made easy work of the cruiser, resulting in heavy damage. A B1-class battle droid known as B1-CC14 fell to the conclusion that the ship was in no shape to go to Serenno, as well as being on strict orders for Kix to not fall into the hands of the Republic by any costs. With no other options in sight, the droid made the decision to jump through hyperspace to a random sector in the galaxy, where the Republic would have no chance in finding it.

The jump transported the ship, along with it's cargo, Kix to the desert planet, Ponemah where it inevitably crashed on the surface. The ship, along with B1-CC14, and all the droids on it lost their power as a result of the crash, where they would remain lifeless for many years to come. Although Count Dooku was never able to actually deal with Kix personally, he was never able to tell the Jedi the truth of the bio-chips in the Clone Troopers, and Order 66 was carried out, with the subsequent extermination of the Jedi. Kix lay in stasis, and the ship remained untouched for the next 50 years. 

Lost to the Ages

Exactly 50 standard years after the end of the Clone Wars, the Delphidian pirate, Sidon Ithano and his crew of the Meson Martinet resided in a cantina on the desert world of Ponemah, the very planet that the Obrexata III crash landed on many years prior. There, the crew of pirates managed to decode an old transmission, dating back to the Clone Wars from the Separatist battle droid, B1-CC14 who was desperately attempting to send out a distress signal. In his message, he mentioned very important cargo belonging to Count Dooku himself. Instantly recognizing that the signal must have come from the crashed Separatist ship on Ponemah, Sidon Ithano and the crew of the Meson Marinet set off, to claim the treasure for themselves. It was not only Sidon Ithano's crew that knew of Count Dooku's treasure however, as various other pirate groups, gangs and raiders operating on the planet were also able to decode the transmission, and so, the race was on to get there first, with none of them actually knowing that the so-called treasure was infact, the Clone trooper Kix, still frozen in stasis and very much alive all these years later.

Brought into the Modern Era

On route to the downed Separatist ship, the various different groups clashed, with a huge battle taking place at one point, between Sidon Ithano's crew and a swoop biker gang known as the Gray Gundarks. Sidon Ithano and his crew narrowly won, the skirmish, and were the first to arrive at the ship. They were able to race through the various corridors of the ship with ease, as they came up to the ship's vault. The group were shocked upon finding no treasure, and instead a cryo-cycle stasis pod. With nothing left to lose, they decided to awaken the pod, and even more shockingly, Kix emerged. He seemed startled and shell-shocked, finding it hard to breathe properly and gasping for air. He immediately began rambling, and muttering - attempting to inform the pirates on what had happened. He explained to them that he had learned a terrible truth about his fellow Clone Troopers, which was that the bio-chip implanted in their heads - supposedly to stop them from being controlled, was actually in place to command and force the clones with complying to betray and kill their Jedi generals. He described how the Separatists found out that he knew, and kidnapped him, subsequently torturing him and later putting him into the very stasis pod he had been found in. Not knowing of how long he had been frozen for, Kix requested that the pirates transport him to the Galactic Republic, so he could inform General Anakin Skywalker and save the Jedi from their inevitable fate. And with that, Kix slipped into a state of unconsciousness.

Revelations of the Past

As this was happening, B1-CC14 briefly re-awoke after a sudden surge of energy sparked its power receptors. The droid immediately realized with his only remaining good sensor that the vault where Kix was being stored had been broken into. Upon remembering his last orders, which were that Kix could not escape, no matter the cost, B1-CC14 triggered the emergency activation systems with his last ebb of energy, which caused a contingent of Super Battle Droids to be signaled to the intruders location. The ship subsequently began falling apart, with the Crimson Corsair ordering that he and his crew leave immediately, taking the unconscious Kix with them. The droids were able to shoot and kill the Ishi-Tib pirate, Pendequell, while the rest of the crew headed towards the escape pods while still carrying Kix. There was only one problem, and that was that there was only 1 escape pod, and not enough room for the entire crew. Sidon Ithano bravely shoved his fellow pirates, as well as the still unconscious Kix into the escape pod, then launching the pod into the sand, while he stayed behind in the doomed cruiser.

Moving into the Future

Over three weeks after the crew of the Meson Martinet retrieved Kix from the Separatist ship instead of the riches and treasures they had desired, they still remained on Ponemah, waiting for their captain to return. Kix was still in deep shock over the many revelations of Galactic history he had learned since awakening, being particularly saddened that he was never able to save the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic from their fate. Just as they planned to leave the desert world, Ithano suddenly appeared, alive and well. He waved away questions, and handed the Separatist cruiser's memory core to Kix, which contained a complete map to every hidden factory ever built by the Separatists. And with that, Kix agreed to join the Crimson Corsair's crew to scour the galaxy together discovering new treasures together.

Personality and Traits

As a trained Clone Trooper medic, Kix believed that when it came to the health of his comrades, he outranked them. Instead of worrying about his enemies, Kix cared more about the welfare and livelihood of his fellow troopers. During the Battle of Saleucami, Kix respected Rex when the clone told him of how he had been injured after being shot by a commando droid's sniper rifle. He took great concern for Rex's health, and advised Jesse and Hardcase that in order to see the full extent of Rex's injury, he had to remove pieces of Rex's armor. After Rex handed the leading position to Jesse, Kix cooperated with Jesse's orders that were given to himself and Hardcase.

As a field medic, Kix was equipped with med-pacs, as well as other first-aid commodities, to help fellow injured Clone Troopers during a battle. The Clone Trooper also carried a blaster rifle. On the left side of his head, Kix had a tattoo that read, "A GOOD DROID IS A DEAD ONE," in Aurebesh. His clone armor sported light blue markings. After attaining Phase II armor, his 501st armor had additional red markings that signified his status as a medic.