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BD-1 was a exploration droid (BD unit) that accompanied Jedi Master Eno Cordova, and later, Cal Kestis the former Jedi Padawan and then Jedi Knight.

BD-1 is a droid character created for the Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order video game.


The BD unit designated BD-1 was an exploration droid. Prior to the end of the Galactic Republic's reign, the masculine-programmed droid accompanied Jedi Master Eno Cordova on the Jedi's journey to explore the history of the Zeffo. Cordova later realized that they were in danger, and programmed BD-1's memory to be blocked, only revealed by someone the droid trusted.

BD-1 then remained on Bogano in the vicinity of the Zeffo Vault until 14 BBY, when the Padawan Cal Kestis, a survivor of Order 66, arrived on the planet at the behest of Cere Junda in order to find a holocron key to rebuilding the Jedi Order. Kestis quickly gained the support of BD-1, and they entered the vault. Along the way, the droid's scomp link was broken by the local wildlife. Unable to unlock the deepest reaches, Kestis took the droid back to his starship and crew, the Stinger Mantis.

They then traveled to other worlds on their quest to uncover the secrets of the Vault and that of the Zeffo. BD-1 scanned other Zeffo artifacts, showing recordings of Cordova to Kestis. When they were confronted on Zeffo by the Second Sister, BD-1 activated a force field between the combatants, saving Kestis' life. During their journey, Kestis upgraded BD-1 with several different gadgets to assist them, and also repaired the scomp link.

During their exploration of Zeffo, Kestis was stunned by a Haxion Brood droid bounty hunter, and both he and BD-1 were imprisoned on Ordo Eris. Kestis broke them both out, and they were rescued by the Mantis.

Following a Force vision on Dathomir that left the Jedi's lightsaber damaged, they traveled to Ilum for a new kyber crystal. After battling Imperial forces guarding the cave, Kestis finally acquired a new crystal, only for it to break in his hands. The Padawan almost gave in to despair, but with BD-1's support, rallied and completed his new lightsaber. BD-1 was then able to unlock his memory, showing the recording of Cordova.

Kestis then returned to Bogano and gathered the holocron, but it was stolen by the Second Sister, and the Mantis crew followed her to the Fortress Inquisitorius. BD-1 traveled underwater with Kestis to the fortress. They recovered the holocron, but were confronted by Darth Vader. The droid charged the Sith Lord and delivered a shock, but Vader shrugged it off. They only escaped by breaking the tunnel and escaping in the onrush of water. Once back aboard their ship, Kestis decided to destroy the holocron to prevent the Galactic Empire from finding the young Force-sensitives, and then asked the crew of their next destination.


As a BD unit, BD-1 was bipedal, and had white plating with black sensors. Designed to assist with exploration in remote and dangerous locations, BD-1 was enthusiastic about research and data collection, but often disregarded self-preservation.


BD-1 is equipped with various tools.

  • Holoprojector: BD-1 can project a Holomap of the places he and Cal have explored. When using the holomap there is a feature to change which level of the map is highlighted. This feature is especially useful on the larger planets like Zeffo and Dathomir.
  • Stim canisters: BD-1 heals Cal with replenishable stim canisters.
  • Overcherge: BD-1 can overcharge special electrical panels. Use while BD-1 is attached to a special electrical panels BD-1 can run a strong current through certain machinery to turn it on and off.
  • Scomp link: BD-1's initial scomp link was broken when he jumped in to save a bogling from a group of bog rats. This replacement part was found on Zeffo. It allows BD-1 to hack into doors and locked rooms. It also Allows BD-1 to slice into Imperial tech too.
    • Slice: BD-1 hacks a Probe Droid and KX-Series Security Droids , turning them to his side to kill his enemies. BD-1 can slice into Probe Droids' threat detection protocol at close range. With enough structural damage, BD-1 can override KX-Series Security Droids' threat detection protocol.
  • Spotlight: BD-1 has a illumination device that projected a high-powered beam of light.
  • Powered zipline: A motor which allows BD-1 to travel up ziplines.



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