C-21 Highsinger
C-21 Highsinger - By: KONAMI
Vital statistics
Position Bounty Hunter
Age Unknown
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 2.25 Meters
Weight Unknown
C-21 Highsinger was an independent and a incredibly skilled one of a kind model which did operate as a bounty hunter unit during the Clone Wars and decades later into the Imperial Era. Highsinger was part of a syndicate of hunters operating under the leadership of Boba Fett and had included such hunters as Latts Razzi, Dengar, Bossk, later on Asajj Ventress. This C-21 droid's collection of its extensive modifications included such upgrades as precision-engineered servomotors manipulators, enhancements that made him into a deadly and very powerful warrior. Although a deadly combat droid, C-21 Highsinger had his programming pushed beyond limits when defending cargo battling Kage Warriors in the course of the Clone War conflict.

History Edit

Droid Bounty Hunter Edit

C-21 Highsinger's past history was an unknown mystery, but it was believed this particular unit was the only one of its kind. C-21 Highsinger's parts including a servomotors manipulators which were carefully designed, creating uncanny reflexes that resulted in a high level of its combat prowess. He was able to unlock a rotator assembly within his main body which allowed his upper torso to spin while the legs remained firmly planted, which allowed him to take out surrounding targets with speed and accuracy. Through the extensive modifications, advanced programming, and learned skills, he became an proficient and deadly bounty hunter. Unlike other units, C-21 Highsinger had not served any masters, and took on his jobs as varied as the capturing of targets to the protecting the families of criminals.

Working Alongside Hunters Edit

During the course of the Clone Wars, C-21 Highsinger joined a group of other bounty hunters put together by Boba Fett in order to undertake a job on Quarzite. The group of hunters were joined by fallen Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress though they were unaware of her true identity after she had killed a member of their syndicate. The group was tasked with guarding a large wooden chest aboard a subtram, which was to be delivered to the planet ruler known as Otua Blank. Though at first the trip began easy enough, soon the transport subtram was beset by Kage Warriors, who wanted to get the cargo on the transport for themselves. One after one, the hunters fell. Though Highsinger was one of the last hunters left, the warriors leader, Krismo Sodi was able to dispatch the droid by linking him with the fellow hunter Latts Razzi as she too had been thrown from the train. C-21 Highsinger fell beside Latts Razzi, though both survived. In his absence, Fett too was bested by Sodi, who soon revealed that the cargo was his sister, Pluma Sodi, who was to be forcibly wed to Blank.

Ventress, having suffered many changes in her own recent past, ended up placing Fett within the chest and selling him to Otua Blank, collecting both a bounty from the warlord as well as from the Kage Warriors for freeing Pluma. Asajj then had shared the first bounty with Highsinger and the others, telling them that Boba Fett would join them all soon enough. In the second year of the Clone Wars, Highsinger and several other members of Boba Fett's syndicate including bounty hunters Latts RazziEmbo, and Fett himself were frequenting a bar in Coruscant's Level 1313 when they were visited by the Jedi Master undercover Quinlan Vos. Vos had been dispatched on the mission to assassinate Count Dooku and had Ventress as a partner, a Dathomirian Nightsister who had once been Count Dooku's Sith apprentice. Boba would inform a Jedi Vos that Asajj was hunting a Volpai fugitive named Moregi on Pantora. Vos traveled to Pantora where the Master managed to partner up as a bounty hunter before revealing his true identity and enlisting Ventress' support to kill Dooku.

Later Bounty Hunter Career Edit

Following the failure of Vos and Ventress' assassination attempt, Highsinger and his fellow syndicate members took part in a mission to infiltrate Serenno and rescue Quinlan. Earlier, Fett had been visited at Chalmun's Cantina on Tatooine by Asajj, who wanted to rescue her partner and lover from Dooku. Highsinger accompanied fellow syndicate members and Ventress as they traveled on Fett's starship Slave I to Serenno. While Ventress infiltrated the Count's palace, Highsinger and his associates staged an diversion and attack several Separatist vehicles and droids. They even managed to snare Dooku under some webbing but were forced to flee when Vos spurned Ventress' rescue and sided with Dooku. After the war ended with the the fall of the Jedi Order, the Galactic Republic and the Separatist Alliance were both dissolved and the were replaced with the Galactic Empire. Highsinger managed to survive and was still active during the Galactic Civil War. During the conflict, Highsinger became one of many bounty hunters that would be hired by Dark Lord Darth Vader, with the mission of rescuing Doctor Aphra after she was captured by the Rebel Alliance forces on the planet Vrogas Vas.