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Brenn Tantor
Brenn Tantor
Brenn Tantor
Vital statistics
Position Member of the New Republic's Military

Member of the Rebel Alliance

Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Brenn Tantor was one of the top generals of the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War against the Galactic Empire. Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, Tantor attended a highly classified meeting of the Alliance leadership in a Rebel safe house on the planet Zastiga. At the meeting Chancellor Mon Mothma revealed that the Alliance had learned of a second Death Star being constructed by the Empire above the moon of Endor. During the second day of the meeting, Princess Leia Organa proposed that she lead a small group of operatives on a mission to the Corva sector in order to distract the Empire while the Alliance Fleet gathered for the coming Battle of Endor. General Crix Madine volunteered to protect Organa on the mission, but Admiral Gial Ackbar claimed that both Madine and Tantor would need to remain an help plan for a team of Rebel commandos to infiltrate Endor. Madine instead sent the commando Lokmarcha with Organa, who was successful in her mission, and allowed the fleet to gather and defeat the Empire at Endor.


Early Service to the Galactic Empire

Brenn Tantor was a young Human from Garos IV who dreamed of becoming one of the Imperial Storm Troopers who kept the peace on his home world. After his graduation from the Academy of Carida, however, he became much more when he was recruited out of the Storm Trooper Corps and made an officer in the Imperial Army as part of an elite project. Supervised by Grand General Malcor Brashin, he rose rapidly through the ranks, becoming a prominent general. Tantor reached his height as an Imperial general three years after the Battle of Yavin when he directed the Battle of Hoth and shortly after that captured Rebel Alliance Commander Luke Skywalker on Abridon.

Joining the Right Side

When Tantor's brother Dellis, an Imperial Intelligence officer, revealed that the Empire had killed their father, Brenn had a crisis of conscience. After refusing an order to massacre civilians and being told that Dellis had been killed, Tantor defected to the Rebel Alliance. After gaining the trust of General Tyr Taskeen, Tantor took a pivotal role in the Rebellion and later the New Republic, commanding such engagements as the Battle of Endor and the Liberation of Coruscant. In the latter, Tantor discovered that Dellis was being kept in Imperial custody—custody from which he was freed, finally reuniting him with his brother.

Personality and Traits

Brenn Tantor began his Imperial career as an eager young recruit seeking to spread order, peace, and justice by serving in the Storm Trooper corps. Excelling in the Academy, he quickly picked up a strong knowledge of tactics and eagerly looked forward to becoming a Storm Trooper.

However, Tantor was dealt the first of many blows to his enthusiasm and idealism when he and his brother were refused entrance to the Storm Trooper corps. Cattena Squadron adopted them, but even that held disappointment as none of its members held much affection for the boys. Brenn's strong drive led him to work even harder to earn Cattena's approval when even Dellis began to give up, but he never did gain it before he was promoted to lieutenant and transferred out.

With his appointment to officer status and selection for an elite project, Tantor's enthusiasm and determination were redoubled. However, Tulon's reassignment left Tantor without a mentor and wondering why Tulon had been determined unfit. His isolation was only increased when Dellis was assigned to Imperial Intelligence. Brenn saw him only sporadically over the next year and not at all for two years after that.

Brashin and Tantor retained a good working relationship, but Brashin was not particularly friendly. While respected by his men, Tantor was isolated from them by command. Though he succeeded militarily, Tantor dashed from one hotspot to another with little in the way of a social life or friendships.

Between Dellis's revelation that the Empire had killed their father and the massacres of the Ewoks on Endor, Brenn entered a moody, brooding period in which he was forced to wrestle with his conscience. Beri Tulon's attempted defection and capture, the massacre on Abridon, and the news of Dellis's death only increased Tantor's depression, giving him nightmares.

Tyr Taskeen and, once rescued, Beri Tulon returned some companionship to his life, but Tantor remained driven to defeat the Empire and prove himself while still haunted by his past misdeeds and the presumed death of his brother. Aboard the Tydirium en route to Endor, he experienced a hallucination, seeing Dellis sitting across from him. That guilt and depression characterized Tantor throughout the year to the Battle of Endor. However, discovering Dellis during the Battle of Coruscant gave Brenn a genuine second chance at happiness.