Bo-Katan Kryze
Bo-Katan Kryze - By Mauricio-Morali
Vital statistics
Position Mand'alor of the Mandalorians
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.8 meters
Weight Unknown
Confident, sardonic, and deadly. Bo-Katan was the ever-loyal Mandalorian lieutenant to Pre Vizsla, and a proud member of Death Watch. Bo-Katan rallied to Death Watch's call for Mandalorians to embrace their martial heritage and find glory in war.

Biography Edit

Fall of the Republic Edit

During the time of the Clone Wars, Bo-Katan served as Pre Vizsla’s trusted right hand in Death Watch. The militaristic splinter group sought to restore Mandalore’s warrior past, an ideal which Bo-Katan held -- even if it meant ousting her sister, Duchess Satine, from office.

While Bo-Katan was loyal to Vizsla, she had reservations concerning Death Watch’s alliance with two beings they discovered in an escape pod: the Sith brothers Darth Maul and Savage Opress. Having found the Sith after they were soundly defeated at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Bo-Katan questioned the wisdom of joining forces with beings she deemed “no better than Jedi.” Maul Force choked her for the remark, but she remained strong in her convictions. 

Following the Sith’s lead in a scheme to take over Mandalore, Death Watch became part of the Shadow Collective: an alliance with criminal organizations including the Pyke Syndicate, Black Sun, and the Hutt Clan. Vizsla, however, informed Bo-Katan that once the Shadow Collective assumed control of the planet, he would betray the Sith and claim the throne. As orchestrated by Maul, the underworld gangsters launched an attack on the Mandalorian capital city of Sundari. When all seemed lost, Death Watch swooped in to save the day and arrested Duchess Satine. With the staged battle complete and Mandalore won, Vizsla turned on the Sith. He jailed Maul and Opress, but was challenged to a death duel by Maul. After a vicious battle, Maul dispatched the Death Watch leader with a violent beheading; Bo-Katan refused to serve a Sith, and freed her sister from prison. Satine was recaptured, however, as part of a larger plot to lure Obi-Wan Kenobi to Mandalore. Finally, Maul had his revenge against his nemesis, and killed Satine before the Jedi’s eyes. Bo-Katan, while devastated at the loss of her sister, helped Obi-Wan escape from Maul’s clutches. She vowed that Mandalore would survive this terrible turn of events.

Abilities Edit

Bo-Katan was Pre Vizsla's second in command. Her combat skills were beyond many of her fellows, as shown when she fought her former Death Watch allies, dispatching of one on a jetpack within seconds. Katan herself was skilled in flying with a jetpack and used it often.

Equipment Edit

Katan wore a set of Mandalorian armor comprised of several individual plates colored both metallic gray and blue. A pair of circular sigils adorned her armor's shoulder plates. Katan's custom helmet featured a rangefinder, and was stood apart from its contemporaries with a more curved and slanted take on the traditional Mandalorian T-visor. The unique visor was also outlined with a white trim that, together with the detailing of the surrounding face of the helmet, was reminiscent of a stylized predatory bird, likely a reference to her affiliation, the Nite Owls. Katan's armor was equipped with numerous mounted weapons, including dart launchers, blasters, and blades encased within her gauntlets. She also carried two blaster pistols which she holstered on her armor's thigh plates, and maintained a jetpack for flight.