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CC-1138 (Bacara)
CC-1138 (Bacara), Clone Commander of the Marines - By: KONAMI
CC-1138 (Bacara), Clone Commander of the Marines - By: KONAMI
Vital statistics
Position Clone Trooper Commander
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.83 Meters
Weight 80 Kilograms

CC-1138, nicknamed "Bacara", was a Commander who led a group of Galactic Marines, the Clone Troopers unit famous for their distinctive armor and a relentlessness for battle. While he still then being trained for war, he trained with ex-Journeyman Protectors, and later he'd would then receive an ARC training. Bacara served in the Grand Army of the Republic along with a Jedi Master General Ki-Adi-Mundi during Clone Wars in which they fought to capture the planet Mygeeto from the Separatist Alliance. However, the Commander CC-1138 and his troopers received the protocol Order 66 from Chancellor Palpatine, and immediately after they executed the Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi as part of a mass extermination for all those within Jedi Order.


Service to the Republic

Trained for the Clone Wars

CC-1138, called by a nickname "Bacara", was a Human male clone of Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Jango Fett. Initial training came from an former Concord Dawn Journeyman Protector. A topic among the many that their Protector imparted upon CC-1138 were Mandalorians traditions, history, and their language of a Journeyman Protector. Bacara grew to associate with the traditions which their Protector had taught him, and started to think of himself as a man of the law and order. Though he was different in comparison to their brethren, CC-1138 had a close friendship with CC-8826, nicknamed "Neyo". After the intro of an new invented BARC speeders, Neyo and CC-1138 worked to create some of the military tactics for an new speeder bike.

Commander of the Marines

Sometime after the completion of his trooper training, the Clone Commander was given the command of the 21st Nova Corps, also known as the Galactic Marines, the unit of the Grand Army of the Republic's 4th Sector Army. The Battle of Geonosis triggered the galaxy-wide conflict known as the Clone Wars. To help defeat this Separatist Alliance and battle droid military forces, Bacara fought alongside several Jedi, including an Jedi Master and Council member Ki-Adi-Mundi. CC-1138 would develop an friendship with Master Mundi, and the Jedi General even regarded the Clone Commander's behavior and aggressive tactics "as a thing of prodigy". During the Outer Rim Sieges of the Clone Wars, Bacara, along with Master Mundi and the Galactic Marines, went to Mygeeto. After Ki-Adi-Mundi ordered the troops to push against a number of battle droids, Bacara received Order 66 which effectively labeled Ki-Adi-Mundi, along with all rest of the Jedi, as traitors and enemies of the Republic. As a Jedi General led his Marines in a charge against Separatists, Commander Bacara and the surrounding troopers stopped, raised rifles, and gunned down an bewildered Jedi in a hail of blaster fire.