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Bren Derlin
Bren Derlin - By: Ryan Barger
Bren Derlin - By: Ryan Barger
Vital statistics
Position Officer in the Rebel Intelligence
Age 75
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.75 Meters
Weight Unknown

Bren Derlin was a Human officer of the Rebel Alliance in the duration of the Galactic Civil War. Bearing the rank of Major, Derlin hailed from Tiisheraan and served as chief of security and operations at Echo Base, the headquarters of the Rebel Alliance on the Outer Rim planet Hoth, under the command of General Carlist Rieekan. Bren Derlin also had a position in Rebel Intelligence in addition to his time at the Echo Base. In that post, Bren reluctantly gave the order to close the door to avoid putting the base in risk while Han Solo looked for Luke Skywalker, risking the lives of two valuable rebels. Soon after that, he fought in the Battle of Hoth, and the Battle of Endor.


Early Life

Joining the Rebellion

Bren Derlin hailed from the planet Tiisheraan and was son of Senator Galen Derlin. Galen Derlin had stood against the Senator Palpatine, later Galactic Emperor Palpatine, until Derlin decided that politics weren't enough to stop Palpatine. While Galen Derlin had retired from politics, he was killed by an Imperial agent. Most of Derlin's relatives understood that criticizing the Emperor for this could lead to further reprisals. However, Bren was outraged at this, and took measures: He joined the Rebel Alliance and served as a soldier in its army. Once he showed his skills as a tactician, he was promoted.

Service to the Rebels

Soldier for the Rebels

Through the following years, Bren Derlin served under General Carlist Rieekan and fought in several battles through the galaxy. A young officer, Cal Alder, was serving Derlin at this point. Soon after his promotion, Derlin became a member of Alliance Intelligence, the commander of security and operations at the Alliance High Command base, and one of the executive members of the Rebel Alliance's command staff. As the Alliance had recently lost its main base on Yavin 4, Bren Derlin was assigned the task of finding possible sites for a new headquarters. His Intel peers considered Derlin an excellent operative and a highly competent officer. Derlin and his team were acquainted with fellow rebel Nakari Kelen, who taught them how to handle a sniper rifle. After the Battle of Yavin, Bren was ordered to save Drusil Bephorin and her family from the Empire. He was ordered to escort her family to Omereth to await Skywalker's arrival with Bephorin. While extracting the family after receiving word that Luke had rescued Bephorin, Bren Derlin and his team were found by bounty hunters who had been attracted by a bounty placed by the Empire for the return of Bephorin and her family.

Derlin and his team fought off hunters and fled to Omereth in their ship, but three members of his team were killed and the hunters followed them to the water world. The bounty hunters trapped the rebels into a stalemate at the rendezvous point, jammed their communications, and waited for Skywalker to arrive with Bephorin. Derlin and his team were unable to break free from the siege and were forced to place their hopes in Skywalker being able to defeat the hunters when he arrived. Derlin's hopes were well-placed, as Skywalker was able to eliminate the bounty hunters upon his arrival. After Skywalker landed at the rendezvouses point, Derlin explained to him what had happened and was sad when he heard that Kelen, who had been working with Skywalker, had been killed during the fight against the bounty hunters. Bren had then set up a dead drop site for Bephorin to contact the Alliance at and departed Omereth with his team and Skywalker to return Kelen's body to her father on Pasher before rejoining the Alliance Fleet. The Alliance eventually chose to have a presence on the planet Hoth, and assigned Derlin there. They started making the Echo Base, with Derlin overseeing it.

Chief of the Hoth Base

Initially, Echo Base was a small outpost established by the Alliance, but its success prompted the Alliance Command to evaluate its potential for a bigger base. Eventually, the Alliance Command considered Hoth for the main base. Around three years after the Battle of Yavin, Skywalker, now a Commander, and Captain Han Solo went on a patrol and failed to return to the base before the night. Bren Derlin had to close the main Base doors, to protect the other people there from the cold night temperature, but that meant leaving Skywalker and Solo outside for a night, with little chance of surviving. He waited at the main door, near Princess Leia Organa, an important dignitary of the base and close friend to Skywalker and Solo. The young Deck Lieutenant of the base reported to Derlin that Skywalker and Solo had failed to return. Derlin had the unenviable task to report Leia Organa about the need of closing the doors. He waited for Leia to acknowledge his words, and then ordered the Deck Lieutenant to close the doors. The following day, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo were rescued by the searchers. Shortly thereafter, the Galactic Empire found Echo Base and organized a ground attack.

Hoth and Endor Battles

Imperial General Maximillian Veers commanded several highly-armored AT-ATs to raid the base. The commanders of the base assigned snowspeeders to the available pilots so that they could oppose the walkers of the Empire, while the rest of the rebels evacuated the planet in transports. Leia Organa and Bren Derlin briefed the pilots with their instructions, and they were quick to obey. Eventually, Hoth was evacuated, and the fleet of the Alliance grouped at a pre-established rendezvous point. Major Derlin and General Rieekan worked together and managed the arrivals, with Derlin on alert for incoming shipments as it would tell them what supplies they had. The Galactic Empire eventually had built a new Death Star on the secluded planet Endor. Thanks to the work of Bothan spies, the Alliance High Command had discovered not only the exact location, but also the schematics of the Death Star space station and its stage of construction. Han Solo, was assigned to lead a strike team to the planet surface, where they would then destroy the shield generator protecting the second Death Star. Bren Derlin was tasked to lead a commando unit in the ground portion of the Battle of Endor.