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CC-1119 (Appo)
CC-1119 (Appo), Commander of the 501st Legion - By: KONAMI
CC-1119 (Appo), Commander of the 501st Legion - By: KONAMI
Vital statistics
Position Clone Trooper Commander
Age 13 (Biologically 26)
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 1.83 Meters
Weight 80 Kilograms

CC-1119 otherwise known as"Appo", was a Clone Trooper grown and trained to serve as a soldier of the Grand Army of the Republic and the subsequent outbreak of the Clone Wars, Appo fought against the forces of the Separatists in a galaxy-wide civil war. He served as a Sergeant in the 501st Legion by the time of the Umbara campaign, initially leading clones into battle under Anakin Skywalker until command of the 501st was transferred for a short time to General Pong Krell. By the final year of the war, Appo was appointed Commander while

still serving in the 501st Legion. In the final days of the Clone Wars Appo accompanied Skywalker to the Jedi Temple as part of Order 66, and due to the brain implant within all the clones, Appo compiled with the mass murder of the Jedi.


Trooper of the 501st

Battle of Umbara

CC-1119 otherwise known as "Appo", was a clone created from the DNA of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett on the planet Kamino, part of the Galactic Republic's army that would serve in the Clone Wars. Within ten years of the clone's inception, the Republic went to war with the secessionist movement known as the Separatist Alliance. As a result of this, Appo became a soldier in the newly-formed Grand Army, serving in a number of critical battles across a galaxy divided by the Clone Wars. Around the second yearof the war, Appo was a Sergeant that served in the Grand Army's 501st Legion. Around that time, Appo was part of a battle group that was dispatched to the Confederate planet Umbara, a world that was once aligned with the Republic.

After the initial attack on the stationed Umbaran Soldiers of the Umbaran militia, the 501st's commanding officer on the world, Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, was relieved of his duties after the arrival of another Jedi, General Pong Krell, a Besalisk, who took over the command of the 501st Legion as the temporary leader in Skywalker's absence. Following a failed attempt to invade the capital city of Umbara, Krell and the 501st Legion were dispatched on a new assignment to secure a heavily fortified Umbaran airbase that was critical to the Republic's strategy. At the command of General Krell, Captain CT-7567 or better known by his nickname "Rex" led a vanguard assault on the base's defense perimeter while Appo and the majority of the 501st remained at Krell's side as he observed the fighting from a distance. After the Umbarans' defenses were sabotaged by two clone infiltrators, the ARC trooper CT-5555 nicknamed "Fives" and the clone trooper "Hardcase," Krell gave the order for a full-scale attack, allowing Appo to deploy the rest of the legion to occupy the airbase. In the aftermath of the battle for the airbase, Fives and another trooper, CT-5597 with the nickname "Jesse" were placed under military arrest for acts of insubordination against Krell. Although they were originally scheduled to be court-martialed, the General used his authority to sentence them both to summary execution.

Rex, with Appo, was ordered to take the two clones outside so they could be executed by a firing squad. As Appo stood by the handcuffed Fives and Jesse, the firing squad prepared to shoot the two, although their concentration was cut off after Fives pleaded for them to rethink. Trooper Dogma, however, did not care for Fives' words and ordered the firing squad to fire on Fives and Jesse. Fives' words affected them, however, which caused them to misfire. Rex ordered Appo and another clone to take off Fives and Jesse's binders. However, on Krell's orders, the two clones were taken back to the airbase's prison, while Rex's men regrouped to mobilize. Their mission was to attack Umbaran soldiers that disguised themselves as clones. Although Rex and his men believed the Umbarans were dressed in clone armor at first, the troops were soon to be revealed as clone troopers from General Kenobi's group. Shortly afterward, the clones had learned the truth that Krell had been secretly supporting the Separatist cause after falling to the Dark Side of the Force. In response to the fallen Jedi's acts of treason, Appo and the 501st Legion mutinied against Krell with the support of the 212th Attack Battalion. Despite sustaining a number of casualties, they were able to apprehended the former Jedi. Krell was ultimately executed by the trooper "Dogma", who was ironically the former Jedi's most loyal follower.

Execution of the Jedi

After the events on Umbara, Appo received a promotion to the rank of a Clone Commander of the 501st Legion by the final year of the war. In the waning days of the Clone Wars, Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine who was in reality the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious who orchestrated the fall of democracy in his guise as Chancellor activated Order 66, a secret protocol that compelled the clones to become hostile to the Jedi. Palpatine declared the Jedi as enemies of the Republic, and as a result, Appo participated in the march on the Jedi Temple where the 501st Legion, led by the newly-anointed Sith-Lord Darth Vader, proceeded to slaughter their former allies, including the initiates. Appo and his soldiers killed a number of Jedi that night. The attack on the Jedi Temple drew the attention of Alderaanian Senator Bail Organa to the Temple to investigate what had happened, only to be barred from entering the facility by Commander Appo and members of the 501st on one of the Temple's landing platforms. The Commander claimed that the Temple had become the site of a "Jedi rebellion" and threatened Organa at the point of a blaster when the politician initially ignored the clone's attempt to block his path. However, their encounter with Bail Organa distracted the clones from a approaching Padawan, who managed to kill and wound several soldiers before he was fatally shot by a 501st trooper.